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This Solar Trickle Charger and Maintainer is also good for any battery in your boat, personal water crafts, motorcycle, RV, ATVs, SUVs, tractors, trailer, or lawnmower.
Includes Solar Panel, Automotive Power Socket Adapter (Cigarette Lighter Plug), 4 Suction Cups, Main Cable, Battery Clamps.
Please note that this a solar trickle charger that maintains the 12V car battery charges by slowly replacing the natural discharging of conventional battery. I already own this product and found it to be a quality made device that is has been a life safer for me when I return from a business trip and my car is left in parking or in the garage.A must buy!

Despite the term "Solar" these units will also top-up batteries effectively in cloudy, overcast conditions. Complete with suction cups (for windscreen mounting), LED charge indicator, 12V DC power plug (cigar lighter), battery clips and 2.7 metre lead. Complete with suction cups (for windscreen mounting), 12V DC power plug (cigar lighter) , battery clips and 2.7 metre lead. Complete with mounting screws, 12V DC power plug (cigar lighter), battery clips and 2.7 metre lead. Leave this solar panel on your dashboard, charge it through your lighter and when the blue light is blinking, you are charging your battery.

Always make sure your battery is charged while your car is left for an extended period of time.

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