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Bought my 08' Passion in 2008 and during the winter 2008-2009 when It got cold, and I don't mean real cold, about 34 degrees, my battery wouldn't start and the dealership said, after examining the battery that it wasn't part of the recall, and they really couldn't find anything wrong with it and, if I choose, I'd have to pay for a new battery, was their solution. The only small modification that needed to be done was to flatten the metal tab on the hold-down-clamp. You'll need a 10mm combination wrench for removable of the hold-down-clamp-bolt and the battery clamps. NOW THIS IS A MATTER OF PREFERENCE, but I found this to eliminate any operational problems so a complete drop of power would NOT be an issue for the Smart's computer systems, I used a portable-battery-jumper-unit with a double-ended-accessory-plug-cable. Regardless of the finding at your dealership, something was wrong with your original battery.

Looks like you had the original 42Ah battery, which to me is underpowered for almost everyone, especially short-trippers like me.
Toyotapriussmartkeyfobbatteryreplacementguide003, Toyotapriussmartkeyfobbatteryreplacementguide003 how to replace the coin cell battery in the smart key fob remote control of a 3rd generation 20102013 toyota. Online prius owners users guide : juicedhybrid, All the information stated in this document was provided by prius owners.
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1.) After removing the existing mesh grill insert, compare it with the replacement purchased from us to verify that the tabs match up to ensure a perfect fitment.

2.) Route the wires through the opening into the engine bay area (removal of the bumper may help with the installation a lot, but it is not required).
3.) Route the Black (-) and Red (+) wires inside the vehicle and underneath the passenger seat where the battery is located. Our '09 has had to deal with even colder temps over a longer period of time without any problems.

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