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A woman from Greece decided that she got tired of throwing away bottle caps, so she decided to save them and have her kids play with them. At the end of last year Smart leased 100 Electric Smarts in London for real world experience.
Paris – at the Paris Motor Show 2008 smart is presenting the latest generation smart fortwo with electric drive to an international audience for the first time. Since 1998 economical cars from smart have offered innovative solutions to the great challenge of our time: how can individual mobility be made environ-mentally sound and sustainable in future? At the end of 2007 smart leased 100 electric smarts of the old series to be used in a pilot project in Londonin order to gain real-world experience with electric drive.
Daimler AG, the parent company of the cult smart brand, has been working hard to develop solutions for the important challenges presented by battery electric driven cars for years.
Finally, in 1997 the smart city coupe celebrated its world premiere at the Frankfurt International Motor Show. Ten years ago a car started to change our focus and our way of thinking and feeling: the smart. Even then the two-seater smart provided a unique answer to many questions concerning individual urban mobility. When sales of one of the world’s most unusual production cars started in October 1998, the newcomer that was at variance with many prevalent ideas of how a car should be, immediately became a subject of passionate, and often controversial, discussion.
As one of the youngest car makes, smart stands for innovation, functionality and joie de vivre. In the following years the smart brand launched the sports cars smart roadster and smart roadster-coupe (2003) and the four-seater smart forfour (2004) on the market. The innovative car brand has demonstrated its creative energy time and again with special vehicle models. Following the decision to stop production of the smart roadster at the end of 2005 and of the smart forfour mid 2006, everything concentrated on the smart fortwo. It is undisputed that the smart fortwo’s unique character already makes it an automotive classic, despite its young years. Anders Sundt Jensen, responsible for the smart brand says “The new fortwo is even more comfortable, agile, safe and environmentally friendly than its successful predecessor was. The smart fortwo embodies a completely new, intelligent concept for automotive individuality and this is also reflected in its appearance with a fresh, young, modern yet sophisticated design language.
The result is a bold design that confidently makes structural elements such as the tridion safety cell a significant part of the car’s styling.
A further feature is the mix of materials consistently realised in a production vehicle for the first time with a hard core (tridion) and a flexible and functional shell with thermoplastic bodypanels.
The basic equipment of the smart fortwo includes full-size airbags for driver and passenger, belt tensioners and belt-force limiters.
State-of-the-art compact three-cylinder petrol engines with a capacity of 999 cc are installed at the rear of the smart fortwo.
In addition, a diesel variant is available – the smart fortwo cdi – which is the world champion in low CO2 emissions. Award-winning climate friendliness and economy Protection of the environment is an integral part of all the fields of activity of the smart brand. Ohm ss a smarter, lighter car battery that works with your existing car and comes with a ton of benefits. Our car battery is one of the last things you could think of becoming smart, but there are some folks out there who want to make this happen. Furthermore, Ohm is smart enough to keep you from accidentally draining your battery if you forget to turn your lights off.
If you have a car, you are probably aware that lead-acid batteries last three years on average; well, Ohm promises that its battery will last more than twice that period.
At the moment Ohm is in private beta testing, with only dozen units out in the wild but the company plans to roll out a crowdfunding campaign in the near future, so we will keep you updated as to when that happens. Subscribe to TechPPSubscribe to our email newsletter for useful tips and valuable resources. Even a well-maintained car battery will become depleted over time and eventually lead to hard starting. Many automotive chains that sell car batteries will give a customer credit for an old battery because the core is recyclable. This type of battery is filled with corrosive acid that is potentially explosive and can cause serious injury, easily burning through clothes and skin. A car battery weighs 32 pounds (14.5 kg) or more and should be lifted out of the automobile with extreme care. When purchasing a new car battery, confirm that the negative and positive terminal posts are on the same side of the battery as your old one. It’s a good idea to drive the car for 30 minutes or more once the new battery is installed.

I have a dead car battery right now but I have never changed one before and have no idea what I am doing.
There are a lot of auto parts stores that will change your battery for free or for a small charge if you buy the replacement battery from them.
The latest generation smart fortwo electric drive provides a new possible answer to this question as electric drive is quiet, highly efficient and produces no local emissions. Customers gave very encouraging feedback on the zero emission cars that were still equipped with conventional batteries. These are the range and charging times, but also the charging station infrastructure, the additional energy requirement and, of course, the costs. The latest smart fortwo ed series will be equipped with state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries.
Among other things, this will contribute to ensuring that the battery is automatically charged with low-priced electricity when the network is not used to full capacity, for example at off-peak times.
At the beginning of next year the system will initially undergo internal testing and optimisation. Several years passed until the pioneering safety concept was developed that allowed the high level of safety typical of Mercedes to be realised in an extremely short car. Hayek, the inventor of the Swatch watch, announced plans to launch a small city car on the market. The name is a reference to the car’s intelligence and attractiveness and the smart city coupe, later renamed smart fortwo, lived up to its name. For not only does it take up very little road and parking space, it also boasts impressively low fuel consumption and minimum carbon dioxide emissions. These include the smart crossblade in 2002 that had neither doors, a roof nor a windscreen, and the smart crosstown show car in 2005 which was equipped with forward-looking hybrid drive.
Ten years after the first pilot production vehicles rolled off the production line, in 2007 the new smart fortwo was launched on the market.
Since the first model was launched in 1998, more than a million two-seater smarts have been produced.
Unusual ideas gave the two-seater its trend-setting appearance and enabled it to establish its own class.
There could hardly be a more eloquent expression of that most basic principle of design, that form must follow function. In this way smart sets new trends and its shape alone gives it a likeable appearance whilst still being taken seriously. This does not only apply to the vehicle’s operational period, but also to its development, production and later recycling. They came to the unanimous conclusion independently of one another: no other car is as cheap to run! While most automotive batteries weigh around 40 pounds, Ohm thinks it can become a smarter care battery with a weight of just 6 pounds. The device will automatically turn itself off when it gets critically low, and then switch itself back on when you go to start your car. Of course, this is going to be reflected in its price, as well, which is expected to be around $200. To save wear on your starter and to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape, changing the battery will be required every three to five years under normal circumstances. Moreover, it is illegal to throw a car battery in the trash in most places, making it convenient to trade in the old battery when you get a new one. If there is corrosion present — it often looks like a white powder — neutralize it with a mixture of baking soda and water using an old toothbrush. Remove the positive plastic cap if its present, and smear some petroleum jelly on the terminal post to help prevent corrosion.
I have changed a few batteries in my life and know what I am doing, but if I can get someone else to do the work why not? This project underlines the pioneering role of the young car brand in developing environmentally friendly and sustainable concepts for the individual mobility of the future. And the authorities in the English capital reward this commitment to electricity by exempting drivers of electric smarts from the expensive Londoncongestion charge.
This is the largest initiative in this field to date, and the two companies aim to jointly create the conditions for zero emission motoring with battery electric drives. The future will see an ever-increasing proportion of traffic on the roads in urban centres around the world.
Lithium-ion technology has decisive advantages over other types of batteries, including extremely compact dimensions, much higher performance, shorter charging times, a long life and high reliability.
Or when more electricity is available from alternative energy sources than is needed at this point in time.
Small series production of the electric two-seater will start at the end of 2009 and smart will then deliver the first vehicles to selected customers.

In the same year, smart became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler-Benz AG (now Daimler AG). Nevertheless, it transports two people and their luggage to their destination very comfortably and with maximum safety. This model builds on the strengths of the visionary classic and further develops its virtues. Whereas the smart fortwo was initially only offered for sale in Germanyand eight further European countries, today it is available in 37 countries worldwide – since January 2008 also in the USA. The car continues to focus on the core brand values of innovation, functionality and joie de vivre – a kind of declaration of automotive independence for many smart drivers .
In the past ten years the smart has become an automotive icon and it combines extremely varied demands on function, aesthetics and safety technology to create something completely new.
A 72 kW (98 bhp) three-cylinder turbo engine is also at the heart of the smart fortwo BRABUS. Well, what about the fact that your car battery dies without warning, leaving you stranded, and that it’s quite heavy, not to mention the ecological threat that they pose. This is made possible thanks to a more advanced technology than just lead plates – an EDLC supercapacitor capable of dumping enough energy to start your engine, and a set of smaller batteries free of toxic heavy metals.
Another great feature is that Ohm copes much better with cold temperatures than lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. If your automotive retailer does not recycle old batteries, see if there are regional or national organizations, like the Automobile Association of America (AAA), that can do so. Many newer batteries are made with a handy strap handle, and straps are also available at automotive shops. It will charge faster if drains, such as air conditioning, stereos, and unnecessary lights, are kept at a minimum. If the vehicle sits unused for long periods of time, purchasing a device like a Battery Minder™ or Battery Tender™ is a good idea. I installed a new one, looks like everything is attached properly, but the car won't do anything when I try to turn the ignition over? The current models already boast low fuel consumption and minimum carbon dioxide emissions. RWE is providing 500 electricity charging stations and Daimler is contributing 100 electric cars. Together, both partners founded Micro Compact Car AG with headquarters in Biel, Switzerland. This is because it was available solely as a two-seater – an extremely compact car barely longer than two and a half metres that could also fit in a parking space perpendicular to the flow of traffic if necessary. Since 2007 smart has been fully integrated in the organisation of the Daimler business division Mercedes-Benz Cars, which also comprises the Mercedes-Benz, Maybach and AMG brands in addition to smart. From mid 2009 the smart fortwo will also go on sale in Chinaas the car is practically tailor-made for the growing number of lifestyle-oriented small car customers in a country with numerous megacities .
At just 88 grams per kilometre the smart fortwo cdi has the lowest CO2 emissions of a production car worldwide! Alternately, you can lift the battery straight up and out by holding it at opposite corners. In addition, the smart was characterised by a new, sophisticated design language and showed that even a small car can be attractive, safe and grown-up. The smart consistently implements technical innovations for the mobility of the future and also uses constructional details as design features. They opt for a smart fortwo because it is something special and because it sets them apart from the masses. In China, too, fashion-conscious young people want an agile, trendy vehicle for their flexible urban lifestyles in order to set themselves apart from others. Do not lay tools across the top of the battery because a conductive metal might touch both terminals simultaneously causing a short, sparks, or a potential explosion.
The two-seater car is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and its unique concept has now become firmly established. Thanks to new ideas and a design that combines functionality with joie de vivre, the smart fortwo has become a cult car. Since the launch of the first model in 1998, more than a million models of the two-seater car have been produced. Today it is on sale in 37 countries around the world – including the USA since January 2008.
The smart fortwo therefore already has an impressive track record on its way to a green future.

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