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Volkswagen microbus ev to use 800v ccs charging from porsche?, Volkswagen has already received a lot of attention for the driving range claimed for its budd-e all-electric van concept at ces—373 miles on a charge, based on the. Long-range electric vw 'budd.' concept debut ces, The rumor of an electric volkswagen bus concept to be shown at next month's consumer electronics show first appeared in september, just before the vw diesel emission.
Used volkswagen vanagon sale - cargurus, Search pre-owned volkswagen vanagon listings to find the best local deals.
Volkswagen budd- microbus 101 kwh battery revealed, Volkswagen debuted budd- concept -electric microbus, featured 101 kwh batteries, good 233 miles real world range. Long-range electric vw 'budd.' concept debut ces, The rumor electric volkswagen bus concept shown month' consumer electronics show appeared september, vw diesel emission. Normally not a big deal but they were moving to Saipan (who knew the FBI maintained operations well away from the 50 states, I had no idea) and hence needed to liquidate many if not most of their belongings including her car.  Her husband had a government issued Crown Vic which would just get reassigned but she was having trouble selling her car, maybe we wanted it? The exterior of the Hybrid Civic also wears different wheels that are smaller (15”) and look more “aero” than the standard versions, the front bumper is shaped slightly different and the trunklid sports a small spoiler that apparently smooths airflow a bit more.  In addition, there are supplemental turn signals in the mirrors and the antenna is a small one at the rear of the roof. It is a seamless technology that makes perfect sense to save fuel.  That being said, I was in a friend’s new BMW recently that has it as well and it was nowhere near as smooth.
On the long stretch across Nevada and then the first part of Utah it would easily cruise at 80+ all day long. As an added bonus, since there had been a class-action lawsuit regarding the fuel mileage and how the battery recharged itself (Honda had apparently changed the algorithm with a software update that was irreversible and involuntary on behalf of the owners and was implemented during routine service visits in order to make the battery packs last even longer) I received a check for $200 several months after trading it in.  I had been under the impression that only the original owners were eligible for this so this was completely unexpected and very welcome. While the battery packs have shown excellent endurance in real life driving, I would think that the car companies themselves would warranty them to the CARB standards, just to soothe the nerves of any newbie hybrid owners.
I think it would also quell any unsubstantiated rumors about battery durability and replacement schedules.
Just because a state adopted CA emissions standards does not mean that they adopted CA emissions system integrity warranty mandate. Toyota and Ford Hybrid battery packs have shown to have excellent endurance while this generation of Honda Civic Hybrid is known to have IMA batteries that are not durable at all. I have to agree, very few repairs end up factory seamless(sometimes literally) and when they are you better assume there’s a finger thick layer of filler somewhere under the paint.

My experience has been that the only time insurance companies spring for OEM is when aftermarket parts are not available, which is the case with very new cars. Thank you very much for the information, it’s going to help me a great deal in the coming year.
As for replacing it, the Honda Insight is not selling(which is surprising for a Honda) so you should get a good deal on one.
I know it’s not your concern Jim, but what’s going to happen to this Honda in 7-8 years? He loved it and uses it as his handle on car sites along with his avatar of a white refrigerator.
I know I live in WA a state that has adopted the emissions standards but not the warranty requirements. You can tell by the misaligned body panels, doors that don’t close right, leaky trunks, mismatched tires, missing or misplaced badges, missing bolts and fasteners, and different shades of paint. Body filler is time consuming to apply and sand, and time is money, but I am sure there are a few fly by night operations that do. The Prius demands a premium because it is a good car, arguably the best car to carry the Toyota badge in the last 10 years.
I should look it up, because I’m a bit surprised about how low the horsepower output of the Civic engine must be in order to slow down that much on long grades.
Some shady repair shops will replace the airbag covers, but not the airbags and just disable the airbag light.
I agree that most repair jobs are perfectly safe, but very few return the car back to factory condition. Personally speaking junk parts are the best deal, but most shops avoid it because of the negative stigma, and the extra leg work required to find a part in good condition. The non-Hybrid systems use the conventional starter that only spins the engine at ~300 rpm or so and they start spraying fuel as soon as the engine spins. I traded the thing in on a used Ranger and while I lost about $500 in the deal, I still found it worthwhile.

The Civic Hybrid of this vintage is a known dog with a minimal increase in MPG over the conventional Civic and the IMA battery pack is a known problem. Even our old Peugeot 404 wagon with 76 hp and automatic could manage 35-40mph on the steepest highway grades in the Sierra. When I lived in PC and went to Utah, I had to cane my old 1990 Integra to keep at 70ish in 3rd gear.
Or even manufacturers switching to newer technology that is expensive to adapt to older models. Also, a lot of profit is made in the parts mark up, which is harder to pull off with used parts. The newer models might be better but this generation is something you definitely want to stay away from as a used car. Very few insurance companies will pay for new OEM body parts, most will use refurbished or after market parts, especially on an older car. With after market parts, its kind of hit and miss, some are good, some are really poor quality. It would be ideal if electric power technology advances could eventually deem the gas engine redundant in these. On some after market parts, I’ve had to re-drill holes because the manufacturer drilled them in the wrong place. Some parts are too big or too small, so they either have to be filed down or filled in with body filler. However, sometimes a severely damaged car can slip through without getting a salvage title.

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