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If purchases are not settled within 3 business days of the close of the auction, it is in default.
Any items remaining after 30 days of auction close are considered forfeited and become property of Hansen and Young. Any items Hansen and Young hauls from sale site are subject to a $20.00+ per item hauling fee. This auction has what is called an auto extend feature, meaning the auction will not close until all bidding parties are satisfied.
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Today The Car Spotter will be reviewing a piece of equipment used for restarting any car that has a flat battery, the Snap-on Portable Power 1700. Unfortunately, through lack of driving and start-ups over winter my grandma’s car, an automatic Vauxhall Corsa, lost all charge in the battery.
It is more complicated to restart an automatic than a manual as you cannot jump start the car.
The Snap-on portable 12 volt power device is made for just such occasions and does exactly what it says in the title. The Snap-on portable power battery pack delivers 1700 peak amps (hence the name) and is a small, compact device with an robust handle for easy transportation.

Switch off the device and remove both cables, the car battery will be fully charged and the car should start up. I was very fortunate to have a mechanic friend who let me borrow this brilliant and east to use piece of kit, it isn’t really something the average person would need in their home garage but a brilliant piece of kit nonetheless.
I had to return the Snap-on portable power 1700 the next morning because my friend had to go and collect a car that had no power.
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If any bids are placed within the last 10 minutes of the auction, the bid on lot(s) will extend for 10 minutes. The high quality 4-gauge copper cables and clamps ensured a great connection between the portable power device and the car battery.
It also has a 2-way socket adapter (cigarette lighter adapter) for trickle charge options and running and directly powering 12 volt accessories. Keep checking back for more product reviews, supercar information and celebrity car news in addition to other blogs regarding the automobile world.

Please check back and review these terms as everytime you use this site you are agreeing to the terms as they are written at that time. The bidding will extend in 10 minute increments from the time the last bid is placed until there are no more bids, and the lot sits idle for 10 minutes.
The whole of the US is covered, and the featured vehicle types that you can have your pick from include convertibles, coupes, trucks, hybrids and station wagons. This practice is used by some bidders to discourage others from bidding in hopes of acquiring an item at a lower price.
There are many theories on the effectiveness of this practice and a bidder who wishes to apply it does so at their own discretion. The auction company will not lower the price of an item that has been won by a "jumped" bid with no other competing bids.
If you receive an item that has been damaged in the mail, please contact us AND the shipping provider immediately. WE ALSO DO NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS SO PLEASE DO NOT SEND OR IT WILL BE RETURNED & ITEM WILL BE RELISTED.

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