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Three Days, Six Races, And A Lot Of Fun: The SCCA Is Unveiling Targa Southland – You Interested? Money No Object: How Many Uses Could You Find For This 4BT-Swapped 1947 Dodge Power Wagon 6×6? Radical Overkill Is The Best Kind: Watch As Dirt Every Day Turns This Ford Crew Cab Into A Monster!
I was cruising down the road yesterday minding my own business when I spotted this cool old Buick Riviera for sale on the side of the road. All in all, I feel it is the sellers that are the dreamers as every f**kmonkey with an old car thinks it is worth a fortune. Attention lokey-loo, no money pussy whipped honey-doo lapdogs: Stay Away or I will sicc my dogs on you and your beat-down fugly family.
Well, as for you, you should take a look at the pictures and learn how to sell your old cars on eBay. All photographs and illustrations that appear on this site are copyright of their respective authors. Photos courtesy SaffronArt Auctions India has long had an active collector car scene, and with that country’s growing economy and burgeoning middle class, we can only expect that collector car scene to grow larger and more intense over the coming years. Gotta love the speedo calibrated in kilometers, though it’s hard to imagine this baby coming anywhere near 125 mph. Being from the border region, I got used to seeing the differences between Canadian and American cars.
The base model in the Canadian hierarchy was a Strato Chief, more akin to a Chevrolet Biscayne than to a U.S.
Canada was the export center (centre!) for all of the Big 3, to British Commonwealth nations, owing to preferential tariffs afforded member countries. My first car was a 79 Laurentian, 305 2brl carp, Dark blue, powder blue interior, with dog dish caps.

Busy with mine ,cant wait any more for the end result,I’m in South Africa and enjoy any inputs regarding this car,hope mine will look the same like this one from India. Considering the high rental prices in London, Van Monster has designed a unique infographic which shows how people can save up to ?1,000 on monthly rent by living in a van. About 25% of new vehicle buyers lease their cars nowadays and the number is higher for owners of luxury vehicles.
The gigantic FOR SALE slathered across the windshield  drew me in like some sort of gearhead bug light.
High school kids complete paper mache projects thicker than the sheetmetal on the rear quarters and floors in this car. Is it to do it like this guy and essentially scare off anyone that would normally have a passing interest?
That’s why it surprises us that until now, nobody has ever sold a collector car online in India. That blue cable running from the battery to the engine doesn’t look like it would hold up to much engine shake – maybe it supplements the motor mounts! That’s why it is well in your interest as a driver to find a car with relatively minor running costs. There are dozens of different brands, each with dozens of different models that come in dozens of different colors.
In fact, a full half of customers driving high-end model cars like BMWs, Mercedes and Jaguars lease their cars.
Yes, it is a complete Riv and would make the perfect project for someone looking to do the full resto boogie but the “No Dreamers” tag is stuck in my head.
And, pssst, I’m not sure if my imagination deceiving me, but I think she wears no underwear!
And as you mention , very surprising that a collector car hasn’t been sold online there before now.

You have to try and be frugal, while staying true to the specific requirements that you need in a car. Perhaps the best technique is to be totally up front with every dent and ding, allowing the chips to fall where they may? Ebay, craigslist, auctions, autotrader, there are countless ways to sell…I feel being up front and honest is the best way to go and price the slightly above what you realisticaly think you want to leave room for those that want to haggle and walk away feeling like they have won.
I almost want to buy this old Lincoln Towncar right away, my right arm stretched to my credit card like if it was my arm’s card. Built in Canada, the Laurentian (VIN 1753917939) featured a Catalina body atop a Chevrolet X-frame chassis and used Chevrolet engines.
About 14 years ago I bought a 65 Parisienne Convertible with a 327, a lot of Chevy components on Canadian Pontiact of that era. It’s interesting to note that while Pontiac and Chevrolet were classifed as entry level vehicles for the Canadian market, the Pontiac was equipped with the 261 as the base engine while Chev used a 235. Someone with the “dream” of bringing this classic Buick back to former its greatness and tire shredding glory is his perfect customer. SaffronArt didn’t note when the car was imported to India (likely when it was new) or who imported it, but did note that though the odometer shows just 50,000 miles, it has been repainted and reupholstered and that its generator has been replaced with an alternator. SaffronArt offered it with a pre-auction estimate of Rs 10,00,000 to Rs 15,00,000 ($20,410 to $30,615).

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