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Inspect your battery cables, posts and fasteners to ensure cables are in good shape and secured firmly to the battery. It can be seen in this photo that the terminals are of a different size, the positive terminal is also marked and attached to it are several red wires indicating that they are live wires. DO NOT USE STEEL WOOL if the wool comes into contact with both terminals, negative and positive it will ignite,(glow red and catch fire) also fine hair like strands of the wool will be left in the area of the battery which can cause problems in the longer term. Battery Replacement Some New Batteries supplied by MB and other outlets have the vent for the gassing line on the other end of the battery where this is the case if the battery has not got the change over facility, simply purchase a longer length of 7mm bore polythene tube & fit DO NOT TURN THE BATTERY ROUND or the battery will be incorrectly fitted with serious consequences for the car electronics. On the 23rd November 2009 I returned from an 11 day cruise having left the car in the port car parks at Southampton.
On return to the car it having stood out in the recent gales and heavy rain I unlocked the car and it started immediately and ran the fifty miles home like a dream. I garaged the car and didn't need to use it until the 26th but on trying to start the car found the battery was almost flat and although the lighting was reasonable the residual power in the battery would not start the car. I used my standard battery charger and after only about 15 minutes of charging was able to start the car I looked out the receipt for the battery fitted and confirmed the purchase date, the battery had a Halfords 4 year warrantee. I asked him what the voltage was in the battery, stating that unless the battery was fully charged it would not start the car, he indicated 45% charged, bearing in mind that I trickle charged the battery to fully charged just before leaving for the cruise I knew there had to be a problem with the battery. He then confidently asked me to start the car, it wont start was my reply, this was confirmed when I tried, however when he reconnected his diagnostics tool the dispay showed thet one of the cells had a short circuit. Halfords replaced the battery with a new unit without question once the diagnostics confirmed the problem, this battery only has the balance of the 4 year warrantee i.e.
Do be prepared to assist Halfords store staff by knowing where your battery is located, they are changing batteries on all makes of cars and from my own experience it is difficult to remember them all if indeed you have come into contact with the specific make and model of car at all. For diagnostic tools see page mypage 69 please not that the model I have has been superseded by newer models. I have just procured a Halfords battery HCB075 for my A160 and on placing the battery into the box it would not go into the lower recess at the bottom rear of the battery compartment as a result the retaining bracket will not slot into the box. Thanks for you fine articles found after recharging old battery in place without disconnecting, now have EMS light on and despite removing and installing cables in correct order still on, so over to Mercedes in Cheltenham for ?90 and hour check??!!
Remember if you want to avoid the problems with the ECU management light, turn your lights switch to at least side lights, to reduce the power serge going to the ECU when the battery is connected. There are more relays housed in this box if all are present then according to the sheet there should be six!
Having removed the three star drive screws which are retained in the lid when fully unscrewed, release the three clips situated one either side and one at the bottom right hand corner, If you ease the lid away at the top and then down you will not need to worry about undoing the bottom clip, re-install in the reverse order. The middle portion of the box where I thought I would find the relays was filled with a removable foam, when removed it revealed just and empty compartment.
When the foam packing is carefully removed the relays can be seen care should be exercised not to unduly disturb the masses of wires that come together in this area. While looking at the relays it is worth noting the white clips on either side of the relays that engage on small studs locking them in place, this applies to all the relays including those in the main fuse area under the drivers feet. The information displayed in the grey panel below is moulded into the inside of the fuse box cover, Fuse numbers and size in the photo have been highlighted for ease of reading the information on the left has been extracted from the relays & fuses information sheet located in the main fuse box.

This document added to your hand book would make a very useful supplement, enabling you to check the slot number of the fuse & the rating.
In this photo the battery is only a 9v fire alarm type battery, a large 12 volt will ignite the steel wool. Well I can confirm that there is a major earth terminal attached to the side of the sump of the engine, and on this model at least is not covered by any under body shrouding. I was in a car park but had I been on a main road with hundreds of vehicles racing past me I would not have been very happy or felt safe.
So if you suffer a similar problem, Yes Halfords is the place to get your battery tested but make sure the test is done after just having tried to start the car.
5 months but I'm confident it will last a lot longer than that, so it was a close run thing and nearly cost me a new battery.The new battery on the right, the one fitted is a 'maintenance free' unit which as far as i can see makes it impossible to check the fluid levels, however this is modern technology and so I hope it performs well. If your wife drives the car, give her the information as well, it all helps reduce the aggravation when such incidents do happen. But I knew they were there because Mrlapou had said pull back the carpet, passenger side and you will see relays there, yes they were, but you couldn't get at them they had to be got at from the engine bay. When it comes to actually replacing the fuse you will be able to confirm that you have placed the correct fuse by colour into it is correct location.
Our fellow member did finally find, I'm sure to his relief a hairline break in the responsible circuit fuse. You can collect it whit a clean plastic sheet as funnel, and a clean plastic barrel as container.
Because the plates and mats are packed fairly tight, they are essentially immune to vibration. For the battery to do its job connections must be sound & secure, and free from contamination.
The weather conditions and light were such that you would not want to wait outside the car and the battery condition was such that the vehicle lighting would not have lasted very long putting me and other road users at greater risk. The old battery was given a clean bill of health until it was testing after having just tried to start the car, had the original reading been taken as correct I would still have a problem which could have cost hundreds just getting the car to a garage and then them trying to locate a fault which didn't exist.
Where there are empty slots in the same area, its very easy without a reference to place the new fuse in the wrong slot, and if you do, it can take an age to sort out. The colour of fuses generally is standard but may vary slightly, more so in the cheaper brands. It is highly likely that the meter would have picked up the problem earlier being far more accurate than a visual inspection.
In this situation I would have sited my warning tri-angle and would have advised to police of my predicament and location. The A & B in the photograph this shows the breather tube fitted and also the blanking plug fitted into the alternative breather tube fitting. Why do not the fuse manufacturers make blanks say in black, nothing on them must mean 'blank' perhaps I'm being a little too logical? And after the battery is permanently sealed, it never needs to be refilled with water or its acid level checked. Not in the boot surely cars haven't progressed that much, that they do not require a Battery?

I would not however fully remove them due to the acid bubbles which are formed as the charging takes place which will cause damage to anything it comes into contact with.
While waiting for the AA I tried a couple of time to start the car, bearing in mind the engine was warm, I did eventually start, so cancelled the AA.
Make sure that the company fitting the battery do fit the plug which is attached to the positive terminal protection cap when in storage.
Save a lot of agro, I filled the gaps in with a blank fuse, On this model at least you will now know where each fuse is situated. It is only my guess to compare the weight of brand new battery, which probably will be not available, and the old one. The battery fitted to this model of Mercedes-Benz is fitted with a 'Gassing line' which allows the sulphur smell which are generated by the battery to escape to atmosphere. This translates into longer periods between charges when the battery is used in standby mode, such as summer or winter storage.yuasabatteries. Only batteries with a gassing tube connection should be fitted where the battery is housed in the cabin ,albeit under the floor panel. In fact I'm now starting to feel sorry for the Mercedes-Benz technicians who might one day have to replace one or more of them. The guy who gave me it said he thinks he accidentally boiled off some water while charging. They are both underneath a porous disc and look like your vents, but there are only two of them. I also can maintain a 14.8 volts in a 12 v lead acid battery, downsize the alt, or eliminate it all together. Order) Contact Supplier Compare LED torch batteries 4V 2Ah Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery Shenzhen Tirib New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Order) Contact Supplier Compare 4v 2ah sealed lead acid battery for solar panel Shenzhen Ceba Co., Ltd.
I filled it just as stated here and charged it with my power supply set to 14 volts current-limited to 1.5 amps, the voltage and current that was specified on the battery label. Last year, my aunt got a used electric mini motocross bike, the batteries wouldn't charge, and I made the $60 mistake of suggesting that she buy new ones.
I was using a car battery charger with dual rates, but I think that charger couldn't handle the resistance of the newly added water (I think I over-filled it).
So I hooked my battery to a 12V regulated power supply for about 30 minutes so the battery's voltage could reach about 11v.
Then I immediately set my AC6 charger to 1.5A of charge current and connected it to the battery.
The AC6 took 368 minutes to pump 9000mAh into that battery [overnight, so I couldn't check it all the time], evaporated the excess water, and magically saved me $35!

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