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Summit makes a nice aluminum sealed battery box with installation and wiring hardware (cheap, but it IS wires) for around $150. My only concern with the tupperware route would be if it'll melt should any bettery acid were to spill on it. I appreciate your input on this subject, but I've done my homework on this topic so please allow me to explain.
Polyethylene is a highly versatile plastic that offers chemical resistance to all kinds of acids and substances. Dont get me wrong Moroso could fuck up to and you could end up with a shitty box or some defect not visible to the naked eye that rears its head during an accidcent or battery explosion. Enter your message here, then click a€?Senda€? button to send to the contact person of this company. At one of the tracks in this area you can usually pass with an Optima yellow top non-sealed in the rear, but at another they almost ALWAYS require a sealed battery box. I'd just make sure that you get something thick enough that it will be certain to resist a spill.

I'd much rather have the ability to sue moroso in the even the product they designed failed during proper usage then having a lawyer trying to take action against tupperware for some kind of ghetto rig.
This battery features sealed design to recycle gases internally during operation and charging. I'm sure Moroso does rigorus tests on all of their products and the plastic material they use most likely doesnt turn into something toxic when it meets battery acid. Imagine for a split second that tupperware is snowing us and has cheaped out on production. You're paying for some of the r & d , the design (yeah seems easy enough slap a few rivets in a piece of plastic drill some holes here and there and you;re good! It has valve regulated real acid VLRA design to eliminate gassing while charging the battery.
They assume the stock materials they bought from their supplier will meet the rigors of 1) Food Storage 2) Personal item storage. I'm sure alot more went into it) and while and yes you are correct, the Moroso name, as well as the ability to drive to race track and pass tech without a hassle.

Now you put an acid filled battery into something designed to hold large volumes of corn pops . Taking a piece of tupperware or rubber made and putting a battery in it is just asking for trouble.
Was the guy they paid $.05 a day in China to inspect the tupperware container doing his job to the best of his ability the day the piece destined to be your battery box came off the manufacturing line? Hey but why do something right the 1st time , when you can be "cheap" and end up injured or do it twice and pay double? Were they alittle short on one of the chemicals or resins and just said "Ah fuck it!" and continued to make products that day so fat midwestern house wives would have something to fill their carts at walmart with?

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