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Cell Phones (Without Batteries)If you like to keep your company connected by providing cell phones for all of your employees, you may be facing the challenge of keeping up with current cell phone technology. Of course, this process can be expensive and leave you with a wealth of phones to figure out how to dispose of responsibly.
If it’s time for a company-wide cell phone upgrade, send us your cell phones (without batteries!) today. As you don’t want your company to fall behind due to out-of-date mobile technology, it is necessary for you to replace your company’s cell phones on a regular basis.

If you’ve found yourself in this situation, you can recycle those old cell phones in exchange for cold hard cash.
One key thing to remember when sending us your cell phones is that we cannot accept cell phones with batteries. You don’t even have to worry about the less-than-stellar conditions your employees have left their phones in. You can even put your cash returns towards purchasing new and improved cell phones for your dedicated staff.

Otherwise, we accept cell phones in all conditions, even with cracks on the screens or missing buttons. CJ Environmental ensures your old cell phones, whether broken, chipped, cracked, or in pieces, will be properly recycled, and you’ll receive the highest returns for your contributions to a better earth.

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