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Bought my 08' Passion in 2008 and during the winter 2008-2009 when It got cold, and I don't mean real cold, about 34 degrees, my battery wouldn't start and the dealership said, after examining the battery that it wasn't part of the recall, and they really couldn't find anything wrong with it and, if I choose, I'd have to pay for a new battery, was their solution. The only small modification that needed to be done was to flatten the metal tab on the hold-down-clamp. You'll need a 10mm combination wrench for removable of the hold-down-clamp-bolt and the battery clamps.
NOW THIS IS A MATTER OF PREFERENCE, but I found this to eliminate any operational problems so a complete drop of power would NOT be an issue for the Smart's computer systems, I used a portable-battery-jumper-unit with a double-ended-accessory-plug-cable. Regardless of the finding at your dealership, something was wrong with your original battery. Looks like you had the original 42Ah battery, which to me is underpowered for almost everyone, especially short-trippers like me. You can either scroll through all photographs in this section using Previous and Next, or else select a photo from those shown below. Click on a photo to view a larger image and to get the option to scroll through all photos. If enough people were "smart" enough to drive these moonbatmobiles, the alleged population problem would be solved.
According to Snopes, this isn't a Smart car, which would explain why it wasn't crushed thinner than a dime.
MES DEA say the Zebras have achieved 1400 nameplate cycles in real world use now (Mendrisio trial) and 2000 in the lab.

LE PORT, MONACO - Mercedes-Benz and smart brought their zero emissions cars to Monaco in December 2009, and theirEarth's two Motoring journalists were able to take both the smart ed electric car (see photo) and the B Class F-CELL fuel cell car on test drives through Monaco's beautiful streets.
For use in electric cars and in utility systems, I would thinkt that they would have to be repeatedly charged and discharged. The smart electric drive car is a revolutionary vehicle and it has already started to open up new markets for the once little car company that became a worldwide success story.
Our '09 has had to deal with even colder temps over a longer period of time without any problems. The car will only be available for lease, unfortunately, and only 200 vehicles will be delivered for the trial. Shown in the photo is a cutaway of the rear of the 2010 smart ed electric which had its first customer deliveries to Berlin customers on December 17,2009. The car will be powered by a Zebra sodium nickel chloride battery, the same energy-storage system being used in the Halton Hills Hydro load-shifting demonstration that I posted about last week. The battery will have a 30 kilowatt output and the car will be able to reach a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour.
The battery pack in the smart ed is a lithium-ion type and has a full storage capacity of 16.5 kWh, and is manufactured by Tesla Motors of San Carlos, California in the United States.
The range on full charge is 116 kilometres and the battery can charge from 20 per cent to 80 per cent in four hours. Germany's Daimler AG, which is the parent company of smart, says that the development engineers have been able to keep the exact same interior cabin space as found on the petrol variant of the car, even with the addition of a lithium-ion battery pack.  But there is more to this story than just electric cars, and that is the nationwide charging infrastructure that the German government has supported through the installation of RWE designed public charging stations throughout the country.

In Berlin, a program called "e-mobility Berlin" has started, and it is a full turnkey project involving 100 smart electric cars and the installation of 500 RWE public pay-as-you-go charging stations throughout urban Berlin. The charging network that RWE and Daimler have jointly designed is an intelligent one with centralized control and internet based user-friendly monitoring and billing capability. If volume production is the only thing keeping this technology from being economical, perhaps it is a good idea to open up a North American manufacturing facility with 100,000-unit-a-year capacity, as the folks at Halton Hills Hydro would like to do. RWE also says that the German public will start seeing the installation of charging stations in all urban centres by the end of 2010. Those involved in the initial field trial of the smart ed electrics will receive special RWE home charging stations as part of the complete package that comes with their 2010 smart ed car. RWE says that the smart electric cars in the e-mobility Berlin study will receive power delivered from a clean source electric energy grid.
Daimler says that the initial production of 2010 smart electric cars will amount to 1000 examples, and similar programs to the Berlin one have already started in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland. By mid-2010 electric smart cars will additionally be delivered to select study areas in the United States and Canada.

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