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Sanyo has announced a new line of Eneloop-powered rechargeable batteries.  The XX-branded batteries are targeted toward photographers due to their 2500 mAh high capacity cell.
Well suited for DSLR flash units, the new battery powered by eneloop technology is the eagerly awaited high capacity 2500mAh cell from SANYO, featuring the trademark low self-discharge property and designed for professional and amateur photographers and for other high power gadgets.
I can appreciate however that the batteries in your strobe are not as important as those in the Tx and Rx of the model aircraft … so overkill for many. While I won’t get into the pissing match over Sanyo versus Maha I will say the Sanyo Eneloop set I purchased from Costco early this year (recharger with 8-AA and 4-AAA for $35) have been head and shoulders above the Energizer rechargeable batteries I had been using. They hold a charge a lot longer under both use and storage and that works well for me as a photographer.

Sanyo adds the new eneloop pro and eneloop plus and their chargers to its line of eneloop rechargeable battery. The eneloop pro features a minimum of 2400mAh battery capacity and is able to hold about 75% of its initial capacity and is ready-to-use even after 1 year of storage. Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH Rechargeable BatteriesFour pack of Eneloop rechargeable batteries to suit the CC-3000 series RainWise data logger.
This time Sanyo 18500 1700mAh 3.7V, small (18mm x 50mm), but very powerful Lithium-ion battery with excellent discharge characteristics.
The former offers 25% higher capacity than regular eneloop batteries while the latter features overheat prevention function which suppresses overheating in case of improper use, making it ideal for toys.

The eneloop plus battery sports a PTC thermistor which suppresses overheating in case of improper use, such as incorrect insertion of batteries, and is safer to use for toys for small children. Key characteristics include low self-discharge, they are pre-charged so can be used right out of the packet, and can be recharged up to 1800 times.

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