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Traditional DNA specimens gathered at crime and trauma scenes include hair, blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids. One way to create a risk assessment is to break down any experiment or activity into its parts and identify the hazards associated with each. Write a risk assessment for the synthesis and isolation of the fertiliser ammonium sulphate by neutralising sulphuric acid with ammonia using the following procedure. ActivityHazardControls to reduce risks Risk before and after controls Using sulphuric acid VERY CORROSIVE. City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council Safe Use of Hazardous Substances at Work Training Pack (For all staff who work with hazardous substances. Heat Fire Working with or Heat or Fire When working with heat or fire, you will need to wear safety goggles.
Safety in Chemistry Montgomery High School Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.
Unfortunately, if a body is severely decomposed, exposed to extreme environmental conditions, or only skeletal remains are found, it makes recovering DNA that much more difficult.
The component parts include: Select the egg Boil the egg in water for 4 minutes Remove the egg from the water Cut the top off the egg Risk Assessments Two of these could lead to death !

The risk is very high if you stand in the middle of a motorway and the car is travelling at 70 mph.
The risk is low if you are on the pavement of a quiet cul-de-sac and the car is moving very slowly. On an urban high street the risk is high if the car is travelling over the speed limit and you cross the road without looking.
The risk is medium if the driver is observing the speed limit and you run across its path estimating a safe gap.
The risk is low if the car is travelling slowly and you cross well before it using a pedestrian crossing. Store them in an effective fridge HighLow Boiling the egg in water for 4 minutes Boiling water. Danger of spilling the ammonia as it is poured into the narrow burette and inhaling irritant fumes. Use dilute aqueous solution of 1 mol dm -3 Avoid spills by careful working and having a tidy work space. You will need to look at hazard data from CLEAPSS (CD-ROM or on a school network) or a chemical suppliers catalogue.

Solutions of stronger than or equal to 3 M but weaker than 6 M should be labelled IRRITANT. Any excess sulphuric acid will be concentrated in the process and increase the hazard – see above.
Pour roughly the right amount of ammonia solution into a conical flask and fill the burette from this – not from a stock bottle.
To avoid irritant vapour and the hazard of concentrated sulphuric acid, the boiling or evaporation process must be done in a fume cupboard.
Since an excess of ammonia can be boiled off but sulphuric acid cant, a wise precaution is to add a small excess of ammonia solution (about 0.5 ml) over the neutralisation volume.

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