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I created the troubleshooting guide below to step you through the process of identifying and correcting charging issues on your Surface Pro 3 tablet. Depending on how your Surface is behaving, you’ll need to change what things you try to resolve the problem. You will need to make sure your Power adapter is plugged in and connected to your Surface Pro 3 and that the white LED is illuminated. After your Surface is connected to power, bring up the charms menu by swiping in from the left of the screen and look at the power indicator icon (circled in red below). Plugged in and charging: If you see a power plug next to the battery icon, it means your Surface recognizes that the power supply is connected and it thinks the battery is charging.
If your Surface turns off immediately when you disconnect the power supply, you either have a failed battery or your Surface isn’t properly switching to battery power. Plugged in but not charging: If the icon is missing the power plug even though the adapter is connected and the LED is on, it means your Surface does not think the power supply is connected (even tough it is). Unfortunately, you’ll need to jump straight to contacting Microsoft Support as your Surface is not really capable of being repaired. OK, now that you’ve identified where to start your troubleshooting, below are my list of Solutions that will (hopefully) help you get your Surface charging again. Repeat these steps until you see Your PC is up to date after you tap or click Check now (3rd step). If you have all of the latest updates and firmware but your SP3 is still not charging correctly, proceed to Solution 3.
If all goes well, your Surface should re-install the needed drivers and resolve your Surface Pro 3 not charging problem. If this works, reattach or re-install the accessories one at a time to see if the problem returns. This sounds overly simple (and perhaps it is) but I have seen too many instances in my career where something that couldn’t possibly be the problem turns out to be the problem. So, take a second to make sure the power outlet you’ve plugged your Surface Pro 3 charger into is working properly. However, something like a radio probably won’t work right if the power is low or fluctuating.
OK, this sounds weird and it’s not a permanent solution but try flipping the power connector upside down and seeing if it suddenly works.
Assuming your connectors are clean and free from debris but your SP3 is still not charging properly, it’s time to contact Microsoft. I generally don’t believe in forcing things, especially electronics, but my boyfriend jammed the cord into the box, and it has stayed ever since. If your cord does not stay in the box very snug then it is defective and they will send you a new one. Be careful, this might take a while and you’ll likely have to restart your machine a couple of times. You might also consider running a battery report before uninstalling updates just to see if the report shows a problem with your battery. I have a new surface pro 3 too, I’ve had it for barely a week and the charger simply stopped working.
Try pushing the cord that goes to the wall into the power brick as hard as you can and wiggle it while looking to see if the light came on. If you happen to have access to an electrical multimeter, you can try testing the power output of the charger. Like I said, I tried all those fixes, I knew about jamming the power cord in tightly when I started using it. I spoke with Microsoft about getting a replacement charger since my Surface is still under warranty, but they do not ship to my location (Colombia), nor are there any Microsoft stores here! I need to know how to address the charging issue if my battery is completely DEAD and I can’t get it to charge. I was convinced something was wrong with my plug and my docking station plug but then I decided I was just not pushing hard enough or something.
Dona€™t even think about trying to repair or upgrade the Surface Pro 2, because ita€™s just as tough to crack as the original, according to iFixit. The group, which is known for its device teardowns, gave the Surface Pro 2 a repairability score of one out of 10, same as the first-generation Surface Pro.
Breaking into the Surface Pro 2 requires a large heat gun to poke at the adhesive, while preferably inserting special picks to pry everything apart. The Surface Pro 2a€™s innards arena€™t a major reworking from the first-generation, with the notable exception of Intela€™s fourth-generation a€?Haswella€? processor. The RAM does not appear to be replaceable, so the $1300 Surface Pro 2 with 256GB of storage is your only option for achieving more than 4GB of RAM. Users who do manage to get inside the Surface Pro 2 will find that the battery is stuck to the rear case with even more adhesive, and it contains a warning not to pull it apart.
Although Microsoft touts the Surface Pro as a full PC in tablet form, ita€™s clearly not the kind of PC you can upgrade over time.
PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. We’re particularly fond of the display, which is a great size, as well as rich and vibrant in our humble opinion, and which more than holds its own when compared to our 4th gen iPad.
There is one caveat on that however: when we say this, we explicitly mean a Surface Pro equipped with the full Type Cover keyboard.
Let’s leave aside notions of the Surface Pro being too lightweight to replace a laptop or to compete head on with Ultrabooks. Although iFixit, which provided the teardown, doesn’t provide detailed parts lists or cost of goods lists, it is usually first out of the door with taking toys apart.
The next interesting thing for us is the Surface Pro’s Micron SSD drive, in this case the 64 GB model shown below.

One major complaint from reviewers has been the lack of available4 battery power – the Surface Pro eats up power at a great rate and is not able to deliver anywhere near the 5+ hours of battery life an Ultrabook must deliver to earn the Ultrabook branding. Rather, the Surface Pro has a great deal going on to deliver on the full scale laptop experience.
Another thing iFixit notes is that the battery, like the display, is heavily glued to the back cover.
What it suggests to iFixit is that for a battery replacement, Microsoft is thinking along the lines that it will replace the entire back cover.
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Despite having an integrated 42 Wh battery (similar in size to the 3rd and 4th gen iPads with Retina Display), battery life is a real sore spot for Surface Pro.
In our tablet benchmarks, I never saw Surface Pro break the 6 hour mark on a single charge. I also put Surface Pro through some of our new notebook battery life tests for 2013, and here it didn’t fare too bad. Since the Surface Pro is basically half-tablet and half-laptop, wouldn't it make sense to include a graph that compared it to other laptops too? I would also like them to specify that the RT and the PROs 128GB of storage is partially used up by the operating system were as the iPads storage is not used by the OS. Microsoft hopes to improve the reputation of its cheaper tablet by boosting its battery and display. Surface Pro 2 gets the 1.6GHz Haswell Core i5 CPU with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400 GPU. Now though, we can finally confirm that the company has released a new Surface Pro 2 update for January 2014, offering a fix for those that encountered issues with the December update. If you have a Surface Pro 2 and installed the fateful update, you may have experienced an abnormal battery life drain, as well as encountered problems when going in and out of sleep mode. In some cases, we were even told that some Surface Pro 2 tablets were not able to be fully charged after installing the dodgy update, but hopefully this new patch will alleviate all problems with the device. It is officially rolling out now, but could still take a while until it reaches your tablet. If you have Windows 8 or the Windows 10 Technical Preview installed, you may need to make some adjustments to the steps below. So, you can skip the power icon section below and jump to Solution 6 and begin your troubleshooting from there.
This type of shutdown is akin to yanking the plug out of the wall and isn’t really a good thing to do because it is possible to cause corruption or data loss. According to Microsoft, attempting a two button shutdown may cause more harm than good for Windows RT devices. Keep in mind that it is possible for a low-voltage condition to be present where power is flowing but not as much as there should be. If you don’t, by plugging something electronic but not expensive (like a digital clock or radio) into the outlet and making sure it works as expected. You can check out our post (link below) to help you get through to them as quickly as possible. If you bought yours at a retail store (Microsoft Store, etc…) you might be able to return it.
When charging a light on the back of the magnetic connector (to the Surface) will light up.
It was charging fine for the first and second time but for the third time until now it became very slow.
I had a charging problem where the white charging light would come on the charging attachment connected to the surface, but would then fade off almost immediately. I do know that if you take it to a Microsoft store, you can get it replaced (at least they replaced one I had with the same issue). I plugged it in as usual and the light came on, I left the room for a few minutes and when I came back the light was off and the charger is now useless. If it’s supplying power normally, it could be that your Surface had a hardware failure.
My surface was able to briefly turn on after the charger stopped working, but shut down due to the battery being drained. If you’re SP3 is dead without charge and you have no way to charge it, this would be your only option. For an odd reason it wouldn’t charge when plugged in and after fiddling it would charge.
As with the original, the insides are loaded with adhesive, and iFixit counted more than 90 screws holding everything together. Microsoft used 52 screws of three different sizes to hold the motherboard down, same as the original Surface. The cooling fans are exactly the samea€”Microsoft uses some software tweaks to fire them up less oftena€”and the motherboard still looks like a stern face, except it now has more of a blueish hue.
Ita€™s not soldered to the motherboard, at least, and neither is the solid state storage, so users could technically upgradea€”but only at great risk to the tablet itself. In the meantime, Apple has decided to deliver a 128 GB iPad, which we’ve covered previously and toward which we believe Microsoft must act aggressively from a sales and marketing perspective.

Apple has a lot of penetration in the enterprise at this point, but that market share hasn’t been due to Apple overtly marketing iPads as enterprise hardware. Microsoft is currently exploring ways to solve this, including offering a cover that also sports a large battery. We suspect the heavy gluing kills interference in some way, though iFixit doesn’t understand why any glue, let alone a heavy use of it is needed.
In most cases I’d expect to see 5 - 6 hours out of Surface Pro in light, tablet usage.
You just won’t get the all day battery life you do with an ARM based tablet out of this design. Microsoft included a 48W unit in order to be able to charge and power the device without slowing down charge time. When charging through my power meter, I picked up some interference in the capacitive touch screen itself resulting in around 10% of my taps not being recognized. Based on the numbers here, it seems like the Surface Pro would come out well ahead of the Macbook Air 11", for which its specs and price seems to most directly compare to. I would like to see it compared with laptops as well - a lot of the other tests included laptop comparisons as well. I was specifically looking at your 11" Macbook Air review from last year where it got around 4 hours of battery, vs.
That means, among other things, that you won’t be able to run desktop programs on it.
That helps give it a significant boost in battery life: 7 to 8 hours compared to only 4 to 5 hours in the original Surface Pro. You can pre-order both tablets from Microsoft starting tomorrow, but as I said they won’t ship until October 22.
At the end of last year we told you that Surface Pro 2 battery life problems were running wild, after Microsoft admitted to releasing a faulty patch for the tablet. If you have already installed the January update, let us know what your Surface Pro 2 battery life status is like compared to before. Hopefully, it was just a glitch and this simple fix solved your problem but, If the problem persists, proceed onto Solution 2.
It might take us a few days to get back to you but we do try to make sure your questions get answered. If you have a Best Buy around though, you could take it there and see if they would help you test it with another charger.
But iFixit also notes that the tablet actually uses more than 90 total screws in its construction, apparently a rather large number.
Unfortunately, Haswell for tablets won’t hit until the third quarter of this year, which forced Microsoft to use Ivy Bridge. Video playback was especially disappointing as Surface Pro managed to use more power here than during our web browsing battery life test. I expect Microsoft will have a solution to this problem with Haswell, but not until the end of the year. It took me 2.692 hours to charge Surface Pro from completely empty to 100% with no additional power draw at the wall. With regards to the Pro, the proper comparison is to the Macbook Air, which uses almost exactly the same amount of the integrated SSD as Windows 8 Pro does (within 2GB), except that the Win8 Pro total on Surface Pro includes a complete recovery partition that can be offloaded to a USB drive. Today it unveiled Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, the updated versions of its Surface – formerly known as Surface RT –  and Surface Pro tablets. In comparison, its predecessor only has an 8-hour battery life, a Tegra 3 CPU and a 1366 x 768 display. You should check out the Surface website or Wired’s coverage for more on the tablets. If it were up to me I’d cut down on the cost and confusion and just focus all my efforts on the Surface Pro 2. The fixed connection going in to the power pack must have been knocked and wasnt sitting right.
Screws are far easier to deal with than heavy applications of glue but they are time consuming to both remove and then replace. I suspect this might have to do with the relative power efficiency of Ivy Bridge's video decoder.
It’s a nice looking, but large and still fairly traditional two piece power supply (brick + detachable wall cable). The quick charge time is pretty nice and about the only reprieve here when talking about Surface Pro's battery.
When you do that, Windows 8 on Surface Pro actually takes up about 7GB *less* than the Mac OSX stock installation on an Air. The most significant change hardware-wise are their new and more power efficient CPUs that lead to a significant increase in battery life. If you want a more complete device, you’ll have to go for the more expensive Surface Pro 2. There’s no sophisticated cable management other than a tiny hook to help keep the device end of the cable together. On the software side, the tablets will come with their respective variants of Windows 8.1 when they launch on October 22.
The stylus featured in the video above will be included on all configurations of the Surface Pro 2. One neat feature is the power adapter does feature an integrated USB port for charging your smartphone.

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