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Sears, Roebuck & Company of Chicago, Illinois, the most famous mail order company in the United States, made two attempts to sell automobiles using their catalog. The 1952 Sears, Roebuck catalog featured a new offering on the back cover -- the Allstate automobile.
The 1952-1953 Allstate was an odd car that is remembered today (if it's remembered at all) for being Sears, Roebuck & Company's misguided attempt at entering the auto market. Sears usually goes to great lengths to hide the origin of proprietary products -- those built by some other famous company but wearing a Sears brand. Most people, however, got their first look at it in the ubiquitous Sears catalog, and many never actually saw a real one. Houser and Kaiser had earlier collaborated when the latter's steel mills produced pots and pans for Sears' kitchenware department.
The Henry J looked ideal to Sears because of its middle-class, economy-minded clientele, and Henry Kaiser agreed to produce a version for Sears.

Henry's son Edgar, Kaiser-Frazer's president, was sent to mollify the dealers: Allstates would be produced in small quantities, he told them, and would be marketed mainly on a test basis in the southeast part of the country (where Kaiser-Frazer's dealer network was notably sparse). Go to the next page to read about the Allstate's styling and sales success (or lack thereof). 1952 Allstate Sedan photo by Remarkable Cars taken at the National Automobile Museum, in Reno, Nevada. Infected days infected , Infected a few days ago posted in am i infected what do i do: my computer has infected i believe. The controversial Tesla Autopilot charged its first fatality Who will take responsibility now? Sears sold a variety of motorized, high-wheeled carriages and buggies, but by 1911, few motorists were happy with a top speed of 25 mph and a horseless-carriage appearance and Sears ended the effort in 1912. Sears contracted with the Kaiser-Frazer Corportion of Willow Run, Michigan, to build a version of Kaiser's Henry J sedan.

With a total production run of about 2,400 units, Allstates weren't exactly the most common automobiles on the road.
Houser, a Sears executive who also owned some Kaiser-Frazer stock, had been asking Henry Kaiser to build Sears a car since the west coast construction tycoon had entered the auto business in 1945. Design renderings of early, slab-sided Kaiser-Frazer sedans with Allstate labels were completed, but nothing came of the idea until Kaiser-Frazer produced the Henry J, announced in early 1950 as a 1951 model.
This decision caused dismay within the Kaiser-Frazer dealer organization, which fretted about competition from the giant department store and catalog merchandiser.

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