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Unlimited fuel, unlimited battery… Think of the brilliance of never having to stop for fuel again! Sometimes company of your friends is all you need, on the other hand, having a sports car may be all the company you need… What would you rather?
Whatever you’d choose, you’d need quite a few products from Supercheap Auto to breathe some life back into your car! We all love a good drive, but is it worth driving an extra 500kms on bitumen for a more comfortable ride? A 10 car garage would be sweet, filling it might be tough… unless you shop at Supercheap! Once there was a time when a phone was something that remained attached to the wall, a laptop was where the cat loved to sit, an LED was the little green light on your record player and an iPad was something a pirate wore. An Anderson plug on the side, two cigarette sockets and a USB port give plenty of options for charging and powering your devices.
The digital display on the box gives you the battery voltage, the current draw (in amps) and a nice visual indicator of the remaining charge in the battery which goes down from green through yellow and on to red depending on the voltage. I have had previous experiences with basic $30 battery boxes, and I’ve never felt confident in their ability to hold a hefty car battery steady in rough terrain.
Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Our team car that will be entering into the Australian Toyota 86 Racing Series is progressing well. Now they are all screaming out for a slice of your vehicle’s precious 12V power; and making sure there’s enough juice left to start your car in the morning is a real world problem!
The recommended battery to suit the unit is a Century Deep Cycle NS70T, but any deep cycle battery of the same size will do.

The screws are nice and long, and thread into brass inserts so as the threads don’t strip under the weight of the battery.
I’m not doing a battery run down test on this, simply because that’s dependent on the battery you choose and not the box. The base GT model is being used and we have purchased the control parts that are required to compete in this new National series that will compete at 5 of the V8 Supercar rounds. On the other hand, you could sit amongst the stresses of peak hour yet have help easily accessible, but at what cost? Solving this problem could be very complicated – or very easy, but thankfully the choice is up to you.
If you plan on charging or storing the battery in your vehicle most of the time, you should seriously consider buying a GEL or AGM battery instead. The Power Station does not come with battery terminals or any way of securing the cable to the battery. The Power Station has two cigarette sockets, a USB port, Anderson plug, and a port to charge the deep cycle battery.
You would still want to strap it down tight or it would destroy itself (and plenty of stuff surrounding it) if left to bang around in the back.
Today I’m taking a look at the Ridge Ryder 12V Portable Power Station, a nice simple solution to powering such devices.
That’s because these batteries are sealed and won’t give off gases while charging; or possibly spill like a lead acid battery will. The Anderson plug is capable of putting out 50 Amps, and also taking charge in for the battery via solar panels or your vehicles alternator. The charge input on the front of the box is a standard socket so that you can plug in most battery charger types and away you go.

It is also not so “set-and-forget” as a hard mounted dual battery system is which is mostly automatically controlled, but that’s the trade off for simplicity I suppose. Naturally this would allow us to buy more precious parts for our pride and joy, or even pay for someone else to do the work. We made the most use of the 10 Amp cigarette plug by running our Waeco CFX 50 Litre fridge off the 10 Amp socket all day and it went great.
This one is for you if you’re lacking in space for a dual battery system, want a 3rd battery or just like the ability to move your power between vehicles or away from the vehicle completely.
The 15 Amp cigarette socket ran a 300 Watt inverter at full power easily and that’s a current draw of nearly dead on 15 Amps. For a much quicker charge on 12V, I will be running a couple of fat cables from the vehicle battery to the Anderson plug on the box.
Nothing beats the satisfaction you get from investing some hard time into your car with some hard yakka!
In my case its 75AH, and you will need to know this for setting the digital readout properly.
Then of course the single 2 Amp USB port got hammered by everyone trying to get some charge into their smart phones. And of course if you don’t want to run your vehicle to charge up, a regulated solar panel can be connected to the Anderson plug as well.
If everyone in your group are smartphone junkies; you might want to purchase a cigarette to USB adaptor to keep them all satisfied.

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