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I found a lost and forgotten lithium battery to my Ryobi cordless drill that looks like the attached photo.
I've been wondering, if I could just get a little current into to the battery, perhaps the smart charger will take it from there, and I can get some use out of it. You could open the the pack and check voltage on each cell a few times along the way, to be sure no one cell was being over-charged. More than likely though, the pack has circuitry in it to prevent charging if the cells are overdischarged.

While the tip above may work using either a Touchstone or the microUSB AC adapter, some times only the direct plug works. Finally, if by slim chance you are still within your one year of purchase or have an extended warranty, you can also give HP support a call and see if you are still under warranty and see if they can fix or replate it. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options that you have if your TouchPad is totally unresponsive.
We have seen completely drained TouchPads that were unresponsive for almost 8 hours before showing the dead battery screen and finally the HP logo.

Even if you replace the bad ones, the remaining ones will have reduced capacity and will die soon afterwards because of the unbalanced charging and discharging. Before you throw the TouchPad across the room in anger, here are a few tips that you can try to revive a dead TouchPad first.

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