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The UC2906 series of battery charger controllers contains all of the necessary circuitry to optimally control the charge and hold cycle for sealed lead-acid batteries.
Optimum charging conditions are maintained over an extended temperature range with an internal reference that tracks the nominal temperature characteristics of the lead-acid cell. Separate voltage loop and current limit amplifiers regulate the output voltage and current levels in the charger by controlling the onboard driver. Other features include a supply under-voltage sense circuit with a logic output to indicate when input power is present.
To optimally control the charge and hold cycle for sealed lead acid battery, UC2906 series of battery charger controllers is used by all of the necessary circuitry. BQ24105 Switch Mode Lead Acid Battery ChargerSwitch mode circuits can implement the lead acid battery charger with a more efficient.
Lead Acid Battery Charger CircuitTo charge lead-acid batteries we can use this circuit that consist of a current-limited power supply and a flyback converter topology.
Very Simple Lead Acid Battery Charger with PB137 RegulatorThis is a Very Simple circuit for Lead Acid Battery Charger using PB137 Regulator.
Single Transistor Lead Acid Battery MonitorUsing a dual-colour LED and few surrounding components, we can make a very simple battery monitor.

Two Transistors Lead Acid Battery MonitorThe circuit of battery monitor below uses 3 separate LEDs.
These integrated circuits monitor and control both the output voltage and current of the charger through three separate charge states; a high current bulk-charge state, a controlled over-charge, and a precision float-charge, or standby, state.
A typical standby supply current requirement of only 1.6mA allows these ICs to predictably monitor ambient temperatures. In addition the over-charge state of the charger can be externally monitored and terminated using the over-charge indicate output and over-charge terminate input.
These integrated circuits control and monitor both the output voltage and current of the charger by way of three separate charge states; a precision float-charge, or standby state, a controlled over-charge, and a high current bulk-charge state.
When a large string of series cells must be charged, The dual step current charger is used to guarantee equal charge distribution between the cells, the holding-charge state maintains a slightly elevated voltage across the batteries with the holding current, 1H.
This battery monitor circuit is suitable forĀ  monitoring your car battery, enrich your dashboard with cool and functional accessory. Voltage level between 6v to below 11v will turn the red LED on and will turn off above 11v.
Voltage and current sense comparators are used to sense the battery condition and respond with logic inputs to the charge state logic.

The dual step current charger is different from float charger because at the bulk-charge state, no over-charge state occurs because Pin 8 is tied high at all times. The bq24105 was originally designed to charge single-, two- or three-cell Li-polymer and Li-ionĀ  battery packs. A charge enable comparator with a trickle bias output can be used to implement a low current turn-on mode of the charger, preventing high current charging during abnormal conditions such as a shorted battery cell. In some applications, a series resistor, or external buffering transistor, may be needed at the current sense output to prevent excessive power dissipation on the UC2906. For more information about this sealed lead acid battery charger circuit design, please refer to the UC3906 application info here.

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