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Product DescriptionThis Lithium Ion battery is designed specifically for your Samsung Galaxy S4 Active or Galaxy S4 to deliver the most reliable and long lasting power (2600 mAh). This company never ceases to amaze me with their customer support and providing quality products at reduced prices. Get help, news and reviews for your Android Phone through our comprehensive blog and growing community.
Leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4 show that it’ll feature a 2,600mAh removable battery packed with built-in NFC capability. However, said close-up also clearly shows the label ‘Near Field Communication’, implying the battery itself has NFC capabilities.
The most likely outcome of this is support for wireless charging, just like Nokia’s Lumia 920 and the Nexus 4.

The battery pack has a bit more juice in it that the Galaxy S3, which was rated at 2,100mAh, but a bigger boost might not have been necessary as recently rumoured information suggests the phone will sport Green PHOLED display tech. Displays are often the main culprit for battery drain, but the Green PHOLED display is said to be 25-33 per cent more efficient than competing screens. Processors are next in line as the second biggest drain behind the display and this configuration is intended to make the phone capable of running at a lower speed for a more power-efficient state, but also able to ramp up the power for intensive tasks. The overall effect should be longer device life on a single charge, but when you do run low wireless charging via a dock will take the hassle out of the process. Samsung’s avoidance of bumping the battery up to 3,000mAh + should also mean the device retains a relatively slim profile. This Lithium Ion battery is designed specifically for your Samsung Galaxy S 4 mobile phone to deliver the most reliable and long lasting power (2600 mAh).

This battery is equipped with an NFC antenna, allowing your handset to communicate with other devices and accessories equipped with NFC technology. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of wireless charging for the Galaxy S4 though, rumours from earlier in the year strongly implied the handset would feature the technology.

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