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Stage and studio recording musicians often need to replace the 9V batteries in their effect pedals long before they have been fully exhausted in order to prevent any disruption during a live performance. This results in a lot of 9V batteries being purchased and then discarded…to the tune a lot of gig money thrown in the trash. Pedal Juice can power a 10mA effects pedal for up to 50 hours (depending on the number of pedals on your board), or a 100mA pedal board for up to 27 hours. The Pedal Juice has two DC 9V outputs with a maximum output of 2,000mA and a negative polarity. In my opinion, this is a very innovative product that’s way overdue and can potentially eliminate electrical connection issues that plague many musicians during set-up time.
Pedal Juice by Sanyo is a state of the art 9V rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for your effects!
Pedal Juice is a new product from the makers at Sanyo and directly marketed for guitar players.
When running one pedal, say your favorite distortion pedal… Pedal Juice will continuously power that effect for up to 50 hours.
Pros: Powers your effects, Retains long charge, Compact, Rechargeable, Reduces noise, Cool modern style.

Hi Ray, hopefully something more powerful in the rechargeable field will hit the market soon, that will be capable of powering heavy duty power consumption needs. The LED light changes color in three stages from green (over 60% power remaining), to orange (30% to 60% remaining), to red (less than 30%). You can hook up more than two pedals, but you will need to daisy chain them with some optional cables (not included in the box).
The beauty behind Pedal Juice is that it is a rechargeable 9V Lithium-Ion battery that replaces the need for equipping each of your various guitar effects pedals with its own 9-volt battery or AC power adapter.
Adding more pedals reduces the overall amount of continuous power, however even if you are running a pedal board with a few effects, a wah and tuner all daisy chained to Pedal Juice, you would still be able to get a few gigs on a single charge. When you power effects with 9V batteries or plug into various AC adapters it is normal to also get hum, hiss or other unwanted noise. The color coding is great because it lets you know when (Green) the device is fully charged, (Yellow) is running low, or (Red) it’s time for a charging. I was JUST trying to pick one of these up yesterday at my local GC and they aren’t even stocking them yet, but I think this is what my pedal board has been crying for!
As you may know, it’s a major drag when your pedal suddenly stops working during rehearsal or at a gig because your battery died and worse yet, you have no replacement 9-volt batteries on hand.

Sanyo obviously did their research on how to build and market a device that would appeal to gear heads who demand quality and simplicity.
When you are ready to recharge the unit, just plug it into a standard power outlet with the included charging cable and 3.5 hours later you are back in business.
Pedal Juice incorporates cutting edge technology that will eliminate AC ground loops so that your tone is clean, crisp and just how you want it! On December 21, 2009, Panasonic completed a $4.5 billion acquisition making Sanyo a new subsidiary of Panasonic. You gotta love technology and companies thinking of new ways to make us guitar players a little happier! It looks like it could have been designed by Apple (think iPod or Macbook) and the clean and simple design is really easy to incorporate with any size pedal board. I mean even finding a PSA120 adapter is a hunt these days as everybody is switching to the 1 Spot (which adds noise and hiss to my pedals.

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