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This is quite exciting to see these new techniques for extending battery life work, and we can only hope that other manufacturers will adopt this same method – the longer our smartphone battery lasts, the happier we are. From a new Ultra Power Saving mode to taking control of screen brightness and apps there are many ways to get better Galaxy S5 battery life without buying an extended battery or giving up the features that you love. This guide will show Samsung Galaxy S5 owners how to make the included Galaxy S5 battery last longer so there is no need to carry around a spare battery or to spend the money on an extended Galaxy S5 battery.
This guide will show you how to get better Galaxy S5 battery life by changing small features and limiting when your phone connects and uses power. Users can pull down on the notification bar with two fingers for fast access to many of these settings, so it is easy to toggle them on and off as needed.
This is the easiest way to get better Galaxy S5 battery life without switching up settings on a regular basis. Set the display to auto brightness most of the time, and dial it down lower when you need to.
You can also turn auto off and manually turn down the brightness, but the sensors are good enough that it makes more sense to use the Auto mode. The Galaxy S5 Power Saving Mode is one way to limit the phone to get better Galaxy S5 battery life. Turn this on by pulling the Notification drawer down by two fingers and tapping on Power Saving Mode.
Set Power Saving Mode to turn on automatically to start saving battery life when it hits 20% left.
Choose to Block Background data if you want to maximize battery life while preventing alerts from apps that check for email and notifications in the background.
You won’t want this on at all times, but it is handy to use when battery life is super important. Samsung packs in an even bigger power saver mode that can turn 5% of battery life into 24 hours of standby time.
Ultra Power Saving Mode turns the display black and white, and limits apps for extreme battery savings.
Don’t use this mode all the time, but when you need one tap to incredible Galaxy S5 battery life, this is the option to enable. Controlling how long the screen stays on when you set the Galaxy S5 down is an easy way to get better battery life without giving up any features.
Bluetooth and HFC are great for connecting to cars, the Gear Fit, headphones, speakers or for making a mobile payment, but if you really want to boost battery life you will need to turn them off. You can kill multitasking apps to see if that helps, but if an app is bad you may be better off looking for a replacement than continually closing multitasking apps.
If you want to boost battery life at the expense of precise location info you can switch from using GPS for the location to using WiFi and mobile networks only. The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a collection of battery saving software, but if you install the free SnapDragon Battery Guru software you’ll see better S5 battery life with changes you rarely notice. This is an app that works on any Snapdragon powered device, and delivered great results on the Galaxy S4, and early tests show it is helpful on the Galaxy S5 as well. I am quite impressed with 2800mAh battery of my 1 month old Galaxy S5 that after full charged on qi wireless charger runs throughout the day.
Great tips but I don’t see the option to automatically switch on Power Saving Mode when the battery reaches are certain point like you have in the screen capture. As the hardware on smartphones gets faster and more powerful, the importance of good battery life continues to increase hand in hand.
The Galaxy S5 bested other smartphones, with many of them having bigger batteries, in quite a few tests. In the end, it doesn’t look like battery life is going to be a problem on the Galaxy S5, especially when you consider the fact that it comes with the Ultra Power Saving Mode feature, which can offer up to 24 hours of battery life on just 10 percent of battery by turning off most features of the device.
Rumours: Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2016) coming to Malaysia for RM1999 by the end of this week?
Samsung Galaxy S5: Battery LifeThe Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of just a few current top-end phones to give you access to the battery unit. Location of speakers, your review of One(M8) stated that "As your thumbs move directly over the drivers, your digits' movements do (slightly) alter the tonality of the sound" Indeed I found this noticeably annoying whilst playing a game and etc.It seems like the location has cons and pros, don't you think? Totally agree, This is a piece of overpriced plastic!And how did they decide the price is ?499, I can only see offers for ?569? The comment about the display being so much better than the one in the M8 is a bit strange, as Samsung's displays still have obvious issues : lower brightness than LCD and fuzziness due to the pentile arrangement. Plastic is unpleasant to the touch, gets static charge, lacks reasuring weight, flexes, creaks, poor aesthetics.I agree it has many great uses, but not in a TOP OF THE LINE product.
Because the designers at Disqus decided posters should have this option and I am using it - as designed. For the life of me, I just cannot understand why people hate on the samsung products because they are not some aluminum unibody design. Get TrustedReviews' award-winning reviews, opinions and advice delivered to your inbox for free! Take a look at the chart below and please let us know on our Google + Page what you think of this latest battery saving technique and also, what kind of battery life are you experiencing with your own Galaxy S5. One of the nice features about this phone is the ability to remove the back and swap a battery, but most users prefer better Galaxy S5 battery life over carrying around a second battery. Unlike many of these options, this actually changes the performance of the device and when items sync.
If you tap and hold you will see the options and settings that are good to change as needed. This turns the screen black and white, limits the apps that are running and data usage so that the phone will last as long as possible.

If your Galaxy S5 battery life drops dramatically you should check to see what apps are using most of your battery life. Thanks for sharing the vital tactics to improve battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy S5.
For example, in web browsing, the Galaxy S5 managed to last from 7 to 10 hours of screen time, depending on the brightness of the display.
I’m not a heavy user, but in comparison with my previous phone (S3), the battery life is like 3 times better on the S5.
Of course you are entitled your opinion, but I'm just saying people don't think the location of speaker as an outright winning factor. You've got Touchwiz, Tizen and Android all looking and handling differently and all fighting for space on one handset. Why Samsung decided they can have the highest priced flagship phone while they are making it out of plastic?
Don't forget you are buying the most expensive smart phone out there and what you get a rubish bin plastic shell. And then you try and actually use the S5 and its WEIRD mish mash of three OS's and the gap just gets wider.It really seems odd to me to give such high marks to a handset that is, as delivered by Samsung, mediocre both to look at and to use. Polycarbonate is rather durable, resistant to scratches and reduces the overall weight of the phone.
Could it be that Samsung has actually built a solid device, despite the jabs being given to it about the “Band-Aid” looking back on the device? This is especially true if you don’t have a bag that you carry with you all-day every day. On the next screen you can slow down the processor, reduce screen performance turn off the lights on the buttons and turn off GPS to save battery life. If it is not an essential app you may need to simply uninstall it or at least look for updates. After reading this, I came to know that by just reducing the brightness also saves the battery of device.
However, tests carried out by two different sources reveal that despite the not-so-huge battery capacity, the Galaxy S5 can offer excellent usage times that beat the competition in more than one use case. Gaming and talk time tests also saw the latest Samsung flagship do incredibly well, with only tablets and phablets with considerably bigger batteries managing to score higher points in endurance. This year's new flagship phones won't suddenly see us get mobiles that last an age longer than last year's ones if you use things like mobile internet a lot.As a secondary test we set the Galaxy S5 to play a video from a full charge until the phone switched itself off. It surprised me quite how good it is in various conditions - I've always been an LCD rather than OLED fan in phones (plasma in TVs, natch). This is designed for keeping the phone going for the last couple of hours before you get home or while you are a long ways from power.
With Ultra Power Saving Mode the Galaxy S5 will no longer use data when the screen is off and this also disables WiFi and Bluetooth as well as limits what apps can run. When I am working, sleeping, or driving, I don’t really care about background processes and apps.
In fact, there are those who will do anything and everything to eke out every last ounce of battery life from their Galaxy S5.
Throughout the day it changes from inside to outside and light to dark to make sure you can still see the screen and get better battery life. This is good, and roughly an hour longer than we squeezed out of the HTC One M8.Perhaps the handiest new battery features are ones that marry hardware and software optimisations. It's insanely cluttered and impossible to enjoy.I can't see how anyone would look at this handset and choose it over even an S4.
However, the way it is effectively built into the Auto mode means it'll result in better pictures for a whole load of people.For me, though, the screen is the biggest winner here. It makes the phone last sooo much longer.WIFI is almost everywhere, so I rarely even need to turn on my data plan. It also lets you restrict background data, and even turn the screen monochrome to limit the power consumption of the display.Ultra Power Saving goes a few steps further. And SOME of the S5's bad bits can be patched away with customisations either supplied directly by Samsung or Android. It does all the above, and provides a super-simple one-screen interface that only gives you access to a six apps – the phone, your SMS messages and the browser. Oh, and it's all in black and white.You still get access to your mobile data while actually using the phone – it doesn't make the Galaxy S5 zero fun – but all background data and standby data access is naturally off the cards. Whether you’re new to smartphones in general or the Galaxy S5 in particular, there are a few tips and tricks you can learn to get the best battery life from your GS5. It looks like a microUSB port with a half-formed twin jammed onto its side – and that's more-or-less what it is. It is a little ungainly, but will give you faster transfer rates and faster USB port charging when hooked up to a computer with a USB 3.0 port.
We're highly unlikely to see this in next year's Galaxy S6, though, as the USB 3.1 standard has already been announced.
When you’re done, be sure to swing by our Galaxy S5 forums and see how other folks are improving their battery life. Of course, if your phone is case-bound, the look of the hardware won't matter too much.It carries on into the software too, though. And yet again the Samsung UI does prove to be a minor performance drain.However, other aspects of this phone are good or excellent. The Galaxy S5 consistently lands at the top of the results, when compared to the iPhone 5S, LG G2, Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z1, and the Nexus 5.All the results below are counted in minutes (click to enlarge).
These phones push lots of pixels — a couple million of them, actually — and a bright display will drain your battery quicker than just about anything.

You also generally got lover highest brightness on AMOLEDS and if you do they will burn in. There’s nothing more painful than having to hear the woeful tales of someone who hates their operator. Check your display timeout This is one Galaxy S5 battery life tip you might not have already known.
As soon as you stop touching the phone or otherwise using it, the timer kicks in, telling the phone when to turn off the display.
I have heard fantastic things about the camera on the S5, so I may Edge upgrade to it when it’s released, from the Note 3. But any time your phone’s display is off is that much more time you can use the phone later.
Typically screen timeouts are set at 30 seconds, but we’ve seen some set even longer by default. You might be surprised at how much it saves on your batter life without being an annoyance. Assisted GPS (aka aGPS) would help with that some, using your operator’s network to get a quicker fix on the GPS satellites.
But in the past few years, mobile operating systems have learned to use nearby Wifi locations to estimate where you are, and at a much lower power level. If the Wifi location is known, then an app (say, Google Maps) can find your relative location, without having to fire up the GPS receiver.
Power saving uses nearby Wifi access points and mobile networks to figure out where you are. Use a wearable for notifications Have we mentioned that your display uses a lot of battery? And the Galaxy S5 has three good ones at its immediate disposal — the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear 2. Each of these can display notifications, keeping your phone’s display dark, and saving you from turning it on just to learn that an unwanted email or Facebook notification has come in. Suddenly your unconnected tablet or laptop is sucking down the MBs, flirting with the GBs, watching cat GIFs faster than ever. You do that yourself.i love how i have the burden of proof and you have the benefit of assumption (because your a child)Your stating preference. I have full home automation, plex media access (plex) with both google now, (via the xposed api) and siri (via siri proxy) integration, (which i even contribute too!!) meaning i can just ask my phone or tablet to play the last john stewart.I have a network of PTZ ip cameras at my house, my servers also run 3 web sites, IMAP mail, cal and carddav, VPN, apache, sickbeard, sab and couchpotato.
Use your Galaxy S5 power-saving mode The Galaxy S5 isn’t the first to sport a power-saving mode.
You can opt to let it restrict background data, meaning you’ll have to refresh your email and Twitter and Facebook and all that manually.
In addition to turning everything to grayscale (no more fancy colors, and this is also available in the simpler power-saving mode), this basically turns your smartphone into a dumb phone. You’ll be limited to just a handful of applications, and Wifi and Bluetooth are disconnected.
What good are features and bells and whistles without any charge left midway through the day.I used to own an iPhone 5 and the battery life was horrendous even on iOS 6 compared to my S4. During which time all I did was listen to music (stored locally, not streamed), send some text messages, read an email or two only if it was important, and take 1-2 phone calls. If I charged my iPhone 5 up to 100% before I left at noon and got back home at 6 or 7 I’d show up at home with at most a 25% charge.
This is less of an issue than it used to, and Android does a pretty good job of managing things its own. You think you know which processes are important, which ones are running too long, too often, and you think you know a good wakelock from a bad. What’s the point having smartphone with all day battery life, but serve no purpose and pain to use? Might as well used a Nokia dumb phone then.In terms of user experience, nothing beats iOS for me. You can factory reset your phone, wiping out all the apps and downloads and anything else that might have clunked up your phone. Or course, that’ll also kill your pictures and videos and anything else saved to the phone, so be sure to back up first.
I think you were meaning the IP58 certified phones (the Sonys) communicationbreakdown92 Yeah there’s a lot of hate on this of all Galaxy S devices, but I think it is just something that is sadly a normal part of being at the top.
However HTC, has vowed updates for its devices within 90 days of a major release.I agree with you in that the S5 is a brilliant phone, however, I highly doubt HTC will be so careless in updating its phones.
Don’t forget that the HTC One (M7) received the kitkat update before the Galaxy S4 on virtually every major carrier, and I have no doubt it will be the same case with the M8 and the S5. Do not follow the Apple propaganda, Besides S5 frame is fiber-glass, Only one journalist wrote the truth yet. He said that on the presentation(WMC) the journalists there, DIDN’T KNOW if the frame was metal or not , even holding S5 in the hands(so?).
No articles yet about the new Wi-Fi , too communicationbreakdown92 I think it’s pretty ugly compared to the HTC One, but that does not matter to me.
But again for me it all comes down again to the battery, I love my Galaxy S4 so much because of it. Because I can be on it all day and when the battery craps out on me, I don’t have to be chained to a wall plug for an hour or two, all I do i pop out the dead battery and take the spare out of my pocket and pop it in.

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