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Porsche has really hit on a winning formula with its series of videos going inside its vault. McLarens may be exclusive, but there are still hundreds - if not thousands - of people out there who can say they own one. A few months ago, we reported on some leaked information from an internal presentation for upcoming Porsche models. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the 2040Cars User Agreement and Privacy Policy. 1988 Corvette convertible 5 speed, white body with a black cloth top, red interior, 88,995 original miles. You can now put prices to your wildest option-sheet dreams of the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. Chevrolet handed over the keys to 33 Hot Wheels Camaro Convertible Indianapolis 500 festival cars this week. Edmunds has worked up a piece that tries to figure out just how much the global Chevrolet Corvette economy is worth, a spitballed guesstimate putting the number at more than $2.5 billion with the proviso that the number is probably low. Originally owned by my father who purchased it brand new in 1988 and was passed on to me after he passed in 2007. A microsite for the full-size pickup truck twins has been up since January, and now the full-blown configurator is live and ready to take your virtual orders. Race directors get the luxury of driving the droptops around Indianapolis in an ongoing tradition with roots all the way back to the 1960s. It starts by taking Corvette's new car sales of 14,132 units last year, which would equate to $714,725,900 (including destination) assuming ever car sold was a base coupe with no options. The condition of the exterior, interior and engine can vary depending on the vehicle's history.
The true gem of these cars will be the added horsepower to the tune of 340 horsepower - a 15-hp bump.
The only two chassis configurations available at the moment are the Crew Cab with either a short or standard bed - Regular and Double Cab versions will come later.

The stunt is supposed to remind area residents that the Indy 500 is right around the corner. In the final tally, a little extra padding gets that number up to $750,000,000.But that's not all.
A manual transmission will likely be standard, as will Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM).
In Silverado flavors that will run you $32,710 for the short box, $33,010 for the standard box, while the Sierra adds a $1,500 premium to both of those prices, and destination and handling for both models adds another $995.Since these are American pickups the list of modifications is lengthy, but we added $11,450 in just two steps by starting with the Silverado Crew Cab and standard bed, then checking four-wheel drive and the LTZ Z71 package. The cars are our first look at the special Camaro Hot Wheels Edition in convertible form, and they are slated to head to dealers after a one-time production run.
As the head of Techniques d'Avant Garde, Ojjeh is one of the British outfit's largest shareholders, previously having owned Heuer watches (before selling it to luxury giant LVMH) and engineered Porsche's most successful foray into Formula One - winning the world drivers' championship three times in a row and the constructors' title twice with Alain Prost and Niki Lauda behind the wheel of McLarens with Porsche engines developed and branded by TAG.In short, he probably could get any McLaren he wanted at the drop of a hat, but also had strong ties to Porsche in the 80s, and this is the car he wanted. The cars also represent the first time in history full-size Hot Wheels have been offered for sale by an automaker.The cars will be available in both the previously seen coupe bodystyle and this convertible configuration, and will feature metallic blue paint and special wheels with the iconic redline accent. There are new parts being produced and aftermarket companies like Mid-America Motorworks deaing business, that single Illinois company doing more than $40 million a year in sales. There are the Corvette events large and small, restorers who do nothing but Corvettes, salvage yards that deal only in used Corvette parts and the Corvette magazines where owners find all this stuff.And then there are the Corvette-themed tchotchkes, every single one of which provides a tiny contribution to the huge licensing royalties that General Motors collects every year. Inspired by the 935 racer that won Le Mans and over 120 other races, Ojjeh contracted Porsche Exclusive when it was still in its infancy to make him one for the road.
Pic 18 and 19 is the monies I've invested into the car, brand new muffler system in 2010 and a brand new clutch in August of 2012 plus other items totalling around $5000.
The article admits there's no way to come to an accurate number, but it just goes to show how valuable one specific model can be to a company. The boost tended to bring the power all at once, which wasn't always welcome when cornering. So they took a 930 bodyshell, slotted in the 3.3-liter turbo flat-six from the 934 but cranked output up to 375 horsepower, and gave it the brakes, suspension, BBS wheels and wide-body aero from the 935 racer. I lived in CA for 2 yrs and got to enjoy driving this car down the PCH through Malibu ( I know my father was smiling from above).

They painted it a deep metallic red and trimmed the interior with cream leather and wood veneer.When all was said and done, a total of 550 modifications were performed, detailed on a seventeen-page invoice and costing as much as three new 911 Turbos at the time.
Scroll down to learn about this important Porsche, and we can't wait to see what car the brand showcases next. Ojjeh only put 12,000 miles on the odometer, running up and down the French Riviera, and has now put it up for sale at the upcoming Bonhams auction at Spa where it's tipped to fetch upwards of 300,000 euros - equivalent to $410k at today's rates, or, once again, the price of about three new 911 Turbos. This was my 3rd car so I hardly drove it, it was used when I wanted speed under my ass or pick up a lady for the first time (like my dad said it was an extension of his johnson). This car was never in an accident, body is in perfect shape, tires and rims are good, very nice cloth top, new muffler and clutch plus other items fixed and drives awesome when it did work! Hurricane Sandy came into town, I wasnt here for Irene AND I live 10 blocks from the ocean so I figured I was good. Thankfully I took my land rover to the city the night before as I knew we would lose electric for a few days. Anyhoot, Im not sure how high the water came up where I live but I do know the water went up to the seats in the car (the seats show water marks). I did try and jump it but got nothing, I even left the charger on it for 12 hrs and still nothing. This car definatly has water damage, If I wasnt moving to Chicago in 3 wks I would figure out whats wrong with it and fix it. I drove this car to my prom 23 yrs ago and it was my dads car, I have many fond memories of this car but I must move on and I have no place to put it while I live in the city.

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