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Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is currently sitting pretty at the top of the smartphone league table, overlooking the likes of Apple’s iPhone 4S and HTC’s One X from its heady perch. The device is beyond powerfu, with a quad-core Exynos CPU, Mali-400MP GPU and 1GB RAM, but even the best smartphones sometimes run into troubles, and when those troubles arise we want you to be able to plough on unencumbered by the odd glitch. If, once your device reboots, it’s still suffering from the problem you should then try a hard reset.
This should reset your device back to its default settings and will almost certainly eradicate any problems you’ve been experiencing. Hello guys, welcome to the 31st segment of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems series, the longest running series, so far.
We publish our answers so that it would be easier for our readers to just browse and search through our website to find solutions to their problems. For Android phone owners out there who may have problems with their devices, feel free to email us at [email protected] You may also like our Facebook page and follow our Google+ page. The thing about Facebook is that it is integrated to almost all apps so sharing is made easy. Problem: I got this phone from a friend he took his SIM card and memory card out and did a Master Reset on it. Since we don’t know if the master reset was successful, there are two ways to know if the phone can still successfully boot up. If the phone fails to boot to safe mode, it could mean that the firmware may have been messed up or, at least, some of the data needed to successfully boot to Android interface. When the phone vibrates, let go of the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key. If, however, you cannot successfully boot to recovery mode, find a local technician who knows how to flash the firmware.
Problem: Hi, I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy s3 which I had flashed to straight talk last year.
Solution: The recent factory reset may have messed up some data needed by the phone to properly register to Straight Talk network. Solution: Hi Bob, the most common mistake owners make when their phone took a dive in the water is to turn the phone on immediately to find out whether it still works or not. Solution: This sure will happen when you restored your previous firmware with apps already installed. Problem: Hello Samsung , if you could please help , apparently I overcharged my battery and so it was swollen.
Solution: First of all, we are NOT Samsung and we are not, in any way, affiliated with the company. If the phone still can’t boot up after this procedure, try booting to Safe Mode or you may try the Recovery Mode.
If the phone charges when using a new or different charger, then you already know what the problem really was. About the other problem, perhaps there’s just some dirt in the hole where the microphone is. It won’t even show a boot animation and will not show anything on recovery or download so I am pretty much navigating blind on my phone. Problem: Hi, on my few month old S3, using the default music player, my music randomly pauses itself and I have to press play again to resume.
Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone. Here is a solution for Samsung Galaxy S3 stuck at Samsung logo screen that might be useful to you if you are using galaxy S3 and face such problem with your handset. A well rounded technology and business journalist.Have been a journalist for more than 6 years. I’ve tried the recovery mode and factory reset and clear cache patition but still stuck up on samsung logo, pls help. Hello, I am trying to fix my daughters phone which is stuck on the Samsung logo despite taking the battery out on numerous occasions.
A series of Samsung Galaxy problems which technobezz experimented are all solved, such as, slow charging, no wifi signal and not registered on the network. Welcome to the 29th part in our series of troubleshooting articled dedicated to the Samsung Galaxy S3.
If you are having issues with your Galaxy S3 or any other Android device for that matter feel free to send us an email regarding your concern at [email protected]. Aside from email you may also reach us at our Facebook and Google+ social network accounts. Solution: Since you mentioned that your device is already 2 years old then there could be lots of system data stored in it.
Solution: This error message pops up in a Windows PC and usually occurs when the PC has a problem dealing with a multimedia file.
Once removed try inserting this card to your laptop (with the help of an SD card adapter) or if you have another phone try to insert it there. Problem: Hi, When I tap to access the camera on my samsung it has just started to show Unknown error  by Errorcallback. Solution: This error can be caused by various factors such as a faulty SD card, phone software, or even phone hardware. To check if it is a hardware issue try tapping the glass on the rear camera with your finger and activate the camera app.
If all else fails try to download a third party camera app and see if it works without the error message appearing.
Solution: The update process of your phone might have been corrupted which is why it is acting this way. Solution: Most of the apps that try to recover deleted data from a phone requires root access.
Solution: If the signal is full but you can’t make calls then it could be an issue with your phone or the carrier itself. Solution: When you dropped your phone there could have been components inside of it damaged by the shock.
If the problem still exists even when removing the SD card then you may want to do a factory reset on your device as the software or an app is making your phone freeze whenever the SD card is accessed. Problem: Hi, I dropped my galaxy SIII accitentally in the toilet and immediately took out the battery and sim card dry it with a hair dryer and after put it in a bag with rice and left it for 48 hours. Solution: Whenever an electronic device gets in contact with water the circuitry inside will get shorted.
Based on reports, the WiFi Authentication Error in Galaxy S3 happens without any service to trigger it.
This problem was experienced by other users with different devices during Gingerbread times. Aside from the error window that would pop up, the following are signs and symptoms that you are experiencing the WiFi Authentication Error.

After getting the authentication error in your Galaxy S3, try to connect other devices to your network.
If you can’t connect to your network still, try to find networks you can temporarily connect to and see your phone works just fine. If you know other troubleshooting procedures for Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error and want to share it with us, email us at [email protected] Likewise, for those who have other problems aside from the one mentioned here, feel free to contact us at the same address. Today, having the best smartphone does not necessarily translate to longer use or fewer charging times. We still have hundreds of emails from S3 owners to be answered, although, many of them have the same problems. To browse through our existing solutions, visit our Samsung Galaxy S3 Troubleshooting page. If it happened after you updated them, then it could be that their old caches and data need to be cleared so they could function normally. There are times that one of those apps won’t function normally affecting other apps that are integrated to it. So I charged it and went to turn it on and it turns on to the black screen that says Samsung and the word flashes.
You know, I’ve seen this kind of problem in action but it was caused by Factory Reset that gone bad. But I really can’t answer your question whether or not you would have to buy a new phone. Like two months ago I rooted it successfully and after that I tried to install the custom rom of cyanogenmod kit kat, everything went down fine, until the reboot to install kit kat; it gave some error and I wiped it and restored up my old android version.
The optimization of apps may appear only in first few reboots until all apps were optimized.
It just happened that we’ve been covering a lot of Samsung devices and most of the support articles we publish are for those devices. I’m sure you could understand if I said you need to use a different charger so that you could narrow down the problem. Otherwise, use a different cable and plug it to your computer just see if the phone charges if you do so.
There is a chance that the ribbon connector was unplugged, so plugging it back in would solve the problem. So, to rule out such possibility, please clear the cache and data of the music app you’re using. You see, when you unplug the earphones while the a track is playing, the playback will be paused. This type of problem sometimes happens because of some third party apps, and by installing unofficial ROM.
Finally charged the battery on another phone that wasn’t the same model, yet charged for 5 minutes and then reinserted into S5 mini and used the Volume Up + Home button and the Power key hard reset method. All of the followings are solved, except the recent issue, we have found that are bothering our users – Samsung Galaxy S3 Connect to WIFI But No Internet connection .
By now you may already know that we have answered hundreds of emails from our readers who own this device looking for answers to the issues they are facing with it.
Sometimes when your phone updates its software the old data which normally should be taken out from the device still remains and this causes a conflict which usually manifests into problems such as this. I was attempting to drag and drop a file from my phone to the computer but I keep getting error 0x80070141: The device is unreachable. If the SD card can be recognized by your laptop or alternate phone then we have proved that it works. Even if you do have root access the chances of recovering the data are still low since the space that the deleted data is using might have already been overwritten by new data.
I have a SIM card from my carrier and I have worked with them to set everything up properly. Unless you know the internals of this device there’s really nothing much you can achieve by opening it up. I’m basically using the larger SD card for music storage and was using Isyncher to get my music from my PC (ITunes) to the S3 via USB transfer. When I turn it on the first few days I couldent here sound when I watched videos or play games and the temperature of the battery whas very high( was reachning 80oC sometimes) and also it wont recognize the sim card. Since you mentioned that your phone got dipped in the toiled chances are the water sipped in and damaged a component inside.
However, there several users who said the issue occurred after they have left their phones in deep sleep that by the time they were ready to use it, they couldn’t browse the web anymore nor receive emails. The sheer number of Galaxy S3 owners who reported to have experienced this problem made it like it was an S3-exclusive issue even though it’s not. If you have a laptop or other mobile phones, try connecting them to see if they, too, would get the same error. But rest assured that we take time reading all your emails and we’re serious if finding solutions for you. If the problem still persists after that, try booting the phone to safe mode and open the app from there and if the result is still the same, then one of the pre-installed apps is causing the problem.
If you can solve the problem with Facebook, then you can solve issues with other apps as well. The owner performed the master reset via the Settings menu and while the phone is in the process of deleting all data, the phone ran out of battery.
So, even if they were messed up, the phone should still be able to boot up to safe mode loading only pre-installed apps and services. There is always a possibility that a component may have been damaged the moment the phone touched water but you wouldn’t know unless you try to power on the phone.
Everything is as it was before except for when I turn on the phone, a window appears saying android is upgrading… optimizing app 1 of 82.
So, try to reboot the phone several times or until the optimization wouldn’t come out anymore. And in case you reached the safe mode, backup all your important data and perform factory reset from there. However, there is also a possibility that there is a real problem with the screen itself and you might end up buying a new display panel. Its really annoying when its plugged into speakers and the music suddenly stops (especially during a workout or a party).
Soft-bricks only occur if you installed a wrong image or kernel from rooting or installing custom ROMs. Since we are still receiving lots of emails everyday concerning this device expect to see more parts coming in this series.
This is a free service we are offering to our readers which won’t cost you anything at all. Using a cotton dipped in alcohol try cleaning the SD card holder and contact point of your phone.

Your best option right now is to root your device so that you could start using the data recovery apps. The problem is I can’t make or receive calls from my house, even if I have full signal. Your best option right now is to bring it to an authorized service center and have it fixed.
The Isyncher desktop app was freezing up all the time saying the S3 wasn’t responding. I turn it off and left there for a week and when I turn it back on surprisingly everything was working fine except that it still wont recognise the sim card. The best thing to do right now is to bring your device to an authorized service center and have them check the extent of the water damage. So this tutorial, while we focus more on helping Galaxy S3 owners, could also be used for other devices like the Nexus 4, Galaxy Note, etc.
That issue seems to have cleared up on its own, but now all of a sudden the problem I have is that certain apps won’t open up.
And since you made it clear that you don’t want to do the master reset, let it be your last resort. So, he charged it and by the time there was enough power to turn the phone on, the device was stuck on the Samsung logo. After drying everything off I have one question: does the rice method work or am I destined to buy a new phone for my wife? However, if it still persists even after those reboots, wiping the cache partition may help. I just got home now and I charged it for like 10 minutes , and I switched it on and it still gave me the same problem it used to give me.
However, if you can’t boot to safe mode but can reach recovery, wipe the cache partition and perform factory reset from there, too.
If the phone still refuses to charge, then bring the phone to a technician for proper checkup.
It is important to fix this problem sooner or later because connecting to a network frequently, unnecessarily can drain your battery faster.
Due to the huge volume of emails we receive on a daily basis we may not immediately provide a feedback but rest assured we read all emails and respond to them. Since it is easier to check on the SD card try removing it first and observe your device if it still randomly reboots, if it does then you will want to perform a factory reset on your phone. When both devices have fully rebooted connect your phone using a USB cord but this time try using a different USB port. If you have any data stored here it will be difficult to recover since the card can’t be recognized.
I have downloaded and installed the USB MASS STORAGE APK FILE but when I click to choose UMS MODE, an error message comes up saying “Could not get root privileges, external SD card is being accessed or other error (IOException). Unfortunately, once you root your device the deleted album will most probably be permanently deleted. Try using a different SIM from another carrier on your device and see if you can make a call.
Majority of users who reported to have experienced the issue said they have fixed the problem by following simple procedures. Authentication errors also happen in laptops, tablets or any other IP-capable devices not just smartphones.
However, if your phone won’t connect even with other networks, there could be some problem with the software. From what I’ve noticed is that it seems to be apps that have downloaded updates or I have installed in the past few days.
We ended up re-flashing the firmware as the one that was installed in the phone was messed up. I have been researching how to get it back to my number on Straight Talk all night and cannot come up with a solution. At this point, there’s no point in troubleshooting the phone when the problem is with the network. Besides that annoying message that I get every time I turn on the phone nothing else is wrong with it. The only way to stop it is to take my batery out and put it back in, but the problem comes back a few minutes, hours or days later, it seems completely random.
I did do an update yesterday as it kept prompting me and seemed to be working fine but now my SD Card isn’t recognized!!! You could go ahead and root your phone and take your chances since either way the data will still be gone. If you can then the cell tower nearest your house might be blocking the call function of your SIM. Then I took it to the application level and the developer gave me suggestions with no luck. So they suggest doing troubleshooting procedures on both the wireless network and the phone.
For example, the Facebook app will open up to the first blue Facebook logo screen and then automatically close. Lastly, if we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends or visit our Troubleshooting Page. If you still get it then you might want to try using Kies to transfer files from your phone to your laptop.
My carrier thinks that maybe there is an issue with the cell tower nearest my house, but my other phone works just fine when I put the same SIM card in it. Or other apps will open to their first screen and then just freeze there and a message will appear that there was a problem opening the app and it must close.
To begin with, I just want to point out that if you are using a hotspot that is located at hotels, schools and coffee shops, method number 2 will not work, because you don’t have control over that router to reset it. If it still isn’t recognized then you might want to bring your device to an authorized service center for further checking. I know KitKat forced new restrictions when using SD, but the developer said it was the application supported Kit Kat. This weekend – I went to take video and changed the storage location to SD and the Camera app locked up. I’d like to be able to fix this without having to do a factory reset if at all possible.
Looks like other people have experienced the same thing after updates and some people have found that even factory resets haven’t fixed the issue.

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