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So everyone and his dog has a flagship smartphone out and available for purchase in South Africa, and you could be asking yourself which one is the best of the lot.
After years of disliking Samsung phones on the whole and having to find things to like about them, the Galaxy S6 has reversed our opinion. In short; if you like Samsung phones then buy the Galaxy S6, because it really is the best one they’ve ever made. In isolation the Ascend P7 is a great phone, due in large part to its phenomenal build quality.
There will always be those who want the absolute best and are willing to pay a premium for it, but for those who cannot justify the added expense, the Ascend P7 is perfect as it delivers a great blend of performance, quality and features for a very attractive price.
The Z3 is the best smartphone Sony has made in years, and it represents enough of an enhancement over the Xperia Z2 in aesthetics to justify its existence. If you’re stuck between the two sizes of the iPhones 6, then the Xperia Z3 may just be the salve to your ache for something in the Goldilocks region between the two. The display, battery life and camera are all fantastic and its hardware is more than fast enough to keep it chugging along nicely for the next two years until an inevitable upgrade is due. HTC has refined what worked so well in the M8’s design for the M9, and the result is this very good but not particularly revolutionary phone. What it isn’t, though, is an S6-killer – by most accounts Samsung’s latest is definitely its greatest – but it’s a phone that delivers performance in the S6’s range. The biggest drawcards the phone has is HTC’s by-now-traditional all-metal chassis that has a very pleasant heft to it, and its excellent BoomSound speakers that are brilliant for those times you want to watch a movie without headphones or show off a cool new tune to some mates. The phone itself is very competent when it comes to the important bits like performing well, flying through the interface and running apps and games fluidly, so there’s definitely a place for it among the flagship phones of 2015. Its leather backing feels wonderful to touch and lends the G4 an air of sophistication lacking from other phones in the segment, and the fact that it can be opened, its battery replaced and an SD card inserted scores the G4 big points for people who don’t like that the S6 does neither. LG’s strong focus on the camera has resulted in one of the finest smartphone cameras yet made, with plenty of manual options to tweak and explore but also plenty of automatic ones that capture great pictures without much effort required from you. But little gripes with its Optimus UI looking a bit dated as well as its 3 000 mAh battery that should last longer than it does, prevent us from recommending the G4 unreservedly as the best flagship phone out there. Once the undisputed leader of the smartphone pack, Apple has lost a lot of ground to its competitors who have innovated their way to much better hardware and software over the last few years.
The iPhone 6 is indeed the best iPhone Apple has ever made, and there isn’t a fanboy out there who would not be thrilled to get one. That said, if it were our money, we would not be buying an iPhone 6 because of its poor battery life in comparison to that of the Sony Xperia Z3, which is far superior. We would, however, spend every single day using another phone wishing that Apple would just license the TouchID fingerprint sensor into every piece of technology that is made on earth, because it is simply that fantastic. It’s a good time to be a phone fan, because no matter what you choose you can be assured of getting a fast, good-looking phone with a battery that lasts, at the very least, a full day.
Gone are the plastic finishes that kept the S5 from feeling truly high-end, replaced by gorgeous Gorilla Glass, and the overall performance of the phone is astounding no matter the task.

Get our daily newsletter!An exclusive worldwide wrap of tech news in your inbox every morning, plus exclusive offers and more! Related Articles Most Popular West Virginia Flood 2016 [MAP]: Casualties, Affected Areas and Latest Emergency Updates Christian Wife Killed Daughters to Punish Husband for Not Apologizing for Argument, Family Friend Says Has Donald Trump Accepted Christ? PhoneArena has conducted a series of tests, one of which was to look at battery life, and looking at the results, the Sony Xperia Z3, Huawei Ascend Mate 7, and even the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 all perform better. For the battery life comparison test each handset was running the same custom web-script, which PhoneArena say is designed to replicate real-life usage to get a precise figure on power consumption. The results – The iPhone 6 Plus managed to last for 6h 32 min, compared to 7h 12 min for the HTC One M8 and 7h 38 min for the Galaxy S5. However, the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 and Sony Xperia Z3 are in a completely different league to the large iPhone 6, as they had a time of 9 hours 3 minutes and 9 hours 29 minutes respectively. Seeing these results, do you think the larger battery of the iPhone 6 Plus has failed to deliver? We should not be overly surprised by these result because battery has never been a priority for Apple, even if they seem to have made improvements with the iPhone 6 Plus. We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. When Apple got on stage a couple of weeks ago to show off the new features on the iPhone 6 (bigger screen! So if you’re looking to buy a phone purely to avoid the hassle of running out of juice, which do you go for?
The Z3 stayed on for nine and a half hours during in stress test (screen permanently on and running apps) which compares more than favourably to the iPhone 6 (5 hours and 22 minutes) and the iPhone 6 Plus (6 hours 32 minutes). This stat is even more impressive when you compare the Z3 to the number two in PhoneArena’s tests – the Huawei Ascend Mate 7. The Z3 (or the eight-inch Z3 Tablet Compact) just need to be on the same Wi-Fi network as the PS4, with users connecting a DualShock controller via Bluetooth and voila – PS4 games anywhere in your house, with all the graphics generated by the console and streamed straight to the smartphone. We like the Galaxy S6, so much so that we would buy one with our own money if the need arose.
This is a phone that takes the idea of upgrading over its predecessor really seriously, and has done a great job of providing many good reasons to take the plunge. If you like Apple phones then this still won’t make you switch because, really, nothing will. That said, if you’re not looking for something that reinvents the wheel, it’s a great choice.
The camera a little sluggish at times, though, owing to all the fancy processing it does, and Samsung does a better job of showing an accurate preview of your shots, but overall the G4’s shooter is definitely up there with the best of them. The iPhone 6 does everything exceptionally well, and while it still suffers from some of the same bugbears that we have had with previous iPhone generations, we can’t deny that it’s easily one of the best smartphones we’ve ever reviewed.

Not only is it beautiful to look at, it’s the very best Galaxy phone Samsung has released, and a phone with mass appeal. It truly is a good upgrade over its predecessor even if the S6 isn’t waterproof this time around. But even if you choose something else, if it’s on this list a winrar will still be you. NewsMicrosoft Surface Phone Climbing The Corporate Ladder NewsAndroid N Developer Preview 4: What’s New?
Prettier bezels!) there was one spec that didn’t get much of a mention: battery life.The reason? Xperia Z3, Huawei Ascend Mate 7 battery life By Peter Chubb - Sep 22, 2014 When Apple announced two new iPhones a few weeks back we assumed that their hardware would be very similar, and they were.
However, there were a few differences, one is the larger display, which as we know would require a larger battery in order to counter the extra power needed. It’s not the response you would have liked to get though.In case you haven’t heard, the Sony Xperia Z2, which is one of the first devices to introduce 4K video recording, faces some serious issues with overheating. It stinks for all smartphones and even Apple hasn't been able to do much to fix the problem. When using your camera to record 4K videos, the phone will often heat up to a point where the camera app forcefully closes itself, and you must wait for the device to cool down.
Avid gamers will appreciate that it has a Remote Play feature that streams games from the PS4 to the Z3. This issue has been going on for quite some time for Xperia Z2 users, and this doesn’t exactly seem like the appropriate response.The issue has reportedly still not been fixed in the new Xperia Z3 either.
Now, what exactly is the point of adding a 4K feature if you can’t seem to fix the biggest issue Xperia users have? Hopefully, we’ll see this fixed at some point in the near future.If you have an Xperia Z2, how bad are your overheating issues?
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Reply markee September 14, 2014 at 4:25 am I had a problem with my Z2 also, I just got this last saturday, and it heats up fast even in a normal use, and while using LTE, it heats up more.

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