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Converting to van life myself, I’ve started to record my thoughts and processes for others looking to make the leap. Once I had mock-ups like the one above, I shared them with other van-dwellers for feedback. When it comes to your solar setup, you can decide between 1) the simplified, packaged kits through Goal Zero; or 2) do it yourself and purchase each component individually. Flooring can be done in a handful of ways: vinyl, laminate, rubber gym-style flooring, and carpet (beware that this is harder to keep clean!) are popular options. A five-gallon water jug serves as my fresh-water source, pumped through the 2-Way Leisure Components Hand Pump. Propane can be extremely dangerous—I encourage you to do your own research and consider gaining help from an expert for this process. Those that opt for putting the propane inside typically ensure that there is sufficient ventilation for the tank, while also placing it within a sealed compartment. If you opt for a portable camp-style stove, your options start with a simple classic Coleman 2-Burner. There are 3-way refrigerators (those that run on AC, DC, and propane), 2-way (AC and DC), and also just AC or DC options. I do not yet have a method for heat in the van, but plan to use a Buddy Heater starting next winter. In the past, I’ve shared How (and 5 Reasons Why) to Live in a Van as well as Essential Gear for Dirtbagging on the Road.
Using a sleeping pad, a camping stove, and storage bins, I became acquainted with how I moved throughout and used the space over the course of a few months.
I had initially tried doing this on paper, but found little success and a lot of frustration. I purchased a custom-sized 2in foam mattress through FoamSource and was very satisfied with how quickly the mattress was shipped (only a few days) and its level of comfort.

1×4 strips provide framing in select spots and scrap wood was used to build mounting locations for the cabinets.
It spins in both directions (pushing air out and sucking air in) in addition to offering three different speeds. Goal Zero has a lot of attention in this industry, but I opted to go with individual components. Being mostly in California with plenty of sunshine, one panel seems sufficient for my purposes (this may not be the case along my travels). Your options are somewhat limited if using a hand pump, with the primary alternative being Valterra’s Rocket Pump.
In doing your research, you’ll need to decide a few things: first, do you even want a propane tank? Reviews are a bit mixed, but with over 50% 5-star reviews I felt it was the best option available. Popular brands include Dometic and Norcold, but it seemed that the best reviews were for this Whynter portable refrigerator. I store this behind my partition, keeping the living area open and spacious.
This seems to be the simplest method for a quality heat source and I’ve heard that it can entirely heat most vehicles in a matter of minutes. Also, being my permanent residence for some time, I took the extra steps to add the amenities: running water, gas, electric, refrigeration, etc. In this piece, I’ll get a little more detailed into the process and specific equipment used. Nothing that follows is objectively the best method, as there are many alternative approaches. This preparation time also offered an opportunity for me to look at other vans, both in person and online (Google, Pinterest, and Instagram offer a stream of ideas).
After a week of troubles, I tried Google SketchUp, a free 3D modeling software that’s relatively simple to use.

In the meantime, I suggest taking a look at The Vanual and Build a Green RV for specifics to the construction process. For ease and the sake of time, I used pre-constructed kitchen cabinets purchased through a home improvement store and ordered a dresser from IKEA for clothes storage.
A special putty tape and silicon sealant should also be applied to prevent any potential water leakage. And I use relatively little power—I charge my laptop and run a refrigerator, vent fan, and a few LEDs.
I’m still new to this, with a handful of modifications still to be done (will add copper wire lighting, wall art, and legs to the fold-down table).
Some people are able to mount a bike under their bed (Google for examples), which I’m unable to fit. Watching 30 minutes of tutorial videos will equip you with the basic know-how to create a mock to-scale digital buildout. I encourage you to weigh risks and potential dangers associated with each location, asking a propane expert for the best advice. But with my limited time in the vehicle, I can confidently say that there’s nothing I would have done differently. If getting a tank, is the propane going inside the vehicle or outside; and depending on your answer … where?

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