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Samsung galaxy s4 review android central, The galaxy s4 represents a refinement of samsung's earlier efforts, but is that enough to guarantee its success in the smartphone market of 2013?
Samsung galaxy s3 problems troubleshooting, Learn samsung galaxy s3 problems troubleshooting phone running peak performance..
The Galaxy S3 Mini is a  stripped down version of Samsung’s best-seller the Galaxy S3. Current Devices: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, S6 Edge, HTC One M8, LG G, Nexus 5, Redmi 2 Pro, Dell Venue 7 and iPhone 6S. With Sprint already rolling out their Jelly Bean updates to Samsung Galaxy S III owners here in the United States, international users have already had a chance to check out Android's newest OS on their S3, but all is not gravy.It seems that folks have been noticing an increase in battery drain when compared to the old Ice Cream Sandwich.
Disable DrainersThe new Jelly Bean rollout comes with a bunch of new features including Google Now. While the YouTube video above is all cute and cartoony, the increased battery consumption is not!
Factory ResetYou can also do a simple factory reset if you're having issues with your battery life after the update. Disable ConnectionsDisable the the 4G network when you are not using it, turn off NFC and Bluetooth connections, and turn off wireless. Battery MonitorsIf you are unsure of what exactly is causing your battery to drain, you can monitor it with the built-in battery monitor.
Also editing Build.prop but that requires a bit more knowledge, just throwing that out there if anyone wants to google it and learn about it.
All of the above instructions and guidelines relate to an official way to get the newest Android operating system on Galaxy S3 T999.
First things first: be sure to move the Google Apps package and the AOKP ROM archive to the internal memory of the phone.
The third step is to perform a full NANDroid backup of the ROM that is on the phone using this method.

After this happens, the fifth step is to select the installation of the archive from the phone’s memory card. Sixth step is the selection ZIP file from SD card and the localization of the AOKP ROM archive.
Seventh step is the selection of the file and the confirmation of this action on the screen that will come. After the installation process is over, the following step is the selection of the Go back option.
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To update your device via OTA, it is recommended that you are connected with a WiFi Network. Press and hold Volume Down+Home buttons and then long press the Power key for a few seconds till the screen turns. I do not remember them all now as I have used my brother’s S3 Mini just for two days.
Since Google Now is constantly scanning your device for pertinent information, it has been labeled a battery drainer. Sometimes, old and unnecessary system files continue running after an update has been installed. There a ton of apps that are trying to push notifications to your phone constantly without you even knowing it. It's not uncommon for many of these apps to be running in the background without your knowledge.
It does get annoying to constantly toggle these on and off, so you can download SwitchPro ($0.99), which allows you to schedule and manage multiple applications and connections with one click. So everyone who wants this update can be sure that they will not have problems during the process and after it.

Something we have to add here is the fact that navigation can be done via the buttons for Volume; selecting something while in the Recovery mode is done via the key for power.
It consists in the installation of the Google Apps pack by following the steps with the numbers 5 and 7.
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He enjoys learning, discovering, growing and sharing the newest and latest trends in the world of Android. So, if you want to maximize your battery life, you may want to switch Google Now off while you don't want to use it.An expanded list of new features and enhancements in Jelly Bean can be found on the Android webpage, but if an app was a battery-killer in Ice Cream Sandwich, it's probably still a killer in Jelly Bean, like Google Wallet and Panel App. Then the user will have to download these to his or her PC or laptop: one of these Official JB AOKP Build 1 ROM packs or GApps files package (available here).
Since the firmwares provided below are Unbranded you can flash it even if you do not belong to Indonesia or Vietnam.
But before you start with the installation, you have to be aware that what we are going to write applies only if you own the Galaxy SIII. The instructions here should only be used if you have a Samsung Galaxy S III SGH-T999 from T-Mobile.
Because if you go through this whole process while using a different smartphone, you run the serious risk of ruining it and having to get another one.

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