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Latest news releases and statements, information on spokespeople and contacts for journalists. We've said it once, and we're gonna say it again: battery life is the only stat that matters any more. Gizmodo UK is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Battery Doctor is a free and feature-packed battery monitor and energy saving tool for mobile devices. Another popular battery monitor and power saving Android app is DU Battery Saver & Widgets, which comes with a convenient control widget and one-touch power optimization. While it is starting to show its age (last updated 2012), Juice Defender is still a Google Play Store favorite for many looking for a solid Android battery saving app. Battery Save Booster is a battery saving app which provides an easy way to increase the battery life of your Android based device with only one click.
The COMODO Battery Saver extends your battery life by allowing you to switch your device to power saving mode and by letting you disable power hungry applications easily with a single tap. Snapdragon Battery Guru is a battery life extender which automatically learns how you use your smartphone and adjust the smartphone settings on the basis of learning.
As the name suggests, by using One Touch Battery Saver, you can enable Power Saving Mode with a single touch. Battery Doctor allows users to quickly look up battery charge status as well as track down what apps and processes are draining battery life.

The app comes with convenient smart presets for saving battery life, with the option to create user-defined modes, as well as a battery charge-state monitor and tools for viewing app power usage. The app comes with convenient battery saving presets for one-touch power optimization, battery widgets, and mobile data and WiFi toggles. It does this by managing background processes and the Internet connection in an efficient manner. COMODO Battery Saver also provides you with details on which application(s) uses the most power of battery. After a 2-4 days introduction period, Snapdragon Battery Guru learns the behavior of the user and then notifies them that it is ready to increase the battery life of device. The Power Saving Mode deactivates your WiFi, GPS location system, Bluetooth, vibration, background light and activates Silent Mode to increase the battery life.
This app constantly puts your phone in a Deep Sleep Mode, where 3G and WiFi are turned off and background apps are stopped. It activates a Power Save Mode that turns off all power hungry resources such as Background Data Sync., WiFi, Bluetooth and Display Brightness to extend battery life. Nonetheless, we corralled together a Russian oligarch's wishlist of handsets, and put them to the test. You can quickly toggle power-hogging settings from within the app and its widgets, such as brightness, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and mobile data (though you should probably skip the Task Killer).
A Pro upgrade unlocks more advanced features, such as the ability to schedule the power-saving presets, an automatic task killer and the option to tune the CPU frequency of rooted phones. Upgrades to the Plus version provide additional features such as location-aware WiFi toggling and additional power saving profiles, with the Ultimate version even more automation and controls. It can also reduce the screen brightness by using a built-in screen filter and even turns off the screen automatically when you put the phone into the pocket or on the table. It allows the device to wake up constantly at predefined intervals to download emails and other things that need to be updated. A particularly useful feature is the ability to define power saving profiles and automatically schedule them, so that, for example, you can set the phone to automatically switch to airplane mode when you’re asleep or in class. You can also try the PRO version of 2 Battery for 24 hours and even get a refund if you’re not satisfied.
Rather than doing just one which only taxes the power-hungriness of a few components, we ran a couple of different tests that, added together, should give a fair representation of battery use. The iOS version also includes some power optimization tools, though not as refined as the Android version, while also including a weather forecast.
This time around, we also rooted and flashed a custom ROM (the release candidate of CyanogenMod 10.1, in case you're wondering). Some custom ROMs claim to have better battery life, a brag that seems to be borne out by our real-world testing; it's interesting to see the difference it's made here, though.
For all our tests, we set the screens on all the devices to a fixed brightness output using a lightmeter (a more objective test than just setting to 65 per cent brightness), loaded up a video over Wi-Fi, and then let the cat bounce until the phones conked out. Bataria – Battery SaverAlso SeeThere are so many smartphone users in this modern era.Most of them having a problem of Battery drain.

Everything else -- any push notifications in particular -- were turned off for the duration of the test, since we don't want a tonne of Nigerian spammers fiddling with the results.
So many users asked  me “sir,please tell some best apps for increasing smartphone battery life”.
The HTC One and iPhone 5 both collect honourable mentions, and the Nexus 4 and Xperia Z scrap it out for last place, with almost half the battery life of the Razr HD. But you may be in a dilemma that which one is the best app to improve smartphone battery life.
We had the phones cycle through a series of image-heavy websites, with the same conditions of a constant screen brightness and no pesky notifications. You can also easily download these battery life increasing apps from Google playstore without any cost. The HTC One comes second, having beaten out the iPhone 5 in the browsing and standby tests. The clear loser is stock Nexus 4, which was always in the bottom two; the BlackBerry Z10 and Lumia 920 don't exactly score well either. The surprise this time around, however, is that the CyanogenMod ROM seems to eke substantially more battery life out of the N4 when it's in standby, something we've always suspected but never scientifically tested.
So, if you're after a phone which lasts you a full day, you're most likely heading down the Android or iOS route.
Given the HTC One's also a pretty damn fine handset to actually, y'know, use, it would be the logical Android pick, although the Galaxy S4 isn't exactly trailing far behind. For iOS, well, there isn't much choice, but at least you can rest assured the iPhone's up there in terms of battery life.
This article was originally published on the 4th April, but has been updated to reflect the magma-like fluidity of the smartphone market.A    Sponsored Video Liked the sound of the Galaxy S4 enough that you bought one?
The panorama interface guides you through capture by giving you a series of targets to aim at in preview and captures photos at those appropriate points automatically.
After you’ve captured as much or as little of what’s around you as you want, you can stop capture and the stitched panorama 2D and 3D views will render in the background.
Construction here is very standard fare for smartphones lately, with an L shaped mainboard and battery sitting in the cavity next to it. Below that is the Qualcomm MDM9215 baseband, to the left we can see the baseband PMIC (PM8821), and to the left of that the PMIC for APQ8064, PM8921. This is actually an interesting choice for the Nexus 4 considering again the relative ubiquity of MHL. I don’t have any SlimPort cables or dongles so I can’t test it first hand, but there’s the transmit package on the PCB that enables it. Finally the Nexus 4 also has a linear actuator vibrator which you can see in the FCC teardown photos.

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