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The electrode reactions in all lead acid batteries including VRLA batteries are basically identical.
Under typical charging conditions, oxygen at the positive plate occurs before hydrogen evolution at the negative.
The part of negative plate that was partially discharged is then reverted to original spongy lead by subsequent charging. What is Shelf life of VRLA battery Consequences of prolonged storage of battery with out freshening charge. This sulphation of plates will reduce performance of the battery drastically during service if it is not treated properly. Henceforth it is recommended that once in six months the battery shall be given freshening charge if they are connected to Load.
The life of the VRLA batteries like any other battery depends on various parameters like depth of discharge, charging voltage, ripple content, voltage regulation, operating temperature, nature of application, monitoring procedure followed etc., The effect of each of the above parameters have been briefly described below. Operating temperature: Normally the battery is designed to give a certain performance at a particular temperature. Application : The life of the battery also depends on the nature of application, whether it is float or cyclic.
No periodic topping since this battery works on the oxygen recombination reaction resulting in no water loss.
No stratification of the electrolyte because of the Wicking action of the absorbent separators. There is no possibility of electrolyte spillage due to the spill proof and leak proof construction.
Batteries are fitted with explosion proof safety valves, which can't be opened without a special tool. Separate battery room with acid resistant flooring and proper exhausts for ventilation is a must.
Flooded design with low gassing Characteristics…more electrolyte reservoir to address the water loss.
The battery can meet high rate discharge as well as steady load long discharge applications.
Rugged construction allows no sedimentation of active material and short-circuiting during transit and service. Due to the free electrolyte in the battery, chances of spillage, Leaks & fumes are possible. Patented alloy positive grid imparts the superior cyclic life and good for deep cycling applications. Generally the automotive battery positive grids made with Lead calcium based alloys will have poor cyclic capabilities due to the passivation of positive plate during discharge cycle. The float currents will be low & It will be stable throughout out the life of the battery. Over a period of time the float current will increase because of grid corrosion, Plate expansion etc. Life -Even in ideal start-light-ignition the primary application SLI batteries are intended for life is less than 36 months.
Batteries are fitted with explosion proof safety values, which can't be opened without a special tool. Since all the electrolyte (acid) is contained in the glass mats, they cannot spill, even if broken.
The charging voltages are the same as for any standard battery - no need for any special adjustments or problems with incompatible chargers or charge controls.
AGM's do not have any liquid to spill, and even under severe overcharge conditions hydrogen emission is far below the 4% max specified for aircraft and enclosed spaces. Even with all the advantages listed above, there is still a place for the standard flooded deep cycle battery.
The performance of any lead acid battery is relatively stable throughout most of its life, but begins to decline with increasing rapidity in its latter stages.
In order to ensure that the battery meets the given duty cycle even at the end of its life (i.e. Ageing factor one should consider while sizing the battery Ah capacity depending upon the end of life capacity specified by the end user. The achievement of optimum life form a VRLA battery system can also be related to the quality of the DC output voltage of the charger. Further, due to the availability of abundant quantities of nascent oxygen gas near the grid structure, the rate of corrosion of the grid increases drastically, thereby resulting in reduction of the service life of the batteries. The procedure has been prepared by considering with power stack modules, the same can be used for Amaron Quanta batteries.

Necessary arrangements to be taken to avoid system interruption during the absence of battery bank while testing.
The Power-Sonic Group was established in 1970 and has developed into a leading global supplier of VRLA rechargeable batteries. Sealed Maintenance Free Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows trouble free, safe operation in any position, except continuous use in the inverted position. Shelf Life and StorageSpecial vents, high purity lead and grid alloys assure a low self-discharge rate and consequently a long shelf life. Standby UseThe Float Service Life, or life expectancy under continuous float charge at 20 deg is 5 years for batteries up to 17ah and 10 years for batteries with capacities greater than 26ah. Compact DesignPower-Sonic Batteries utilise state of the art design, highest grade materials, and a carefully controlled plate making process to provide excellent output per cell. Designed-in ReliabilityCutting edge manufacturing and process control combined with strict quality assurance procedures guarantee consistent and dependable performance. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. We are also one of the leading names in this high growth industry, to offer value regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery.
Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. As the battery is discharged the lead dioxide positive active material and the spongy lead negative active material both reacts with the sulphuric acid electrolyte to form lead sulphate and water. Thus a negative plate keeps equilibrium between the amount which turns into spongy lead by charging and the amount of spongy lead which turns into lead sulphate by absorbing the oxygen gas generated at the positive plate.
Hence lower the DOD higher the life in cycles, and higher the DOD lowers the life in cycles. Further this increases the temperature inside the cell resulting in higher rate of grid corrosion and reduced life of the batteries. The application may be considered as float, only where the no of power outages are minimal (i.e.
The cells are mounted horizontally, reducing the height of cell, Hence Stratification is therefore eliminated.
Installation in confined spaces is a safety Hazard as the accumulation of pent up gases will ignite and explode.
If a battery is discharged to 50% every day, it will last about 1.5 times as long as if it is cycled to 80% DOD. These use gas phase transfer of oxygen to the negative plates to recombine them back into water while charging and prevent the loss of water through electrolysis.
And, since the internal resistance is extremely low, there is almost no heating of the battery even under heavy charge and discharge currents. This means that they can sit in storage for much longer periods without charging than standard batteries.
The plates in AGM's are tightly packed and rigidly mounted, and will withstand shock and vibration better than any standard battery. In many installations, where the batteries are set in an area where you don't have to worry about fumes or leakage, a standard or industrial deep cycle is a better economic choice.
The decline will be very drastic once the capacity drops to 80% of its rated capacity and there will be little life to be gained by allowing operation beyond this point. A capacity of 80 % shows that the battery rate of deterioration is increasing even if this is ample capacity to meet the load requirements of the DC system. This AC ripple current will cause additional heating of the battery, which could affect the battery life, if significant.
Thier focus is on the design, manufacture and distribution of the cost-effective 'Power-Sonic' brand of VRLA batteries; one of the best-known and most popular brands in the rechargeable battery industry. It utilize a dilute sulfuric acid electrolyte, which is immobilized to eliminate the hazards of spills and leakage and which also facilitates an oxygen recombination cycle. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. In flooded cells, the oxygen gas evolved at the positive plate bubbles upwards through the electrolyte and is released through the vents. During discharge the lead dioxide in positive plate and spongy lead in negative plate react with sulphuric acid in the electrolyte to from lead sulphate both in positive and negative plates and water in the electrolyte.
During self-discharge the active material on the plates gets a converted into sulphate that is discharge compound. If the batteries are stored for more than the specified period, it is strongly recommended that they should be charged as per the above before putting in to service.
If the charging voltage is less, hard sulphation will form on the plates leading to reduction in battery performance and life.

But when the battery operated at elevated temperatures, like any other lead acid battery, the life will get adversely effected while the discharge performance improves, and vice versa.
Reducing the water loss rather than combining oxygen and hydrogen inside the battery achieves zero-maintenance Characteristics. However, there are often ratings for other depth of discharge cycles, the most common ones are 10%, 20%, and 50%.
In addition, since there is no liquid to freeze and expand, they are practically immune from freezing damage. The Power stack batteries can be almost fully recharged (95% or better) even after 3 days of being totally discharged.
AGM batteries main advantages are no maintenance, completely sealed against fumes, Hydrogen, or leakage, non-spilling even if they are broken, and can survive most freezes.
But it is not necessary that the battery be replaced only when its capacity reaches 80%, and it can be done even at higher values of, say 85% or 90%.
If the output contains a significant AC component can cause additional heating of the battery. It consists of self resealing pressure relief value which prevents built up excess pressure in the cell and also prevents entry of outside air into the cell.
The coulomb efficiency of the charging process is less than 100% on reaching final stage of charging or under over charge conditions, the charging energy is consumed for electrolytic decomposition of water and the positive plates generate oxygen gas and the negative plates generate hydrogen gas. In VRLA batteries the oxygen gas evolved at the positive instead of bubbling upwards is transported in the gas phase through the separator medium to the negative plate. The rate of sulphation depends on the concentration of the electrolyte and the ambient temperature.
Obviously, there are some practical limitations on this - you don't usually want to have a 5 ton pile of batteries sitting there just to reduce the DOD. If the AC component is sufficiently large, during a portion of the waveform the charging voltage could actually dip below the battery OCV and slightly discharge the battery thus affecting the battery active materials.
For example, a 100 ampere-hour capacity © battery should experience less than 5 AC amperes ripple current for best results. With an advantage of less maintenance, minimal gas evolution and extended shelf life, it is available in two types of gelled electrolyte designs.Featured with glass leaf separator, it strictly performs the function of separating and resisting the development of shorts between the plates. The separator is a highly absorbent glass mat type with very high porosity designed to have pore volume in excess of the electrolyte volume (starved electrolyte design), due to which the oxygen gas finds an unimpeded path to the negative plate.
An excessive AC ripple effect would be, while the DC helps the battery plates for conversion of the active materials through the main reaction, the AC component (i.e.
It also contains more electrolyte and is of slightly higher gravity than the comparable gelled electrolyte battery.We also deal in special range of E-Bike Batteries.
Reaction with the spongy reduces the oxygen gas Lead at the negative plate turning a part of it into a partially discharged condition, there by effectively suppressing the hydrogen gas evolution at the negative plate. It's just that when designing a system when you have some idea of the loads, you should figure on an average DOD of around 50% for the best storage vs cost factor.
One of the major side reaction is hydrolysis of water thereby liberating hydrogen and oxygen gases in addition to the hydrogen and oxygen gases liberated from the main reaction. Also, there is an upper limit - a battery that is continually cycled 5% or less will usually not last as long as one cycled down 10%. The gases thus liberated from the main reaction recombine to form back as water in a VRLA battery due to the oxygen recombination principle. This happens because at very shallow cycles, the Lead Dioxide tends to build up in clumps on the positive plates rather in an even film.
The gases liberated from the side reactions increase the cell internal pressure increases beyond allowable pressure value the `safety valve` opens and releases these excess gases into the atmosphere. Thus the batteries are subjected to loss of water, eventually results in premature capacity loss.
Additionally, it is also affected by the number of cycles that the battery is subjected to and the depth of discharge during each cycle. And more often than not, we will be able to do it sooner than that.WARRANTYOur AINO MICRO VRLA AGM batteries come with a 24 months warranty. However, in the event that there are any problems with our batteries during the warranty period, we will replace them.
Therefore, never open the battery, and use our battery charger or follow the charging instructions properly.

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