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GregJoshuaW: So you are saying if ANY of the plates are exposed at all, then the battery is permanently damaged? One place I found thatsucceeds in merging these is the MagicMenderWizard (check it out on gogle) without a doubt thebest info that I've seen. My battery is letting me down if I don't run the car regularly NOW.Guess I'll just fork out for a new one, and let my daughter have this one for her horse paddock. Time is money man I could just dig stuff around from my garage and sell them and just buy a new one the same day.i»?HM Dickson: 75 days?

I understand that you use a trickle charge to get the battery voltage higher so that the desulfating process can be achieved. Once you have the voltage high enough to start the process of desulfating do I understand you that you leave the charger and de-sulfator working none stop for up to 2 a€“ 3 weeks without a break, [my battery is a normal 56A car battery] I will be checking the acid readings as you instruct in your later videos. You don't worry about spilling acid on your carpet or having dangerous gases in your home while charging?i»?Jose Francisco Medeiros: Excellent video and advice on how to desuplhate your lead acid car battery. What is the total cost of the components to build your own unit?i»?James: when using desulfators, together with a charger, remove the chargers capacitors.

I have been using bendini style solid state pulse motors for years to reclaim L16 T-105 and larger batteries for the solar banks.

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