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After unscrewing and opening the battery, you need to look out for the lithium-ion battery cells which are placed inside.
You need to buy lithium-ion cells from a computer hardware store or from any suitable person. Next you need to take out the old batteries and place the new lithium-ion cells inside the battery. Revive dead laptop battery freezer - lifehacker, Click to view looks like a little freezer time can save more than just a dead hard drive: freezing a battery back you can also revive a dead laptop battery by. I found a lost and forgotten lithium battery to my Ryobi cordless drill that looks like the attached photo. I've been wondering, if I could just get a little current into to the battery, perhaps the smart charger will take it from there, and I can get some use out of it.
You could open the the pack and check voltage on each cell a few times along the way, to be sure no one cell was being over-charged. More than likely though, the pack has circuitry in it to prevent charging if the cells are overdischarged. Intro: Cordless drill - Improving the batteryI hate it when my cordless drill gives up in the middle of a job. Step 1: Disassemble the battery packMy battery pack had 4 Torx screws (I later replaced with regular Phillips screws for easier access).

My battery pack had 4 Torx screws (I later replaced with regular Phillips screws for easier access).
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KyHighlander59: In the last part of your video you spoke of open circuits due to bad individual smaller batteries in the pack. However, if its battery fails and there is no electric outlet on the go then there is a problem. However, take caution when doing this as the battery may burst if exposed to heat or when its casing is damaged. These batteries are usually located in the right side or left side on the bottom of laptops. Even if you replace the bad ones, the remaining ones will have reduced capacity and will die soon afterwards because of the unbalanced charging and discharging.
So I opened up the battery pack and replaced the NiCads with much longer lasting NiMH batteries.
If your laptop battery lasted for almost six hours when you bought it then after repeated using, it may be able to hold up a charge for only 20 minutes or less.
Remember that the efficiency of the chemical in these batteries lower after constant charging and discharging.

This means balancing the cells, finding a new way to charge them and being really careful in soldering them in series in groups. You're going to have to recalculate using the lower, measured voltage.Ironsmiter, you must be an electronics engineer!!
You know, the stuff that makes electronics work until you let it out?)The un-rectified AC would just blow the wiskers off and the NiCad would work good again. It was hard work getting the cells out of the case and i think this may be an indication that the battery may have been over heated at some point. I rapped it on the floor a few times and put it back on the charger--instructions say to leave it on for several hrs.--maybe even six.
Using the same trick, one seems now to be the usable battery for the drill I had loved--the drill turns solidly again!
Now here's my concern,,the charger has a red lamp to indicate charging and a green for full charge.
I left the pack on charge overnight and the batts have charged to 21.5 volts surface charge .

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