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Applea€™s iPad Air outperforms competing tablets by a significant margin when it comes to battery life, according to a new test conducted by Which?
With the Internet (web browsing) test, the iPad Air saw 658 minutes of battery life, or nearly 11 hours. In the video test, the iPad Air lasted quite a bit longer than its competitors at 777 minutes (almost 13 hours). Also looking forward to seeing what iOS7 can do for battery life in something like a watch. On another note, I do like we browsing on my mini retina and I only need to charge it once a month. I don't know about any of the other tablets, but 10-11 hours on the iPad Air seems to match my own experience. Everyone knows that iOS 7 battery optimization is literally tailored to each individual user based on algorithms calculated during the last week of usage.
Next version of iOS with overhauled notifications, lock screen, Messages, Apple Music, and much more.
Spotify and Apple are embroiled in a major dispute, which Spotify is today taking to the court of public opinion.
Today marks the one year anniversary of Apple Music, which launched in 110 countries on June 30, 2015.
We conducted our tests while repeatedly playing a short video ("Big Buck Bunny" at 320 by 180 resolution, with a running time of 9 minutes, 56 seconds) on the iPad's built-in video player. The new iPad's score was better than what we've seen from many of the Android tablets we've tested, but it certainly wasn't comparable to the iPad 2's results. As you can see in the chart below, several noteworthy Android contenders surpass the new iPad in battery performance.
How much of the new iPad's battery drain is attributable to its beefier processor and how much is due to the brighter, higher-resolution display is unclear.
It's also unclear whether Apple may be having battery-management problems with the third-gen iPad that go deeper than the charging issues we've seen, including the tablet's failure to charge while in use, and its showing a full charge when it may still need additional juice (as some reports have indicated, but Macworld's testing didn't show). What is unmistakable, however, is a 25 percent decline in battery performance in our tests from the iPad 2 to the new iPad--and this is something we hope Apple will investigate further and address through software updates. Apple's third-gen iPad is defined by its amazingly sharp and crisp high-resolution display, as well as its option for 4G. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Tablets such as the iPad and the Motorola Zoom may be on their way to replacing conventional computers. This feature -- called the Auto-Lock Interval on an iPad --blacks out the screen when the tablet’s not in use. For example, social media applications such as Tweet Deck and Apple’s Ping update constantly by default, even when you’re not using them. Even when these services aren’t in use, they continue to search for connections and remain “powered up.” Some tablets offer a widget to quickly enable or disable these antennas when you’re not using them.
If your tablet has an Organic Light Emitting Diode screen, dark-colored wallpaper will reduce the screen’s power draw. The ATIV Smart PC 500T's six-hour battery life is unremarkable compared to tablets with ARM-based SoCs.
We were naturally dubious of Intel's claims that it could match the battery life of ARM-based architectures, but here we have the 500T just under the Kindle Fire HD in our H.264-encoded playback test.
On the back of its two x86 cores, the 500T fares even better in our Web browsing and MP3 playback workload, passing a number of older tablets. Though it might be common to use your mobile computing device with its screen at maximum brightness, that's not necessarily a balanced way to compare battery life. At first, doing this hit the ATIV Smart PC 500T particularly hard, knocking it to the bottom of our stack. Now, that's not quite as impressive as what Intel showed us in its lab using Acer's Windows 8-based tablet. Perhaps as a result of its pared-back graphics engine, Samsung's ATIV Smart PC 500T delivers some of the best battery life available in a gaming environment. We also noticed that all of the graphics effects (blur, splashes, etc.) that were supposed to be exclusive to Nvidia's Tegra 3 are also present on the ATIV Smart PC 500T. Vector Unit, the developer, tells us that Riptide GP normally detects hardware before turning up the detail settings.
In short, for every minute you spend charging the ATIV Smart PC 500T, you get a little over two minutes of use (at maximum brightness). We already know that Samsung's docking station contains no supplemental battery, unlike Asus' Transformer family. Too bad tablets can't get drunk and hook up; we'd love to see what the kids of Samsung's ATIV Smart PC 500T and Microsoft's Surface would look like. I got one of these from Staples for $600 when they first released it.The battery life is amazing for me. No problem, they'll make Crysis 3 for Windows tablets, so it'll run exactly the same on the PC. Our battery tests represent a worst-case scenario for all of these devices because we dial brightness up to each screen's maximum value. For the time being, though, we put specific emphasis on display quality, and we want to show you what you end up with, mobility-wise, when you take advantage of the higher-end screens available on tablets and tablet PCs. Despite a battery test that we already know is stacked against both slates, Samsung's offering is vastly superior to Asus' here. Instead of current sandybridge (i.e hd 3000) the should give an amd llano which has a better gpu or the ivy bridge mobile cpus (which is with hd 4000 gpu) and a lower TDP.

If you're going on a long journey, your tablet is likely to be your only source of entertainment. While putting the tablet into aeroplane mode turns off all of the wireless features and, naturally, extends battery life, it does mean that our tests are repeatable. At Expert Reviews, our goal is to show which device lasts the longest in repeatable conditions, with the inference that longer-lasting tablets will outperform those with poorer results in real-world conditions. Other noteworthy performances - although not particularly positive ones - come from the current crop of iPads, which respectively sit 12th, 14th and 15th out of 23 in our rankings.
You can't buy Nokia's N1 here in the UK (but it's well worth importing) scoring a respectable 10h 47m. With surprisingly decent compacts such as the Linx 8 and the Bush My Tablet 8 now retailing for less than ?100, Windows is becoming a growing force in the tablet market. Without doubt, the biggest drawback of Windows tablets is their inability to hold a charge on standby. If you’re fortunate enough to already have another Windows 8.1 device, and have already laid out your Start screen just as you like it, you can copy its layout onto your new tablet. This will copy over all your live tiles, settings and app data, so your email accounts, Twitter feeds and Internet Explorer favourites should be ready and waiting as soon as the installation process has completed.
With as little as 16GB to play with on some of the low-budget Windows tablets, you don’t have much storage space to play with at all. Alas, there’s no easy way to prevent the Charms bar from appearing by swiping in from the right – but Microsoft is doing away with this much-hated feature in Windows 10, which will be a free upgrade when it’s eventually released this autumn. If you’ve set up your Windows 8 tablet using an existing Microsoft account, you’ll be asked to log-in using your regular alphanumeric password.
Windows provides two other user authentication options that are better suited to pure touchscreen devices: PIN and Picture Password. One of the big advantages of Windows tablets over iPads is they allow you to set up separate child accounts.
The Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 and the Nexus 7 from Google came in second and third, at 714 minutes and 669 minutes, respectively.
This really just shows how far ahead iOS7 is past Android when you compare similar sized devices. I usually get over 16 hours or so before I need to charge, granted I'm not using the internet the entire time.
Hiring someone to sit there for 12 hours straight browsing the net for each tablet would be expensive and prone to significant error and deviation. If you want to know what is enabled by default I would check the individual tablets out yourself. How could Android ever top a device that is literally written by magic and built with powdered unicorn horns? However, PCWorld Labs battery-life tests show that, in a controlled environment, Apple's claims don't hold up: The new iPad lasted just 5 hours, 41 minutes, nearly 2 hours less than the iPad 2, which logged 7 hours, 37 minutes.
We left Wi-Fi on and connected, and set the brightness to maximum; auto-brightness remained disabled.
One possible factor: The high-resolution, 2048-by-1536-pixel display on the new iPad is brighter than the 1024-by-768-pixel screen of the iPad 2. The heavier weight is a disappointment; but the display, coupled with Apple's solid app ecosystem, makes this tablet the one to beat. While you may have to touch the screen at regular intervals to keep the tablet awake while you read, you’ll extend your battery life significantly if you use the tablet frequently for short tasks like checking email or sending SMS messages. Set applications to update manually whenever possible and you’ll conserve power even when your tablet is “asleep.” Likewise, Apple recommends turning off “push notifications” and email “push” settings on your iPad to conserve power. If your tablet also uses 3G or 4G wireless service, disable it when you’re using Wi-Fi, or use "airplane mode" if you're photo editing or watching a downloaded movie. Others, such as GPS-enabled apps, might use more power than you expect while they’re in the background, because they’re also accessing your GPS antenna.
Unfortunately, this method won't work with LCD screens, which are illuminated by a static backlight. When you compare it to tablet PCs like Samsung's Series 7 11.6" Slate, however, which only run for roughly three hours, it represents a major improvement. So, while we continue to include those numbers as an example of real-world use, we normalize to 200 nits for a re-match.
It's hard for us to rail too hard on Samsung here; the 500T still delivered more than seven hours of run time in the video playback and Web browsing workloads. Again, though, the company readily admits that each vendor is doing something different, and our workload involves different power-consuming components, too.
On an Android-based platform, you have to have a device with Tegra 3 inside to get those features. However, when the company published to Microsoft's Windows Store, hardware detection was removed altogether.
With the Kindle Fire HD, every minute hooked up to the wall returns less than two minutes away. That means it doesn't matter if you have the keyboard attached or not; recharging time on the 500T is the same.
This is something you'll see evolve in 2012 to include battery life results indicative of a normalized screen brightness level. Not only does it come equipped with an excellent display, but it also shoulders three hours of a relatively heavy workload before running out of juice. Hoping that ivy bridge will allow faster processers without creating too much heat and saving battery.
I appreciate the comparisons to the Asus EEE Slate, but that has a 256-level pressure sensitive wacom digitizer on top of the screen.
A short battery life could mean the difference between being truly mobile with your slim, sexy, mobile device or carrying around various clunky juice boxes and power adapters, which isn't nearly as sexy. In these times of media consumption and gaming need, your tablet becomes your most important device so decent battery life is a must-have. The big problem with wireless is that signal strength can come and go, which forces the phone to adjust the amount of power that it uses constantly, causing variable results.
Our best-performing tablet is the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3, which managed 14h 49m, beating the brand-new Google Pixel C by 16 minutes and pipping the Dell Venue 8 7840 at the last, after it had held the top spot for most of 2015.
Bigger doesn't mean better when it comes to iPads, it seems, with the 12.9in iPad Pro down in 14th with a battery life of 9h 8m.
Nvidia's Shield K1, which replaced the original Shield, achieved 12h 39m while its predecessor was still impresssive with 12h 9m.
Sleep (or on tablets with the correct hardware, Connected Standby) is the default state that Windows tablets enter when you quickly tap the power button.
Therefore, it’s best to fully shut down a Windows tablet if you’re not going to be using it for a prolonged period, such as overnight. Alternatively, and from the same menu, you can set quiet periods, so that the tablet doesn’t waste battery pinging away to itself at 3am when someone from Kansas replies to you on Twitter. If you login with the same Microsoft account during the set-up procedure, you’ll be asked if you want to copy the settings from another PC. Most apps will appear with a down arrow in the bottom-right corner of their live tile, as Windows doesn’t automatically install third-party apps without your permission.
That problem’s compounded by Windows getting very stroppy indeed if you use more than 90% of the available storage: constant warnings to clear space and noticeable performance lag are among the symptoms.

However, this isn’t the most convenient way to log-in on a tablet, as tapping out a secure, long password using the onscreen keyboard is cumbersome. It allows you to choose a photo from your PC and log in by tapping or swiping on pre-defined parts of the image. This means you can apply full parental controls, restrict the installation of apps, and ensure the little blighters don’t delete your mailbox when you hand them the tablet to keep them occupied in the back of the car. On the next screen click Add a child’s account from the small link at the bottom of the screen. The tests may not be entirely reflective of real world usage given variations in browsing and video watching habits, but the experiment does give a clear overall view of the battery life of the iPad Air compared to its competitors.
Apple estimates the battery life at up to 10 hours; the company says its estimates are based on mixed audio, video, and Web-browsing use, over Wi-Fi or cellular networks.
In Macworld's tests, the new iPad at full brightness ran for one-third less time than its predecessor did, lasting 5 hours, 40 minutes to the iPad 2's 8 hours, 30 minutes. Unfortunately, as your tablet becomes your percent of desktop computer owners and 33 percent of laptop owners reduced their PC use or stopped using go-to device, you must wrestle with the same problem laptop and mobile-phone owners have faced for years: extending battery life while getting the most out of the device. If you don't mind fiddling with settings, you can turn off the timeout when you're settling in for some reading, and then change it back afterwards.
Aside from those two, the Atom-powered system hangs right in there with the iPads and Surface. However, it's possible to get 10, 11, or 12 hours from competing tablets in the same tests.
In fact, representatives mentioned, vendors continue tweaking their software infrastructures to further optimize what they're able to get from available battery power.
It'll take running battery numbers on more devices to get a clearer picture of how the Atom-equipped tablets fall in with the ARM-based competition. As a result, you'll see the nicer graphics on any system running Windows 8, including Samsung's Atom-based tablet. That's slightly faster than Microsoft’s Surface, but significantly faster than the first-, second-, and third–generation iPads. The Transformer Prime's battery life nearly doubles with the docking station connected, but we're not including those numbers here because our focus is on the tablet alone. Because they consume significantly more power and are never allowed to sit idle, they generally don't compare favorably.
If you enable the ambient light sensor to auto-dim brightness, you can easily expect four to five hours of useful life. Finally - a tablet that doesn't require a proprietary operating system that needs 1,000,000,000 apps for every website on the internet in order to function properly. I'm really looking into getting a tablet in the future to replace my notebook and this looks is very reassuring that things are improving :P.
Battery life is heavily tied to the brightness of the tablet's display and its wireless connection activity. This year, we've refined our tablet battery testing methodology and can now present it in a handy, easily readable graph. We've only included Android tablets and iPads here as they make up the bulk of the market.
We then play back the file and leave it running with the tablet's audio routed into a PC running recording software. For next year, we're working on a test that will use Wi-Fi and a streaming video, to give a closer and more accurate representation of real-world use. As much as we loved it for its rock-bottom price, the now-discontinued Tesco Hudl2 was third-from-bottom with a score of just 6h 58m. The iPad Mini 4 performed best, with its 7.9in screen seemingly sipping power at a slower rate compared to the iPad Air 2 (9h 32m), managing a reasonable 10h 43m. Microsoft says this mode doesn’t drain much battery life, but compared to an iPad or even Android devices, it can suck batteries dry in less than 24 hours on some devices. It will take a while longer to reboot, but for most it’s only a matter of a few seconds, plus it avoids any possibility of being awoken by notification pings and gurgles. If the other machine isn’t shown as the suggested device, click More Devices to pick it from the list. Microsoft used to let you store Windows Store apps on removable media, but ended that practice with the release of Windows 8.1. Then go to Windows Explorer, hold down on the OneDrive link in the left-hand panel to bring up the context menu, click Properties and then choose the Location tab.
It’s far too easy to accidentally activate this gesture, especially if you’re playing action games that require lots of frantic screen swiping, and thus exit the game.
You might, for example, select a photo of your family and then tap on their faces in alphabetical order.
You can create a child’s account without an email address and even without a password, and parental controls will be automatically switched on for such accounts.
Some tasks, such as photo editing, may require full brightness, but reducing it for ordinary reading will pay off in extra uptime. So, we went back and updated any driver versions that had been released after our first round of numbers was run.
It's like a cell phone (I actually charge my Galaxy Note every night), where it stays connected.
And that's what makes this tablet PC better suited to the daily grind as you jump from one meeting to the next. To ensure optimal battery life, turn down that brightness and make sure Airplane mode is on. When the test is done, we review the recording and see at what point the device switched off. However, it's important to us that the test is consistent, so we can compare tablets with a degree of accuracy.
Amazon's ridiculously cheap Fire 7 tablet was impressive for the money, managing 8h 43m, although this still puts it well down in fifth-from-last. It should be noted that iPads have ridiculously long battery lives in standby, though Android 6.0 has closed that gap considerably thanks its new Doze feature, but this is not something we currently test. H.264-encoded playback went up by 30 minutes, and our Web browsing workload picked up 23 minutes, just about tying Microsoft's Surface. Press the power button or standby in the Windows menu, and the screen turns off, but everything else is still going on in the background. In Android, we've always used MX Player for playback but when testing iPads we use the default video player. The larger Amazon Fire HD 10, which we did not like at all, was a little better, managing 9h 8m. That won’t move any of your existing files, so you’ll have to shift them manually if you need to clear space on the internal drive. You’ll obviously need to keep the card in the drive to avoid any horrible sync or file access errors. You can totally check e-mail.Seriously, if you want to ensure that your battery life remains at 100 percent, charge up your tablet and then turn it off. There were several updates on the drivers and bios, but I think they better keep working on it.

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