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With the HTC One X and iPhone 4S to beat, can Samsung claim the crown of world's best smartphone with its Galaxy S3? Amid levels of hype and speculation usually reserved for the launch of a new iPhone, the latest Samsung handset has arrived with a heavy brief – it must at least live up to its phenomenally successful predecessor (the Galaxy S II) and also attempt to dethrone the HTC One X as the top dog of Android smartphone royalty.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 is closer in design to the Galaxy Nexus than the Galaxy S II, thanks to those rounded corners which (we imagine) leave Apple's lawyers with a little less work to do over the coming months. Sadly, there's no sign of Apple-inspired brushed aluminium, but unlike the S II, the Galaxy S3 is clad in HyperGlaze (Samsung's fancy way of describing shiny polycarbonate).
Once removed, that back cover is deceptively flimsy and looks similar to the plastic variants found on the Galaxy S II and Note. Samsung’s included a 3.5mm headphone jack up top, a microUSB port on the bottom, and a microSD card slot (a feature sorely missing from the HTC One X). The micro-SIM slot is easily accessible beneath the rear cover, which is a godsend if you're fed up with searching for pointy objects to remove the iPhone 4S or HTC One X's SIM cards. The power button falls on the right hand side, offering easy one-handed locking, with the volume buttons opposite.
The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a generously sized 4.8in Super AMOLED pentile display, with a pixel-rich 1280x720 resolution. The AMOLED display's colours are vibrant, popping out from the screen and adding an extra spark to Samsung's revamped, minimalist TouchWiz interface (more on this later). In contrast to the One X's 1280x720 LCD display, the Samsung Galaxy S3's AMOLED screen throws up colours that are a little too saturated. Even more worrying is the noticeably blue hue in the Samsung Galaxy S3's screen, resulting in azure-tinted whites. Although the blue hue can be blamed on the use of a pentile screen (as opposed to an AMOLED Plus display), the Samsung Galaxy S3 provides truer blacks than the HTC's LCD display. The Galaxy S3's greater contrast results in more depth and detail than the One X when zooming into photos, making pictures displayed on the One X look soft by comparison.
Either way, both the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the HTC One X have excellent screens – if you prefer purer whites and more realistic colours the One X will be more up your street, but if sharper detail, true blacks and more vibrant colours rock your display boat, you won’t be disappointed with the Galaxy S3's display. The greatest testament to the raw power of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is its Pop up Play feature, which lets you simultaneously watch a video while carrying out other tasks.
Colour reproduction is also accurate with little grain on show, and the Samsung Galaxy S3's camera is easily on par with other imaging heavy hitters like the Sony Xperia S and brings along some useful options like a quick-fire burst mode which automatically selects the best picture. One gripe we do have with the camera app is the lack of some of Ice Cream Sandwich's default imaging features like sweep panorama and time lapse, along with a few real-time effects. Video quality is equally impressive, with 1080p-recorded video serving up vivid colours and sharp detail.
We pitted the Samsung Galaxy S3's larger 2100mAh battery against the HTC One X's smaller 1800mAh offering to see how they stacked up against each other. Our test involved looping an identical SD video with the screen brightness of both handsets set to 50 per cent, on an identical third party video player (MX PLayer), and Wi-Fi and Gmail sync were also on. After two hours, the HTC One X had rinsed through half of its juice, with 41 per cent left in the battery. The Galaxy S3's AMOLED display also comes into play here, as unlike LCD screens, AMOLED displays can turn off black pixels entirely, which can also save power.
The Samsung Galaxy S3's stock browser loads pages near-instantly over Wi-Fi and scrolling is as smooth as you'd expect given the firepower on offer. Since I downloaded an update to my Galaxy S3 a couple weeks ago, it keeps incessantly downloading the same jpg files over and over and over and over… can I make it stop? Scroll to and tap Download Manager (if you can’t find it, look for Downloads instead). Hello, my Samsung S3 had constantly freezes for 1 week and now for the last 2 days just turn on with the welcome message and keeps showing the message as pop up, constantly without starting.
I was hoping you would tell me what happened to the phone before these problems started to manifest because, honestly, we can only do so much to a phone that cannot boot up successfully.
Immediately after releasing the Power key, press and hold the Volume Down key until the phone finished restarting. If you can reach this far, a third-party app was causing the problem, so find it and uninstall it. In case the phone cannot boot successfully to Safe Mode, one of the pre-installed apps or services may be causing the problem. When the phone vibrates, release the Power button but continue holding the other two until Android System Recovery screen appears. You will need to setup your phone after this procedure and you may have lost all your data including your contacts and messages but then again, it was necessary. Since you already did the Factory Reset and your phone still popping up the error message, there’s nothing much we can do without a computer. I haven’t encountered not being able to edit or delete APN on the Galaxy S3 but I take your word for it. Hello, I’m using a international version of the Galaxy S3, I bought the cellphone in Costa Rica.
If third-party apps were causing the problem, uninstall the once you don’t use anymore and clear cache and data of the ones that left.
If pre-installed apps were causing the problem, backup all your data and perform Factory Reset. Since you didn’t mention Wifi, I assume you connect to the internet using mobile data.
Here’s the thing, when the APN settings are not correct, the phone will still attempt to connect to a network using available settings, which will lead to freezes and lags. I had just clicked on the update & install notice on my phone, just when I thought everything seemed to be fine during the installation, it has then stuck at the black screen with samsung logo flashing on, as well as the LED light. I hope the installation was successful because if it were not, then you would have to manually install the previous version and update the phone to the newest version again.
On my S3 when I’m at home connected to wifi, the wifi turns off every time you sleep your phone. I’m not sure if you want your phone to stay connected even during sleep or you simply want it to reconnect to the network.

Feel free to send us your questions, suggestions and problems you’ve encountered while using your Android phone. The Bottom Line The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a gorgeous 4.8-inch 720p resolution display, a deliciously slim and light casing and a super-powered quad-core engine. The rectangular shape of the S2 (right) is replaced with a somewhat retro rounded design.Indeed, this phone sits at the very top of the smart phone spectrum -- rival high-end Androids at this lofty price are hard to find. The S3's home screens will be familiar to most Android users -- with a launcher bar of apps and space above to fill with widgets and more apps.Samsung has not yet confirmed whether the S3 will get an update to Jelly Bean. Eye trackingOne new addition to TouchWiz on the S3 is Samsung's much-trumpeted eye-tracking technology. The S3 comes pre-loaded with lots of Samsung apps -- and several of these, including S Suggest and the Games Hub -- give you additional ways to get content onto the phone, as well as being able to download apps from Google's Play Store. The S3 includes Samsung's Games Hub -- a one-stop-shop for getting games on the phone, and a Video Hub for renting or buying films.The previously Apple-exclusive Flipboard app also makes an appearance on the S3's home screen as an attractive widget.
Pop Up PlayPop up Play makes intelligent use of the S3's quad-core engine by letting you overlay and playback a mini version of a video over whatever else you're looking at -- be it a web page, your email or an app. Quad-core power on the S3 is utilised intelligently with the Pop Up Play multi-tasking video player.While Pop Up Play is cool, I feel it could be even cooler.
S Voice couldn't faithfully transcribe my text to Zack, and when asking it for the weather in Iraq -- well, let's just say it got geographically challenged.In an extensive comparison of S Voice and Siri, neither acquitted themselves terribly well. The S3 includes Samsung's Music Hub app, which links through to a 7 Digital-powered music store where you can listen to clips and buy songs and albums to live on the device. And, perhaps more importantly, is the Galaxy S3 the first Android handset that can genuinely claim to unseat the iPhone 4S as our favourite smartphone? That’s an impressive feat given its larger 2100mAh battery (the One X’s battery offers 1800mAh).
It’s heavier than the S II by 17g, but we like the S3’s newfound solidity, which is backed up with reassuring build quality and a smooth yet tactile finish that feels natural in your hand.
As we’ve seen in the HTC One X, polycarbonate offers greater strength, durability and scratch resistance over traditional plastic, although we think the HTC's single-body matte polycarbonate construction still gives off a more solid, premium feel.
Clip it into place, though, and the phone feels more than sturdy enough to take an accidental bashing here and there, especially given that it’s fronted with a Gorilla Glass 2 screen. Galaxy Note users will already be familiar with this setup but some smartphone owners might find themselves accidentally changing the volume with their fingers when locking and unlocking the phone. Although its 306ppi falls slightly short of the HTC One X's 312ppi and iPhone 4S's 330ppi screens respectively, you'll be hard pressed to notice the difference without a head-mounted microscope and it's just as impressively sharp to our eyes. Pictures and movies are served up with plenty of eye-popping punch and – when coupled with the gratifyingly large screen – firmly confirm the Samsung Galaxy S3's skills as a formidable pocketable media powerhouse. Grass in particular looks positively alien on the Galaxy S3, and the HTC One X's display will be better suited to those looking for truer colour reproduction.
This contributes to a level of dullness when compared to the screen of the HTC One X, although this is partly compensated by the more saturated colours, which some users may prefer. Transitions are delivered with a gossamer-like fluidity, while the One X offers the occasional stutter between homescreens at times. Smooth, fluid playback and intensive 3D games from the Google Play store posed little challenge for Samsung's homegrown silicon. The One X, by contrast, has a plethora of effects, though the Galaxy S3 does ape the HTC phone’s ability to snap photos while shooting video. Simply tap a face, assign a name, and the Galaxy S3 automatically changes the corresponding contact profile picture. Fast movement could be handled a bit better – we noticed a bit of motion blur while filming rapid action.
That gives the Samsung Galaxy S3 nearly double the battery life of the HTC One X, which will be a substantial enough decision-maker for power users. The slightly larger battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is of course one factor, but Samsung's quad-core Exynos processor may also be more efficient than the HTC One X's Tegra 3 chip. Either way, it's an important win for the Galaxy S3 and a standout victory that's impossible to ignore. You can ask us anything about your Android phone or tell us about problems you’ve been experiencing so we can find solutions for them.
If one these things is causing the trouble, the Galaxy S3 should be able to boot to Safe Mode and if you know which app it is, you can uninstall it from there.
The music and video play has a really big problem, I can hear when the music stops even for like 2 seconds and the same with the video, it stops running every 5 minutes.
I have a problem that the 80% RAM of my phone is always occupied which makes my mobile slow. But over time as you accumulate more apps, RAM usage becomes higher and higher to the point that the services would have to give in so the phone can run user-initiated services or apps.
If there is a significant change on the amount of RAM used, then the problem was caused by third-party apps. Perhaps the reason why you cannot access your Gmail and the Play Store is because you don’t have an active data or internet connection. It could have been better if you included the name of your carrier so I could give you the correct APN. If you can fix that and the phone is still slow, boot to Safe Mode to see if there is a difference in performance.
When I pick it back up wifi icon is not at top of screen but is still highlighted in settings.
Even if Wifi disconnects when it goes to sleep or becomes idle, it will automatically reconnect once you wake it up and it will not ask for your credentials again. It's the Ferrari of the Android circuit so it's very expensive, and Samsung's TouchWiz software isn't always as slick as it could be. This beast of a phone packs a whopping 4.8-inch 720p-resolution display and has a beefy quad-core processor ticking away under its shiny surfaces.
It's being offered free on two-year contracts starting at ?26 a month -- and rising to well over ?30. Happily, those guys are spoilt for choice, with many great mid-range Android phones to choose from that would serve their mobile masters as faithfully as Old Yeller.

If you want a device for 3D gaming, HD video streaming and surfing the web like a pro -- I don't mean faffing around with mobile versions of websites or lightweight apps -- the S3 has the superpowered engine and massive display you're looking for. The main alternative is HTC's quad-core brute -- the One X -- which is actually more affordable than the S3 but not such a powerhouse, judging by my benchmark tests. If you're desperate to get your hands on the latest Google OS, you might be better off opting for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which is due to get Jelly Bean later this month. Rather, you have to dive into the apps view, switch to the widgets tab and long press on a widget -- then move it onto the home screen position of your choice.It's an inelegant way of doing things and, while it's only a minor quibble, it is indicative of TouchWiz's tendency to be a tad gnomic. This makes use of the phone's front facing camera so it can keep the screen on if it detects a face looking at it.
The Flipboard app turns links and updates from your social networks into an attractive magazine-style layout. But Samsung's virtual assistant was by far the worst of the two -- it had real trouble recognising my voice, was slow to process sounds and ultimately seemed gimmicky rather than genuinely useful.
On the right is the music store, accessible via the Music Hub (on the left).Buying songs is fairly straightforward although you do have to drill down to find out exactly how many benjamins you need to spend to buy each track or album.
Small-handed gadgeteers may struggle with the extra screen real estate, particularly finding it hard to stretch up to the notification bar without sacrificing a bit of grip. Simply put, the Galaxy S3 offers the slickest Android experience we've had to date and brings iPhone-like levels of smoothness to the Google camp at long last. GTA III and Frontline Commando perform perfectly with no lag, proving the Galaxy S3 is more than ready to take on the mantle of portable gaming. The photos themselves are sharp and offer more detail than the HTC One X's camera, which look slightly hazy by comparison. The browser doesn't resize text to fit the screen when zooming into blocks of text, unlike most other Android phones we've tried. We have a dedicated email address for all your concerns, so feel free to email us at [email protected] You may also post  your questions and problems on our Facebook page as well as on our Google+ account.
I have a feeling it’s photos that are on my phone, and the update is trying to re-load them. For a phone that’s stuck on the welcome message, it can still boot to Recovery Mode and pretty sure of that.
But I know the hassle of backing all your data, so let’s try to take it slow and easy. If RAM usage, however, remains on high level, one of the pre-installed apps is causing the problem or one of the services has gone rogue. Now, if mobile data was  already enabled and still you can’t access the services you mentioned and then the phone becomes slow, there is a possibility that the APN settings are incorrect. If so, then uninstall unused apps and clear cache and data of big applications such as games.
I waited for about an hour since the freeze before I gave in and do a battery pull, to my disappointment it still stuck at the same screen during reboot and nothing could wake it. There's a slick new design too -- albeit, this rounded look hasn't pleased everyone, with some Android fans describing it as old hat.
If you want to avoid being tied to a contract, you can pick it up SIM-free for around ?520. Despite Samsung's reticence to confirm a Jelly Bean update for the S3, it seems pretty likely it will get one.
It's a nice idea, which works well if you're holding the phone directly in front of your face. I could see it being really useful to have a video playing on half the S3's screen, leaving the other half for typing out a text or email, but the popped-out video window can't be made any bigger (or smaller).
The categorisation of albums isn't perfect either -- I found lots of individual songs listed under the albums tab.
If you're picky about your text rendering, it's worth noting the S3 is no different, though most users are unlikely to notice much.
It’s a particular strength of the HTC One X and it's a shame Samsung has overlooked it on the stock browser. After all, you may not get the answer you needed when you call and tell them it was their recent update that did this to your phone.
You guys will fall hook, line and sinker for the S3's customisable charms -- relishing the fine-grained opportunities Android opens up for customising and controlling your digital environs.Ice Cream Sandwich and TouchWizThe Galaxy S3 is running on Android, Google's mobile operating system. Even if you turn on SMS notifications in the settings, if the notifications icon is toggled off in the notifications tray, you won't hear any sounds until it's toggled on. Eventually I managed to set it up -- but I can't imagine too many people will want to have to speak to their phone every time they need to unlock it (Sergey Brin excepted). Instead, you may be asked to perform factory reset, which may fix the problem, of course, but may also delete all your data in the phone. You certainly wouldn't want to watch a feature length film on it.That said, it's a clever addition -- it's the most coherent case for multi-core phones with very big screens I've yet seen. Lastly, if we were able to help you, please help us spread the word by sharing our posts with your friends or subscribe to our newsletter. Until very recently ICS was the latest version of Android but that honour now goes to 4.1 Jelly Bean. But the wealth of options and tools available can be overwhelming to newcomers, which makes having a really slick interface especially important.Atop ICS, Samsung has plastered its own software, called TouchWiz. But if you haven't found it yet, you'll be really confused about why you can't hear any SMSes coming in. It has a very Siri-esque interface with a tap-to-talk-to-the-phone microphone icon. Like Apple's Siri, you can ask S Voice to tell you the weather or perform tasks like making a call, setting an alarm, controlling music playback or taking a photo.
At times, as you poke and prode TouchWiz, the intuitive action does not yield the hoped-for result. You can ask, but don't expect S Voice to give you the right answer -- I found it very frustrating to use as it repeatedly failed to understand what I was asking it.

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