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Electric bicycles use batteries as a source of power and a quiet DC motor as a driving mechanism.
Most of our electric bikes and scooters are throttle controlled - meaning you use a throttle to control power and speed. For people who prefer full control, a throttle is a nice option since it operates just like a motorcycle. Most electric bikes are rated up to 20mph by the manufacturer, but the actual speed will vary depending on rider weight, terrain and road conditions. The range of electric bikes can vary, but most riders are able achieve 10-20 miles per charge on the average e-bike model. Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) - Lithium Ion batteries are the highest quality batteries available in today's market. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) - NiMH is a mid-range battery chemistry that isn't quite as common.
Battery life will vary depending on the type of battery you choose and how well you maintain it.
To extend the life of your battery, charge the battery regularly and promptly after each use. The Federal Electric Bike Law states that any e-bike with operating pedals, limited to 20mph and with 750w of power (or less) is classified as a bicycle. When it comes to e-bikes, you have two main choices to consider: convert a standard bicycle with an electric bike kit -or- purchase a factory built e-bike model. On the downside, you'll be required to do some work and basic mechanical ability is required. Factory built e-bikes are great for casual riders or daily commuters who don't need excessive power or speed.
A front hub kit is normally much easier to install than a rear wheel kit since you don't have to worry about gearing or derailers. Rear wheel drive has the advantage of better traction which is great for hills and inclines. Installing an electric bike kit is relatively easy if you have basic mechanical and electrical skills. If you purchase any of our e-bike kits WITH THE BATTERY, we pre-wire everything for you so you won't need to worry about wiring.
Founded in 1997, Lechang Pingshi Xingyu Battery Factory mainly specializes in the research, design, production and sales of high-performance storage batteries. Company Profile Focus on car battery for almost 15 years . Product Choosing or Customer-Made 1.Customers can choose batteries in the following pictures.
On most e-bikes the motor is built directly into the wheel (known as a hub motor) and the batteries are discreetly hidden in the rear rack or frame.
But if you're looking for simplified operation, pedal assist is great because it does all the work automatically. Smaller riders are likely to achieve higher top speeds than larger ones, and you're likely to go faster on flat terrain than uphill. But this isn't recommended for the average rider and extra safety precautions must be taken. One of the main factors in determining how far you can travel on a single charge is how much assistance you provide. If you live in a hilly area or have lots of steep inclines - expect less range from your e-bike. Although they cost the most money (upfront), they have the longest life and the lowest weight. Although they're the cheapest form of battery technology, they have the shortest life and are extremely heavy when compared to other battery types. Typically, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries last the longest - anywhere from 700-1000+ charges.

If you store your bike for prolonged periods of time, both the batteries and charger should be stored at temperatures above freezing and recharged every 4-6 weeks.
In order for an electric bicycle to produce power, it would require resistance, making it harder to pedal.
Intelligent functions are incorporated into every bike we sell and vary between manufacturers. But this law only applies to manufacturer's safety standards (ie: bicycles are not required to have headlights).
One big advantage is that you can choose almost any bicycle you like (with steel forks), which is great if you have a specific preference or you're too large or heavy for a standard e-bike model.
Although these bikes can handle larger riders, the output will be reduced, and more pedalling will be required to get up steep hills and inclines. Because there is physical contact between stationary and moving parts, wear will occur, and over time (about every 3000 miles), the brushes will have to be replaced. Using a front hub motor also helps equalize the weight of your bicycle since the batteries are normally mounted on the rear rack. And because the rear frame dropouts are normally stronger than the front fork dropouts, a rear wheel can handle more torque and increased power. But if you'd like to replace, upgrade or use your own SLA batteries, it's pretty easy to wire up your own pack. Our factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, including a producing area of 35000 square meters. Electric bikes can be operated just like normal bicycles, but they can also be power-driven by a throttle or pedaled with the help of 'pedal-assist' (or 'PAS'). For routine charging, higher quality batteries (such as Li-Ion and NiMH) will take less time - anywhere from 2-6 hours. Because they last 3-4 times longer than cheaper battery types, the higher cost will be negated over time. But for the most part, pre-built e-bikes due not include NiMH and it's only available for people considering and e-bike conversion. Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries have a life span of about 500-700 charges, while sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries last between 300-500 charges. Although none of our e-bikes include regen yet, it is available on a some very expensive e-bike models. Even with the oldest and least efficient form of battery technology (SLA), it costs less than $0.01 per mile to operate an electric bike. Most include automatic power cut-off features, and all bikes use standard electrical safety components such as circuit breakers and fuses to protect riders. If you submerge any of these products in water, it will seep into the openings and likely cause damage. While you can legally ride an e-bike anywhere standard bicycles can be riden, each state is responsible for the laws governing the use and operation of electric bikes.
Since factory models are often limited in speed and power by Federal regulations, conversion kits give you the option to go faster with higher power and torque - great for bigger riders, steep hills and inclines. It will also be harder to modify a factory setup to meet your evolving transportation needs.
Brushless motors have more sophisticated controllers than brushed motors, and there are many more connections from the motor to the controller.
Many riders feel like they have more control with a front wheel kit and they're great for casual bikers or lower power systems (under 750 watts).
This ensures you don't need a license, insurance or special safety gear to operate an e-bike in most states.
Because weight is a factor, this also means higher quality NiMh or Li-Ion batteries are capable of slightly longer ranges due to their reduced weight. If you used power instead, it would put more strain on the motor, depleting an equal amount of power to the power being generated. According to US Government figures, the average cost of driving and maintaining a motor vehicle in the United States is $0.54 per mile.

Although it's possible to be shocked by mishandling or misusing these products, it's very unlikely when used properly. Since the laws vary from state to state, please check with your local DMV or Secretary of State.
When riding, the rider can easily see the front wheel and respond quickly to problems such as wheel spinning. But be aware: if you apply too much throttle and the rear wheel starts to spin, you could loose control since you can't turn the wheel to correct for a slip like you can with a front wheel.
With 88 units of advanced equipment and 35 units of testing equipment, we have designed more than 950 types of products, including dry car batteries and electric motorcycle batteries meeting JIS standard, DIN standard, BCI standard, South African standard and Australian standard MF. Once you start pedaling, a torque sensor picks up your movement and power integrates seamlessly while you ride.
But since most riders will pedal along the way, the majority of e-bikes are rated up 15-30 miles per charge. Plus, you don't have to worry about a license, insurance or registration in most states - and maintenance is minimal. If a shock does occur, not enough voltage is present in any of our bikes to constitute a serious safety threat.
But during heavy down pours or deep puddling, we recommend pulling over and waiting for the weather to subside. Brushed hub motors require less complex controllers than brushless motors, so the systems are less expensive.
Power is applied to individual windings depending on where the motor is in its revolution. Rear drive puts the entire weight of the system on the rear of the bike which can make the bike harder to handle. Each battery undergoes a series of strict manufacturing and quality control processes before shipment . Obviously, the more pedaling you do, the less strain on the battery and the more range you'll achieve.
If you live in an extremely hilly environment with lots of downhill terrain, it might provide some benefit. If you plan on riding in the rain on a regular basis, we recommend taking some extra steps to further waterproof your e-bike. The wires and other electrical components are nicely packaged and hidden, providing a clean and stylish look.
As the motor passes one winding, the controller moves the power to the next winding to keep the motor turning. We are committed to provide our customers the best batteries with 100% customer's satisfaction.
Once you use the brakes or quit pedaling, the power is deactivated and you need to pedal again (lightly) to re-activate pedal assistance.
Keep in mind, 'pedal-assist' bikes have higher ratings and achieve more range than throttle-controlled bikes because the rider is required to pedal at all times. This includes ensuring all electrical connections are wrapped in electrical tape and all connectors and exposed openings are sealed with clear silicone. In domestic market, we have been succeeded in building a distribution network in 15 provinces (Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Hunan, etc.) with hundreds of authorized distributors.
We belive that LEOCH battery is the ideal selection for your application and can make the world green.
With the highest quality and competitive prices, our products have entered into more than 15 countries and regions, such as Europe, the Middle East, Africa and others. We will continue to strengthen the techniques, improve the efficiency and perfect the quality.

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