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Getting a better scrap brass price can be as simple as removing any contaminants such as steel or plastic. Before scrap batteries become scrap, their most common uses would be for the starting of cars and trucks. Never attempt to remove or recover any lead from the scrap battery as this is very dangerous. Currently in Australia most scrap metal yards do not pay any rebate for the small AA and AAA type batteries.

If you are going to scrap a Jump starter or a UPS, you need to remove the batteries from their covers. While there are many different types of battery, the most common type  scrap metal yards will deal in are the Lead Acid type.
As a scrap battery their common use becomes not much more than becoming an ingredient for recycling. Items such as Jump Starter packs, or Uninterrupted Power Supplies all contain a number of lead acid batteries.

So if you got a quote for scrap brass one week, it may differ significantly the following week. The scrap metal prices page outlines a number of factors which can affect the scrap brass prices.

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