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Microsoft's surface pro 3 is quoted as offering up to 9 hours battery life, placing it firmly in ultrabook category. Editors' note: initially rated surface pro 4 3 stars partly tested number review units equipped defective cameras. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Surgeons at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston performed the first penis transplant in the US earlier this month, The New York Times reports. If everything goes well, the recipient, a bank courier named Thomas Manning, will be able to urinate normally within a few weeks and regain sexual functions within weeks to months. Last week, the planet Mercury put on a show for astronomers by trekking across the Sun for 7.5 hours. Garmin just announced the new Vivosmart HR+, an upgraded version of one of the company's flagship wrist-worn fitness trackers.
Like its predecessor, the new version of the Vivosmart HR+ is water-resistant, has a black-and-white display, and tracks steps, distance, calories burned, and heart rate. Astronaut David Saint-Jacques will be the next member of the Canadian Space Agency to go into space.
Fox announced its fall and mid-season TV schedule this morning, revealing new information on a handful of highly anticipated reboots and adaptations premiering in the next year. I was the first of my friends to have a system like that, and so when any of them came around to watch a film on my system for the first time, what did I put on? When Nintendo announced the Mario mash-up pack for the Wii U version of Minecraft, it revealed a slate of Mushroom Kingdom-themed content for people to play around with. The prebuilt world was created by developers Mojang and 4J using the various elements that come in the new mash-up pack.
Lyft has agreed to more than double its settlement in a class action lawsuit in California after a judge rejected a $12.25 million deal as too small. The settlement echoes a similar deal between Uber and its drivers in California and Massachusetts. Video game movies are notorious for spending eternity in development hell, but this one's actually happening: here's the first trailer for Assassin's Creed.
BBC’s Attenborough’s Life That Glows is an absolutely gorgeous look at the mysterious creatures around the world that have bioluminescent powers.
Painting a wall is boring because it takes so much time and requires so much preparation to not get paint everywhere. Superheroes have superpowers and exist in worlds where reality doesn’t exactly exist and have weird names and are totally not all the way human. A crowd of wealthy investors, transportation experts, media, and even North Las Vegas Mayor John Jay Lee, watched as a roughly 10-foot long sled shot down a short train track and then crashed into a pile of sand. To charge the Surface 2, there are official Microsoft car chargers that will work just fine with the car socket of our V72, as well as our Surface 2 Cable which is admittedly a bit lower build quality. With the help of a couple of kind customers, we have now built a few custom Microsoft Surface charging cables. A few readers have chimed in on the purpose of the yellow and blue wires: the blue wire appears to be for charger detection (so that the Surface does not try to draw more than the charger can supply). Solder the positive and negative on the Surface charger to the positive and negative on a Voltaic cable (if you’re doing this at home, use our 5525 Wire).
I’ll send you some pics once I receive it back, I just got my V60-battery today, so I can’t wait to try this out on my Surface Pro!
We’ve done tests with the knock-off ones and they did work fine (though no LED as you say). I cut up an extra Surface Pro Charger cord and found the Red Wire, Blue and white and there were two grounds neither of which were in a black shielding? This may be a bit off topic, but you seem to know your way around the Surface Pro battery charging components, so I hope you can help. If its put together properly and you connect to a 12V source in the 2-4A range, you aren’t going to damage the Surface. Hi I was wondering if you were to take a cable that draws power from two usb ports and merges them. Tips for longer battery life You can help make the batteries in your Microsoft Band last longer by turning off some features when you aren’t using them.
An update to the Microsoft Health app helps users extend the battery life of their Band 2 wearables on their runs and bike rides.
Microsoft Band 2 gets better battery life with new GPS mode The company continues to improve its latest wearable.
The Microsoft Band 2 is the followup wearable to 2014’s Microsoft Band, announced on October 6, 2015.
This week, Microsoft offered up a quick guide to extending the battery life on its Band 2 fitness wearable. A new Microsoft Band 2 software update was released earlier today, which brought improved battery life to the fitness band.
If you're a Windows 10 user and battery life is your main priority, you might want to stick to Microsoft's native apps the FCC is moving forward with the necessary work to open up high-band spectrums that will enable 5G networks. Microsoft quotes the Band 2 as offering 48 hours of battery life off a single charge with “regular" use. Get extended battery life on your new Band through settings customisations Microsoft Microsoft says a full charge on your Microsoft Band 2 can last up to 48 hours, but depending on your settings, usage and other important factors. Tagged with: microsoft band 2 battery life, microsoft band 2 battery replacement, microsoft band 2 battery issues, microsoft band 2 battery ran out, microsoft band 2 battery not charging, microsoft band 2 battery life gps, microsoft band 2 battery died, microsoft band 2 battery won't charge, microsoft band 2 battery status, microsoft band 2 battery failure, microsoft band 2 battery percentage, microsoft band 2 battery percent, microsoft band 2 battery size, microsoft band 2 battery charge, microsoft band 2 battery mah, microsoft band 2 battery location, microsoft band 2 battery tips, microsoft band 2 battery indicator, microsoft band 2 battery time, microsoft band 2 battery saving. If you thought Microsoft needed to do something radical to stake its claim in the tablet wars its new models likely won’t impress. In the performance vs portability battle portability comes off a very poor second best – on their own the Surface 2 weighs 656g and the Pro 2 takes that close to a kilo at 922g.
Windows 8.1 still suffers a little from the problem of low information density in its Modern UI. The Pro 2 only includes a 30-day trial to Office 365 (the subscription-based version of Office) so you’ll need to pony up if you need it beyond that. The new Surfaces do ask some important questions – like for one what do we really want in a tablet?
As hybrid computing devices geared towards productivity tasks these new models do help increase the appeal of Windows as a tablet platform – if only a little. Summary : Provided you can put up with the high weight and price as a business-oriented tablet the Surface Pro 2 has no equal. At a press event on May 20th, 14 in New York, Microsoft has announced its latest tablet, Surface Pro 3.
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a tablet cum laptop from Microsoft and it is the thinnest & lightest in the Microsoft’s Pro family.

The Surface 3 has integrated Dual position Kickstand, features two positions on the desk or on your lap with perfect viewing angle and hence it would let you type faster than onscreen. The keyboard of Surface Pro3 has Bluetooth wireless technology, allow to type from anywhere and its charger plugs into most of vehicle power slots. As it has large screen with maximum display resolution, it could deliver strong visual quality, whether we’re watching movies or playing games.
It has inbuilt stereo speakers with Dolby audio enhanced sound and it has ability to offer video playback, faster connect downloads, enhanced graphics performance for long hours.
It also comes with the all-new Surface Pen which delivers a natural writing and drawing experience. Demo models of Surface Pro 3 are available in the Windows store and the users can pre-order at a price of $799 for i3 processor, $1299 for i5 processor and two models, $1549 (256GB) & $1949 (512GB) for i7 processor.
Microsoft has introduced a super speedy and powerful tablet, Surface Pro 3 that seems to be a unique product to offer mobility and flexibility of use. From these comprehensive details, I’d say that it is a biggest and best tablet of Microsoft to truly replace a laptop. MS14-038: Schlie?t eine Sicherheitslucke im Windows Journal, mit der Remote-Angriffe moglich waren. MS14-039: Schlie?t eine Sicherheitslucke im On-Screen Keyboard (KB 2975685), uber die sich ein Programm erhohte Rechte anfordern konnten. Einige zusatzliche Hinweise zu den obigen Updates samt der gesamten Ubersicht uber die von Microsoft ausgerollten Patches findet sich im Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary fur Juli 2014 (in Deutsch). Auch bei den Surface Tablet PCs rollt Microsoft einen Schwung an Firmware-Updates aus (siehe auch diesen Artikel). We will also issue an update on Wednesday, July 16, to further improve Wi-Fi connection and throughput scenarios. Eine Ubersicht uber die Firmware-Updates des Surface Pro 3 (auch fur Juni 2014) findet ihr hier.
In diesem Artikel hatte ich Ende Juni berichtet, dass Microsoft den Update Client von Windows 7 und Windows 8 auch aktualisieren will (in Windows 8.1 und Windows Server 2012 R2 ist das Update bereits enthalten). PS: Wer sich in den letzten Tagen wunderte, dass er nicht auf Xbox-Dienste wie Musik, Filme etc. Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Internet Explorer, Office, Update, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT, Windows Server abgelegt und mit Internet Explorer, Office, Patchday, Windows verschlagwortet. Microsoft hat zum Juli-Patchday fur Windows 8.1 auch ein weiteres Update freigegeben, welches den Fehler 0?80070005, der durch noch geoffnete Dateien ausgelost wird, beheben soll. Diese Woche ging die Meldung herum, dass in Indien von Regierungsstellen gefalschte SSL-Zertifikate fur Google-Dienste ausgegeben wurden (beruhten wohl auf einem Einbruch letztes Jahr bei einem hollandischen Zertifikatsaussteller). ForenUm mir den Moderationsaufwand zu erparen, empfehle ich eines der unter Websites verlinkten Angebote. The groundbreaking procedure, underwent by a 64-year-old patient whose penis was removed because of cancer, could be used to help injured veterans, cancer patients, and accident victims.
In what is known as a Mercury transit, the tiny planet passed between the Sun and Earth, appearing as a tiny black dot moving slowly across the Sun's bright disc. The new model comes with a GPS radio, and is now able to automatically detect and track your activities thanks to the inclusion of the company's Move IQ software. Today the company announced Spaces, an app for Android, iOS, and the web that's designed to make it easier to share, well, stuff from the web in group conversations. Navdeep Bains, Canada's minister of innovation, science, and economic development, announced today that Saint-Jacques will travel to the International Space Station in November of 2018.
It was that mixtape — a 13-track collection of druggy and ecstatic hip-hop so goofy it sometimes sounded like nursery rhymes — that propelled Chancelor Bennett from underground Chicago upstart to slightly less underground Chicago upstart.
Back when the film first came out in 1986 (30 years ago today), I’d just bought myself a large Sony TV and a state-of-the-art Sony VCR and amp, which meant I could watch films in loud, stereo sound. The game will get 40 character skins, so you can dress up as Mario or Peach, and you can change the look of surfaces so that they will seem as if they came from the Mario universe. Drivers for the service argued that they'd been misclassified as independent contractors, rather than employees, and are set to receive $27 million under the revised settlement. The movie doesn't appear to take too heavily from any of the games in particular, but it's very much in line with the series' usual tropes — the plot sees Marion Cotillard send Michael Fassbender back to the time of the Spanish Inquisition to alter the genetic memories left by an assassin ancestor. It details the lives of fireflies, glow worms, fungi, fish, squid, plankton, and other creatures, and shows how they use their glow-in-the-dark abilities. But what if it could be exciting and done quickly and the point was to get paint everywhere? Hyperloop One, the LA-based startup striving to realize Elon Musk's pipe dream, conducted it's first public open-air test in the Nevada desert Wednesday.
It was an inauspicious way to kick off what's supposed to be a global revolution in transportation.
This aerial view, courtesy of a drone, captures something not often seen: a pod of false killer whales (which are a species of dolphins, of course) chasing and hunting down a shark in the waters near Sydney, Australia. Johnson hopped onto Instagram this afternoon to confirm reports that Black was joining the Jake Kasdan-directed reboot, which is scheduled to land in theaters sometime next summer. This is great if you are sitting next to an AC outlet, but not so great if you are trying to charge your new Surface on the road from a car, portable battery or solar charger. Testing with a multimeter indicates the red carries positive 12V, whereas black, yellow, and blue were 0V.
It’s not necessary for our V72 battery, which supplies 4A (more than the Surface draws).
I’ve sent you an RT-charger and will get help with this, I can’t tell you how greatful I am for this! One ground was small and located in the center of all the wires and the other was wrapped around all the wires.
Based on what you’re saying it is either an issue with the connection inside the Surface itself or potentially there is something off in the Voltage of the pin configuration. But if the battery is charging (so the voltage across the terminals is more like 13V) then it would be best to have a regulator? It’s a decent guide, but I have some better advice, based on real world usage, that will make a real difference in Band 2 battery life. The Microsoft Band 2 is a fitness tracking device that was announced in October last year and is the successor to the 2014 Band.
With regular use I found that the Band 2 usually managed to survive close to a day and a half with moderate use.
The company is sticking to essentially the same strategy as last year offering up two quite different Windows tablets that happen to share the same family name. While Microsoft did make a few adjustments geared towards desktop users with the 8.1 update they also fleshed out the capabilities for touch devices giving you access to more settings features and customisation options in the Modern UI. Throw in a Type cover (still our preferred keyboard attachment though it costs a rather hefty $150) and you’ll add another 266g.

That black coating tends to scratch when you throw the Pro 2 in a bag and our test unit came away a little worse for wear over the three weeks we used it.
The Type keyboard is first-rate with nice large keys with a good amount of travel (considering the depth) and are comfortably firm. This higher-end Surface does have enough to it that it could replace a laptop and with a desktop dock perhaps even become the primary computing device for business users. The Surface 2 includes Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote and now Outlook (which the Surface RT did not) in a faux desktop environment. The company has been worked two years for this versatile product and it is believed that it is a powerful rival for Ultrabooks. This remarkable device has dominant ports that come with the latest windows 8.1 Pro Operating System. Devices that are equipped with low battery life, have to face problem very badly and by keeping this in mind, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet has provided with a good battery backup, with non-removable Li-Ion battery.
With Surface Pen, the user could convert any pen-written text to digital content quickly and save on to OneNote to share with other users. This excellent device comes with a keyboard & kickstand and thus it may be used as a hybrid laptop or tablet.
Im Artikel Dienstag ist July-Patchday bei Microsoft hatte ich vorab einen Uberblick uber die anstehenden Patches gegeben.
Beim Surface Pro 2 wurde laut dieser Webseite nur die WiFi-Funktionalitat fur versteckte Funknetzwerke uberarbeitet. Beim Schreiben des Beitrags waren die Links auf die Update-Pakete aber noch nicht verfugbar.
Microsoft beginnt daher fruhzeitig damit, die Nutzer uber das nahende Supportende fur bestimmte Produkte zu informieren. Die Details findet ihr im KB-Artikel 2975061 Error 0?80070005 when you install an update in Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 R2. It's an event that happens only about 13 times a century, so astronomers were out in full force with specialized telescopes to observe the transit. That means you could take off for a run without hitting any buttons and, when you return, have an accurately-mapped record of your workout.
These are called "otoacoustic emissions," and they happen when the specialized hairs on and inside the cochlea — called hair cells — vibrate either spontaneously or in response to auditory stimulation. His star rose quickly as the months passed, performing at big festivals and collaborating with artists like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Jeremih.
A series-length contemporary version of The Exorcist starring Geena Davis and Alfonso Herrera will possess Fox's Friday nights alongside a new season of Hell's Kitchen, and a new take on Lethal Weapon starring Damon Wayans will lead into new episodes of Empire on Wednesday nights.
This is roughly 17 percent of the $156 million sum that attorneys say the drivers could have recovered had they been recognized as employees. He also confirmed that Kevin Hart is part of what he termed "the Jumanji Breakfast Club," a casting that's been rumored for weeks.
Fortunately, our V72 laptop battery can supply the 12 Volts required to charge the Surface 2, Pro 3, and Pro 4 so you can enjoy your tablet for weeks or months while off-grid. If you use the RT charger on the Surface Pro the Pro will detect the smaller RT charger and limit the current to 2A.
I connected all the grounds (small and large) to the black on the Voltaic wire and the red to the red on the voltaic wire (left the blue and white loose) when plugged in got the charging symbol on my Surface Pro.
We can look at this tomorrow as we don’t have one on hand right now, but are getting one shortly. If you boost that up to 12V, there is some loss, lets say 15% so you end up with maybe 12V and 8.5 Watts. For tablets that means you’ll have far fewer reasons to go diving back into the desktop interface. Im Kommentarbereich zum obigen Artikel wurde ich aufmerksam gemacht, dass die Download-Links nun freigeschaltet sind. Laut diesem ZDNet-Artikel tauscht Microsoft uber Windows Update diese Stammzertifikate fur Windows 7 bis Windows 8.1 aus.
Scientists have known about these emissions for a while and they use them to screen newborns for hearing problems. Acid Rap’s long-awaited follow-up, Coloring Book, came last week, and it’s easy to feel the time that’s passed between the two. Neither show has a specific premiere date yet, but they're on track to start airing sometime in September. Those four minutes were a movie; a beautifully crafted, adrenaline-filled, self-indulgent tribute to the raw speed and power of flying heavy metal. But it turns out there’s more coming to the game than just tools for creative Mario fans: there’s a whole new world to explore that pulls together elements from virtually every Mario game for a huge dose of nostalgia.
On display was proof that Elon Musk’s dream of a transportation system that breaks the barriers of speed and time was a step closer to reality.
Any of our other USB batteries can provide the 5V necessary to charge the new Surface 3, which does not need 12V to charge. If your external battery is able to provide the same current as the Pro charger (3.6A) the blue line seems to be unnecessary. And with the Windows Store finally having bulked up its range of tablet apps there’s now more chance of the latter actually happening. Buyer will get one year warranty for this prominent gadget and extend the warranty for two to three years by paying an extra amount. Und fur die ARM-basierenden Surfaces mit Windows RT findet ihr eine Update-Ubersicht auf folgenden Webseiten: Surface 2, Surface. Geht zu KB-Seite 2887535 und wahlt dann den Link fur KB2937636 passend zur verwendeten Architektur (x86, x64) und zum Betriebssystem.
But now, an Australian startup called Nura claims to have created headphones that can pick up and analyze these emissions to optimize the listening experience. For one thing, Coloring Book was released as a two-week Apple Music exclusive instead of a free download, as his past mixtapes were.
The news comes via Peter Rojas, who tweeted that this headset will be “less powerful” than a Vive or Rift, but won’t require a phone to power it along like the Gear VR. In short, the headphones work like self-regulated equalizers, customized specifically to a listener's ears. Android VR will definitely be announced next week, and from what I’ve heard will be less powerful than the Vive or Rift. If accurate, that means the familiar ‘Okay, Google’ command would be available throughout your home, all the time.

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