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One of the most common problem we experience when you own a car, aside from a flat tire, battery discharge is the next most common disaster we experience, the most common cause for this problem is by accidentally living the car lights on for a period of time while the engine is turned off, another cause might be that the battery isn't maintained properly other things like damaged alternator or bad starter could also cost this problem, but if the problem is because your battery is discharged then we can always perform a jump start to start your car, here are the correct steps in performing a jump start.First make sure both cars are turned off and so are their equipments like radios, etc.
This is my Forex Trading practice journal, please feel free to read and comment about my trading techniques, we can exchange ideas and experience to become a much better trader. It’s an unavoidable part of car ownership, eventually you’ll walk out to your vehicle and find the battery is dead. We’ve put together this simple list of steps to walk you through jump starting a dead car battery. 1)  First you need to know if it is the battery, generally there are gauges that show the charge of the battery.
2) Check the location of your batteries, and ideally you’ll be able to park the cars so the jumper cables will easily reach both batteries. 5) On the good battery end of the cables, attach the negative clamp (BLACK) to the negative terminal of the battery.
6) Connect the remaining negative clamp (BLACK) to a non-painted metal surface on the dead vehicle. 7) Start the working car and let the engine run for a few minutes to allow the dead battery to charge. 9) Once the car with the bad battery starts, remove the jumper cables in the opposite order of how you attached them.

If you keep nothing else in your trunk, keep a good pair of jumper cables, you may be surprised how often they’ll come in handy. 4)Park the supporting car with the charged battery opposite or near the car with the dead battery, situating the two batteries as close together as you can without allowing the two cars to touch. 5)Turn off both engines, pull out the keys, put both cars in park, engage the emergency brakes and open the hoods.
Before you jump a battery, Wear eye protection and remove any metal jewelry such as watch bands or bracelets that might make an unintended electrical contact. Observe the battery precautions that are attached to the battery installed in each vehicle.
Whether it’s the result of a cold snap or because you left the lights on, either way the quickest resolve is to jump start the battery. However, if there isn’t any indication the battery is bad, but the dash lights flicker when you turn the key, odds are the battery is to blame.
If the car doesn’t start or even turn over, check your connections again and give it another 5 minutes before trying again.
As batteries age they lose the ability to hold a charge, so if your battery is older, it is time for a replacement.
There are factors, however, that can make the battery die sooner - especially since it powers many features in your car.

If ita€™s not your car, look for it (hint: most people store it in their glove compartments or booths). If you are unsure of what you are doing at any point, do not attempt to jump-start your car.
Even though it’s one of the most common car maintenance issues, many people are uncertain on how to properly jump start a battery. This includes your radio and your lights, so ita€™s always a good idea to double check if youa€™ve turned off those flashers.
These individual wires are attached to alligator clips ( plyer looking clips with jagged mouths). While it is surprisingly simple, odds are jump starting a battery probably still makes you nervous when you dust off the jumper cables for the first time this year.
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