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The 063 battery is used in about 60% of all European cars but it's not easily available in the US.
Because they are scumbags who are trying to make it as tricky as they can for you to go and get a replacement. Any 063 type battery will be fine, the battery doesn't need the vent pipe like the fortwo.
Open the passenger's door and slide the seat all the back (well, as far as it will go with all that junk behind it).
Hey Pretty Handy Girl readers, I’m stepping up to the podium today to prove to you that I can do more than just wrap presents around here. There comes a time in every car owner’s life when you get stuck and your car is difficult to start. You can purchase a new car battery at your local auto parts store or discount stores like Costco. Ok, seriously she made me write that last part.A  Pop the hood of your car and prop it open.

The battery should no longer be connected to the car at this point.A Look closely, does your car battery have a protective cover surrounding it?
At this point, you will want to use the wire brush to clean off any corrosion from the battery terminal clamps.
Gently set the new battery into the car.A A  You can spray a little anti-corrosion spray on the battery posts if you like. Re-attach the mounting bracket by hooking the rod back onto the stand and then attach the bolt to the front.
Did Brittany ever tell you about the time that I changed the oil on my car when we were dating? The scumbag company has screwed you over and you probably had to pay a lot more than you would have if you bought a battery from a company that uses the correct battery codes. But, when your wife is waving a camera in your face and telling you to stop and hold that pose, it can take considerably longer. You might need to put the adjustable wrench on one side to secure the nut head while turning with the socket wrench on the opposite side.

One day it’s about home decor, building something, planting something, car repair etc.
The ABS and lateral moment sensor still works so it's a lot safer than using a trust plug. Brittany’s car battery had been showing signs of weakness, but it was hanging in there. Cool showing off my mad shade tree mechanic skills I started up the car and asked her to look for any leaks. When she took it to the dealer for a recall issue, the mechanic wanted to charge her $$$ to change the battery. Being the frugal Handy Guy around here, I told them to forget it because she could do it herself.A  Somehow she convinced me to do it (must have been my extensive auto parts store work experience from high school).

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