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The NOCO Sealed Battery Box is designed for relocating a battery to the rear of any race, street or show vehicle with and without a firewall. Privacy - A note to our visitors This notice should appear only the first time you visit the site. Summit Racing’s Premium Battery Relocation Kit has everything you need to move a battery to the back of your vehicle—a marine grade vented box, one-gauge positive and negative cable, battery terminals, battery hold-down, vent tube, insulated mounting clamps, and hardware.
Curtis decided to route the battery cables out the side of the trunk and along the rear inner wheelwell. Mounting the battery in the trunk or truck bed gets weight off the front end of the vehicle and puts it over the rear axle. We snapped photos at AutoDynamics in Akron, OH as they installed a Summit Racing battery box kit in a 1998 LS Camaro. Moroso Battery Relocation Cables.Ideal for relocating a battery to the rear for improved weight transfer. Made from a durable rotationally molded polyethylene case that is resistant to cracks, vibration, oil, dirt and gas. Because the box is sealed and vents to the outside of the vehicle, the Summit relocation kit is NHRA- and IHRA-approved for competition use.
Many OE batteries check in at 40 pounds or more, and even “lightweight” racing batteries tip the scales at 20 pounds or so. But combine a relocated battery with suspension and traction upgrades, and a weight-reduction program (for the car, not you) and you’ll definitely notice an improvement on your time slip. It includes a vented, marine-grade battery box, one-gauge positive and negative battery cable, terminals, a battery hold-down, insulated clamps, vent tube, and hardware.

Check your sanctioning body’s rulebook to ensure you are in full compliance.It’s Moving Day for the Optima RedTop battery in our subject vehicle, a 1998 Camaro. The vent tube should be positioned so the fumes do not collect under the car and possibly get into the cabin and ruin your day, not to mention your life. Furthermore, less weight up front allows the car’s front suspension to rise quicker, which further improves weight transfer to the rear tires. The vented box is a nice feature—the vent tube runs from the box to the outside of the car, keeping battery acid fumes from building up and hastening your demise. Since we won’t be around while you’re working, it should take you less time to move that battery out back. This kit allows you to custom tailor you cable lengths, terminate the ends & route them as you desire.
Curtis used the hold-down studs to keep the battery box in place when he drilled the vent tube hole.This is how the battery hold-down should be assembled. There probably should be a little more clearance between the positive cable and the hold-down washer to prevent the washer from abrading or cutting into the cable jacket.
Yup, right up front with the engine—exactly where your rear-wheel drive vehicle doesn’t need it for maximum weight transfer at the track. Moving that poundage to the rear will improve weight transfer, helping the car launch harder and run quicker ETs. We strongly recommend adding the optional washers under the lock nuts on the battery box floor.
The ideal battery location is on the passenger side of the vehicle, either over or behind the rear axle.

They’re cheap insurance against stressing and cracking the plastic.Depending on how your vehicle’s trunk floor is shaped, you might have an excess of stud thread protruding above the hold-down.
The additional weight helps preload the passenger side rear tire to counter the “torque twist” effect that tends to lift the tire when the car launches. You can cut the studs or use the two large fender washers included with the Battery Relocation Kit to secure the hold-down as shown. That’s the proper way to do all of your ground connections.Curtis routed the positive battery cable across the passenger side inner wheelwell and the down alongside the subframe rail and rocker panel. The Summit Racing Battery Relocation Kit comes with six insulated clamps to secure the cable to the car. If you need more clamps for your particular vehicle, Summit Racing insulated clamps are available in handy 10-packs.The positive cable from the battery ends at the positive lug on the starter solenoid. Curtis from AutoDynamics centered the hold-down over the battery and tapped each hold-down stud with a mallet to mark drilling locations in the bottom of the box. It runs from the positive lug to the old battery tray, where it splices into the power lead that runs to the Camaro’s main electrical junction box.Curtis reused the OE negative battery cable as a redundant ground strap. The last item of business is installing the foam rubber seal in the channel of the battery box lid.
The seal is self-adhesive—just route it along the channel and cut off any excess.The finished product.

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