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Disclaimer: I am not an accountant, and nothing in this post should be viewed as formal accounting advice. The first thing you’ll want to figure out is how many hours per day you can comfortably work, and then figure out how many of those hours are billable and non-billable. The average work day for a massage therapist is made up of both billable and non-billable hours. The time spent on billable vs non-billable activities will vary depending on the length of the treatment.
If your billable hours don’t make up a majority of the scheduled hours that you have, you should probably adjust your schedule a bit to decrease your non-billable time.
Once we have that figured out, we can convert that into how much we need to charge per service (based on what % of an hour that service uses) in order to just cover expenses and break-even.
Once you have identified 5 (or more) businesses nearby that offer comparable services to yours, find out what their fee schedule is by visiting their website, contacting them by phone, or making a stop at their location. Once you have the pricing from each competitor, you can figure out what the average cost for services are in your area. Of course, covering your expenses and making sure you’re not priced out of your market is important, but so is having some disposal income and saving for the future!
Once you’ve figured out the gross income, subtract the break-even amounts (regular expenses + (costs per treatment x number of treatments)) for the year. If the number seems uncomfortably low, you know you’ll need to increase your service fees , find a way to reduce your expenses a bit, or increase your billable hours.
Each page includes boxes for you to enter numbers (like your expenses and competitor’s prices), and some boxes  hat are calculated automatically with formulas. Keep in mind that this spreadsheet is no substitute for a real accountant, but it may help to give you a rough estimate of what to expect and help you figure out what is reasonable to charge given your situation. I lead a double life as a registered massage therapist and a web developer in Kitchener, Ontario. Clinic Database SystemSign up for the ClinicWise Clinic Management Database to get started, or log in to your existing account.
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One of the most common questions people ask about starting a new service based business is “how much should I charge?” In many cases, it can be a difficult question to answer. Even the same type of service provider can often reside in both commodity and value markets. So, before anything else, you need to ask yourself: Do you want to offer your services in an existing service market?
Use sites like eLance and oDesk to figure out what other online service providers are charging.  Look on internet forums in your industry and look at discussions of what others charge. The amount you need to earn on a per hour basis is not the same as what you charge your client. Figure out what percentage of time you’re spending on actual client work and what percentage of time you spent on unpaid business related tasks. When you’re just starting out, you should price your services relatively low but not too low you do not want to work for free or hurt those in your industry setting the bar too low. To sum it up, start by determining whether you want to price yourself in a commodity market or to build value in your own brand. After purchasing a new laptop computer or battery for your laptop, we recommend that the battery be charged for no less than 24-hours. If you are excited to use your new laptop, it can still be used while it is plugged into an outlet. After the computer battery has gone through it's initial charge, all other battery charging should go until the laptop has reached its capacity.
Today, PeopleKeys, a leading expert on the subject of human personality and behavioral analysis, announced the second installment of their Coaching Network Webinar series. The webinar, led by PeopleKeys Master Trainer John Schindell, expert in Behavioral Analysis, will be held on Friday July 22nd. As an International leader on the subject of behavioral assessment and personality, PeopleKeys has been facilitating a better understanding of human behavior for over 35 years.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The purpose of this post is for general information only – please consult an accountant if you need more detailed help with your finances. For massage therapists (and most service providers), this means the hours which you are treating  a client.
This includes your time spent cleaning up between clients, doing administrative work, and other business tasks no one is paying you for directly. A 30 minute treatment requires the same amount of cleanup and administrative time as a 60 minute treatment.
Most business plans suggest that you add up all your regular business expenses, but I’d actually suggest including your personal expenses too (separately). For a single-client service-based business like massage therapy (we can only treat 1 client at a time), this means figuring out the minimum amount of money we need to charge per hour to cover our expenses. However, as sole proprietors, it’s often helpful to consider how much we need to make in order to break-even with personal expenses too, to make sure we can cover all of our monthly bills. If we work fewer hours, then more of our income goes toward expenses, so the break-even number for a less-full schedule is higher than if the schedule was fully booked.
While many locations offer massage therapy, each clinic might offer services or perks that are different from yours. This can also be a great networking and referral building activity too, as you each might offer services the other doesn’t. For the non number-lovers out there, we’ve put together a free spreadsheet document that does most of the math for you.
Only the boxes you can enter information (the ones with yellow backgrounds) are editable, so you can play around without worrying about accidentally deleting an important formula.

When I'm not treating patients or developing products for ClinicWise, I'm usually building websites for other businesses and organizations.
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I know this is off topic from going green content but as social media consultant, professional blogger and speaker I am asked this question so often by others just starting out I want to take time to address what I can never address in a quick email or conversation in passing.
If you charge too much, you won’t get any clients, especially if clients can go to other service providers providing similar services for a lot less. Even if you get clients, you’ll have to work so hard to make money that you’ll probably burn out. In the commodity markets, you have designers on sites like eLance and oDesk that pretty much have to outbid one another to get jobs. Or do you want to try and sell yourself outside of that market and build value in your own service?
In my industry there is a lot secrecy, bloggers don’t often reveal what they charge so it might be hard to determine this is you’re a blogger. For example, if you’re a finance writer who specializes in the energy industry, your services could be worth a lot to the right person.
My advice is try to set yourself apart from the competition and find something the others do not offer. For example, let’s say you’re replacing a current job at $50,000 a year with your service based practice. This is the amount of money you need to make in your business in order to replace your current income. Then figure out how much you need to earn from your paid work to compensate for your unpaid work.
If you need to earn $25 an hour in total, then you need to bill your clients at least $50 an hour to make your earnings targets.
For example, if your goal is to be a professional public speaker, you have to factor the costs of flying to your destination as well as accommodation in your prices. Look for the median of the market and either price yourself right at the median, or 10% to 20% below the median. This will help you fatten up your portfolio as well as get you your first batch of positive feedback from real clients. Next, research your market to see what others are charging and to find out how much supply and demand there is for your specialty. I’m a juggler of life, a protective mama bear and I enjoy travel, wine, sunshine and good books.
A 24-hour charge makes sure the battery is fully charged and helps with the battery's life expectancy. Modern laptops will stop charging the battery when it is fully charged and switch over to AC power while the laptop is plugged into an outlet. This webinar, titled “What should I Charge my Clients?” addresses practical concerns that plague coaches - how to charge for their services. Coaches seek to advise and assist clients in a myriad of circumstances including, but not limited to, workplace conflicts, hiring queries, relationship communication issues, and conflict resolution. By enhancing their knowledge of human behavior using a thorough understanding of DISC theory, coaches can offer even more beneficial advice to their clients. Their philosophy is that a better understanding of personality can improve communication, workplace morale, reduce stress in relationships, and help people unlock their potential. If the above therapist has a full day of 30 minute treatments, they will only have 5 billable hours total for the day. We are essentially dividing our total expenses by the number of scheduled available hours we have per month. To get a true sense of your competition, you’ll want to get the fee schedules from clinics in your area who offer services that are very similar to yours.
You should also find out if their posted fees are inclusive of HST not not, and only compare the prices without HST added. I’d recommend figuring out the maximum gross income (assuming your billable hours are completely booked), and then again using a very conservative number of billable hours booked.
It was designed to help you figure out a price that makes sense for the four most common services an RMT clinic offers: 30, 45, 60 and 90 minute massage therapy treatments. When you’ve entered your information into each page, return back to the Summary page and adjust your prices to see how the change will affect your business! In my industry of blogging and social media there seems to be a lot of competition but I’m sure many industries are like this! Since you’re competing with other voice-over people who’re charging $X per minute, you can’t charge a lot more than the same amount. For example, when a Fortune 500 company decides to re-name their company after a merger, they’ll often go and hire an outside naming firm to help come up with a name.
On the other hand, you have high end designers that charge $20,000+ per job because they build value in their brands. My advice is to ask your close online friends for tips and advice or a range – some might be willing to share! You’re a lot more valuable than just a freelance writer, because you have the background and experience to do a very specialized kind of work. If you find that your potential earnings are a lot lower than how much you want to earn, it could even help you decide whether or not to work in the industry at all. If you’re a piano tuning specialist, you need to factor the cost of renting (or owning) vans to move pianos into your costs.
The best way to charge for your services is to use the pricing model that’s most expected in your industry. Use your target hourly rate to inform how much you charge, but express your rates in a pricing model that makes sense. The feedback and the recommendation from your clients will help you justify raising your rates in the long run.
Figure out how much you need to earn, what your costs are and what pricing model makes sense.

A couple immediate things you can do to bring in more of the green is to have laser focus on your niche.
This webinar corresponds with the goals for the series including helping coaches create innovative ways to assist their clients while employing advanced behavioral analysis techniques. Since coaching services and accreditation varies from individual to individual, PeopleKeys offers a Behavioral Life Coach Certification Program which gives insight to specific situations in coaching.
Coaches who are educated about DISC theory can help their clients gain empathy and understanding of themselves and the people around them. DISC theory based assessments, reports, webinars and behavioral analysis tools provided by PeopleKeys are uniquely suited to help companies, ministries, and individuals improve their people skills and, subsequently, the lives of the people involved. Most RMTs say they need 15 minutes between clients to reset the room, charge the client leaving and welcoming the client coming in. About 37% of their scheduled time is spent on tasks that don’t generate income directly.
That way if your estimates are off and it ends up costing less, you have some extra money instead of coming up short. Remember that your tax bracket (what percentage of your income you are taxed) is calculated based on your gross income (before write offs). Most bloggers and social media consultants I know are finding themselves in the latter trying to build value in a special service and when they’re successful they make more money.
I often download media kits to see what the rates are and by looking at their stats and my stats I can determine an average. In other words, try to figure out the standard in the market, as well as the upper end of what people are willing to pay. A blogger or social media consultant with 5 plus years of experience, high influence and a large client list might have earned the right to charge so much but they might not have started out that high.
When I left my full-time career in the early childhood administration profession I had to look at the income I wanted to replace but also the life style I wanted to lead and where I wanted to be in five years. As a blogger and social media consultant I factor in travel, overhead for assistant or tech support, taxes, cost of hosting and web fees and business supplies such as cameras, items I want to review, a new printer, etc. In the industry of blogging most bloggers charge based on the campaign, a package with multiple services or per service.
This is a common problem with my industry because too many people work for free to start out! Finally, start low (not too low) and gradually raise your rates as you build more credibility and gain more experience. Lithium-ion batteries (the type used in modern laptop computers) are strained, and may be weakened, when they are fully discharged. The webinar series will also facilitate coaches’ understanding of contemporary coaching strategies and procedures. To supplement this program, they are offering webinars to help Coaches build and maintain their business. They can facilitate growth through an understanding of behavior that would have been baffling otherwise, and they can greatly improve communication and relationships for their clients. They will be presented live at 11am EST on their slated dates and on-demand via PeopleKeys website the following day. PeopleKeys’ products have been translated into numerous languages and are available Internationally.
In the 8 hours the therapist has available, they can only work an approximate 6 billable hours. Aiming for somewhere in the middle is usually safe to attract clients, and keeps the market in the area healthy for everyone.
I can list several bloggers I know that are now many great money because of their hard work, value added service and how they’ve set themselves apart and grown their network, expertise level and list of clients and testimonials.
Take these points into consideration when looking at what others on in your industry are charging. Personally, I offer advertising spots, sponsored posts, hourly consulting, long term consulting with a long-term contract for financial stability, campaign options that include Twitter parties, promotion, conference travel, etc and list this in my media kit but I’m always open to discussing what the clients needs and customizing work.
I experienced this myself but starting out seven years ago at $50 per sponsored post is nowhere near where I am today but I had to start somewhere and so do you.
The series revolves around a more pragmatic and comprehensive approach to focus on helping coaches determine pricing and charge their clients in accordance with their expertise and experience. This is such a significant benefit for their clients, and it can be a difficult thing to attach a monetary value to without a little bit of outside advice,” said Kaitlyn Miller, Marketing Manager for PeopleKeys. To learn more about how PeopleKeys can help you unlock your people potential, contact Kaitlyn Miller, Marketing Manager, at 330-599-5580 x113. About 25% of their scheduled time is spent on tasks that don’t generate income directly.
If you do want to charge more than your competitors, you’ll want to make sure your marketing reinforces why your services have more value (do you have add-ons that others don’t? The industry is still new so I’m learning, revising and constantly tweaking to be serve my clients and my business needs. A product or service coming from a person or company that operates like this is what people will happily pay a premium for any day of the week. Do you have a million dollar value service or the resume and experience to show your worth the money you charge? Oh and do not forget taxes, you have to pay taxes on the income you make and how about health insurance and liability insurance?
Don’t be afraid to offer your product or services at top of the line prices, as long as your offering top of the line value.

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