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By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies to enhance site functionality and performance. With every new version of iOS, Apple adds a degree of dynamism, improved multitasking and enhanced connectivity over its predecessor. You can choose to automatically update apps to the latest version without having to manually access the App Store. When connected to the Internet via WiFi or cellular, apps running in the background can automatically refresh their content or use Location Services. This could be a cool feature but adds up to the iPhone battery life problems so we recommend to keep it reduced. Krasimir is an avid marketing aficionado and a tech-support specialist in charge of the English-speaking market. If you are not a “working with moment” super business man or woman, mostly you don’t have to check your mail every moment. It’s some advanced for lots of users but if you can turn off background programs, you may also help Iphone 4s to save battery. I am sure most everyone has had issues with battery life at some point on their iPhone or iPad. The first thing to do is find out what apps are using the most power, most of the time its a new game you downloaded or an app running in the background you had no idea about. To find out it’s simple, just go to Settings> General> Usage> Battery Usage> and behold a breakdown of battery usage by app over the last 24 hours and 7 days. With this information you can decide what apps if any you want to either delete or insure you kill immediately after using.
Now this is not a ultimate or in depth endeavor into saving battery life, but I have found that the above steps fix the meat of the issues and allow you to go on your way without wasting to much time trying to squeeze another 10 min out of your battery.
If you are even only trying to know more Tips to Save iPhone Battery Life, then you need to get one thing clear. One basic ting every smart phone user can do to save battery is to turn of the full brightness feature. Turn this option to Off for any apps that aren't important to be displayed on your Lock Screen. By doing this, you'll still receive push notifications and you'll hear the tones, your screen just will not light up and they won't filter into your actual Lock Screen area. I've found this to be useful on apps I still want to know I'm receiving notifications for but don't necessarily need them on my Lock Screen such as Twitter and Facebook. Today’s cellphones are nothing like the ones we owned 10 years ago; they not only do the minimal phone call and text message, they also have a plethora of features like location awareness, live email, apps in various categories, and web browsing. Location Services – Found as one of the menus in the Settings app, Location Services is a process that runs in the background whenever an app requests it.
Wi-Fi & Bluetooth – Wi-Fi is very useful because it usually offers faster speeds than 3G and keeps our data plans usage low.
As a result, the new iOS 8 proves to be more energy-hungry and many users have found it drains the iPhone battery faster. Follow the tips below in order to extend the iPhone battery life between recharging sessions. While this is a great way to add a stunning new look to your iPhone’s Home or Lock screens, it adds up to the list of features draining iPhone battery quicker. To reduce Parallax effect, navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > ON. You can choose to disable one or more features in order to safe iPhone battery life depending on your needs.

He grew up in Bulgaria and on the island of Mauritius where he became passionate about windsurfing and photography. Main idea is sending you some notifications about your installed programs and social media.
Apple released lots of IOS versions but it’s still not possible to leave Wi-Fi open but close its searching new Wi-Fi feature. With Ios 4, Iphone devices meet with a new and important feature called background working. Most of the time this results in downloading a new app that claims to help save power, while some do indeed help most of the time you end up about where you started.
If you don’t know how to kill an app in iOS 8 its simple just double tap the home button, your apps running will appear and you just swipe them up to kill.
With this effect turned on, your background wall paper will keep moving with effects even when on the icon screen.
All of our social networks, email accounts, texts, and other apps want to send us notifications, which in turn, consumes more battery life.
Upon unlocking your iPhone or iPad, checking Notification Center will still show them, they just won't appear in the Lock Screen portion. The availability of all these features have greatly improved the efficiency of our day to day activities, however, they have also decreased the longevity of the batteries in our cellphones. For example, if you’re updating your status on Facebook, it will locate you and attach the city you’re in to your Facebook update.
However, Wi-Fi isn’t available in all areas and can continue to drain your battery even if not being used. For the Notifications, do you think having both banner, sound and badge alerts lowers the battery life vs just having only a banner alert? Others, such as dynamic wallpapers or even automatic app updates are not essential and when disabled can save energy and hence battery life.
Automatic app updates, however, are counterproductive when it comes to preserving iPhone battery life. Be sure to be using a still- rather than a dynamic- wallpaper for both the Home Screen and the Lock Screen. You can always enable AirDrop by tapping on the “Contacts Only” or “Everyone” options whenever you need to. If you are so inclined you can kill up to three apps at once by placing a finger on all three and swiping up. So by turning some of them off, you will save battery juice, which is what most of the Tips to Save iPhone Battery Life below will lead you into. As you move your phone, your background image and icons will also move on different planes according to the effect.
It may be very hard for you to turn it off if you are using devices like Bluetooth headsets for attending calls or listening to music. Sometimes tweaking settings in Notification Center can actually save quite a bit of battery life. Basically, your screen doesn't light up every time you receive a notification from these apps any longer when the View on Lock Screen option is turned off.
Of course, batteries have also come a long way in 10 years, but we are now using our cellphones for much more than the occasional text and call – in return, this has caused many of us to end the day with a dead battery.
Location Services can be turned off globally so that no apps have access to it, or you can turn off Location Services on a per app basis.
For example, if you receive an email, the Mail app will shoot you an alert along with a preview of that email whether you have the Mail app open or not.

When you find yourself not using it, go ahead and turn it off to leave some extra juice in your battery.
To do so, navigate to Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper and tap on “Stills” or select a photo from one of your iPhone albums.
A few of them are occurring from Iphone 4s hardware but they mostly occur from new Ios version. This feature is mainly lifting Iphone 4s to ear for activating it but only a few of users use this method. Most of programs don’t work to drain battery while they are in background but there are also some games and programs using processor and data in background.
If you want your iPhone to be extensively cool and are determined to have all the fun with your iPhone, then you cannot probably get these tips working for you. The sensor will automatically adjust the screen brightness making it easier for you see and also to save some valuable battery power. You can’t turn this feature off, but you can avoid setting wallpapers with dynamic effects. But, like said above, if you really need to save battery, then try and keep your Bluetooth switched off.
The following is a quick checklist of features that can be disabled in your iPhone, greatly increasing your battery life. Notifications can be pretty handy for people that want real-time alerts, but let’s face it, not every app needs to have this feature enabled. Additionally, Bluetooth comes enabled by default in all iPhones – this can be another battery killer if not being used so go ahead and turn it off as well. Apple is both working on creating new features and also fighting for increasing battery need cause of these programs. If you want to save even more, then you can try and set your screen brightness to the dimmest and the comfortable setting possible to save more battery life. You can find lots of live wallpapers without this effect for sale or for free in the app store.
If you find some of these features useful, you can leave them turned on; however, most people will agree that they can do just fine without them.
Head over to the Notifications menu and tweak the settings for each app (or turn off notifications entirely for those apps that don’t need it). Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings can be found in the Settings app (see screenshots below). In order for the iPhone charge meter to display correctly the amount of power left, it is advised to calibrate the battery every few months.
Today it’s possible to say that in standard usage Iphone 4’s full battery is enough for only one day or less. You get all the fun and can enjoy many kinds of applications in your pocket, but the price you pay for all the fun is the battery life. Apple’s strategy for battery saving trick release is sending them to Apple Stores and sometimes leaking them to internet. If you have even owned the iPhone or any smart phone for even a single day, you will know how hard it is to make the battery stand longer.

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