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The Diehard charger is your basic, garden variety metal box with one analog battery charging gauge, two leads (for power on and full charge) and a three-way switch.
So, connect the Diehard to your Diehard battery (or similar), red to red, black to black (or brown, as apparently some car companies didn’t get that memo regarding the international colors for positive and negative). If you’re not planning on driving the vehicle straight away, set the Diehard in the ten amp mode and wait about two hours.
Actually, 2A is a little excessive for a trickle charge unless you have an inordinate amount of OFF-state current draw.
There are AUTOMATIC trickle chargers that can be left on forever but they cost too much for us! I have the Harbor Freight equivalent of this charger and it shuts off automatically (isn’t that what automatic means?) on the 2A setting.
On the old Classic… an E-type Jag that gets coddled in the barn all winter having various projects lovingly taken care of, the ground gets disconnected every time it is parked for more than a few hours. I jump cars all the time, and find the notion that it’s dangerous to do so somewhat laughable.
I have a Diehard charger similar to this one, and it has proven to be a pretty reliable unit. I bought one of these last summer at Sears and when I unpacked the box, the mode switch was snapped off and rattling around inside the old-school style case.

Fool me twice… I went to Tractor Supply and picked up a Schumacher multi-mode unit for about the same money. Maymar - Corey, the RX had cloth seats available through at least 2012 or so (at least in Canada). If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. Some manufacturers also include a jumping block off the battery, which should help prevent battery explosions. It has two plugs, a 110 amp wall plug (not grounded) and two small jumper cable style wires with a red and black clamp.
The 50 amp setting is similar to a jump from another car and should allow most cars to start up right away (though I would still give it a minute or two, and keep in mind the warning above, though the voltage from the Diehard is delivered spike free according to Sears). A couple of hours later the car started like a dream, and ran the rest of the day without battery troubles. When I picked her up after a short lay-up, the dash was lit up like a Christmas tree with dreaded engine damage warnings.
I wouldn’t leave it on 2A indefinately (or more than a couple of days) or you will eventually dry up the battery.
My roommate had a bad habit of leaving his XM on in his XTerra & used it quite frequently in the 50amp mode.

The Diehard does so with a vengeance; the heavy and sturdy block weighs in at eleven pounds. The Diehard offers spark proof protection in automatic mode, and even includes a Darwin feature for fashion victims who insist on hooking up red to black and black to red because it’s more aesthetically pleasing. A trickle charge feeds just enough juice to keep the battery charged and the electrical system refreshed without overcharging the battery. A flat bed to the dealer later, I learned that the low voltage had falsely triggered the warnings.
The dash lights were on but she didn’t even bother emitting the dreaded click click click sound.
Since most cars continue to draw power when off, a trickle charger also prevents damage to electrical components that seem to freak at low voltage. Of course this is assuming that one actually hooks it up so that there will not be a need for a 50 amp charger.
So I rolled her out of the garage, grabbed the jumper cables, opened the trunk, removed the battery cover and– remembered that jump starting a car is generally a bad idea.

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