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Trustfire small rechargeable 12v battery high power mini 12v rechargeable battery small rechargeable 12v battery, View small rechargeable 12v battery, trustfire Product Details from Shenzhen Bestly Technology Co., Ltd. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to airline restrictions of shipping lithium batteries, this item will be shipped by surface mail only. We made strategic cooperation with TUV to make sure that each supplier is elaborately selected.

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Forget having to run cables, finding a wall socket or using and disposing non-chargeable batteries. ThisUB1270 is a sealed lead-acid (SLA) absorbed glass mat (AGM ) rechargeable battery.AGM and GEL batteries are lead-acid and of the same battery chemistry.
This product gives you a 12v output, allowing you to power all kinds of LED strips, Car gadgets or any kind of 12v lightings! This 12v rechargeable battery offers exceptionally high capacity yet small enough to fit inside your pocket.

Correspondence: Car telephone, mobile system, portable radio transmitter, portable terminals 5).
Ideal for LED projects that requires portability and the ability to conceal the circuit and power supply. We are a factory manufacturing Led Flashlight, batteries, chargers and e-cig modes, best production capability ,best quality control, Best Service.2.

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