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Sealed lead acid 12v car storage battery 60ah, View car battery, TTAO Product Details from Huizhou Yongxingda Storage Battery Co., Ltd.
Champion Storage Battery Company Limited,was founded in year 2000,the leading VRLA battery manufacturer in the world,with an area of 180,000 square meters and 1000 employee,Champion's produce capacity equals to 1 million pieces of 12v7ah per month. Champion become rank 8th among 1500 Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery manufacturers & exporters in China by year 2013. Sealed lead acid battery 12v 20ahSafety and Sealed No eletrolyte leakage will occur from terminals or case or case of any Jackpower Battery ensuring safe and efficient operation.

If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Positive grid using low-calcium and high-tin alloys, regardless of the float use of cycle use, has a very long service life.
Besides, Champion Battery has its own plate- fabrication facilities to provide one-stop OEM service for customers in speedy lead-time. With a combination of professional management and engineering teams, advanced machineries, a cost-effective production and a healthy financial condition, Champion Battery has all the essential qualities to be a leading SLA battery manufacturer worldwide.

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