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A Michigan man has gone on trial in Saginaw County Court for stealing 255 semi-truck batteries during 2012. Using surveillance videos provided by neighborhood establishments, authorities identified a black Ford Ranger truck cruising the areas where the thefts occurred.
The police allege Jerrolds either exchanged the batteries at Flint, Michigan, scrap yards or sold them to third parties. Durable aluminum battery box from Merritt® has a hinged lid for easy access and is made from a strong, yet lightweight aluminum alloy for durability without added weight.

Buena Vista Police Officer Jason Hendricks saw the truck on December 9, 2012 and pulled it over. The in-frame design makes installation quick and doesn't require any drilling of the frame (mounting kit included). All Rights Reserved.Your provider for ratchet straps, cargo tie downs, nylon slings and moving blankets.
A state police crime lab later confirmed Hendricks’ bolt cutters had made the cut marks from severed battery posts.

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