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Omega 908 puts new life into old batteries and extends the life expectancy of new batteries. Gives a faster and more efficient flow of both discharge and recharge currents through the battery plates.Remains active through the extended life of the battery. Omega 908 is a one-time treatment for batteries that keeps on working to ensure battery plates are clean and porous.
Omega 908 works to ensure batteries give full peak power performance, display improved electrical storage capacity and give faster starts in hard-starting conditions such as freezing temperatures and both high and low humidity (air moisture) conditions. It is very common for many people to always have their wireless devices with them to anywhere they go. Having a good source of battery power for wireless gadgets is almost as important as the gadget itself since these devices rely on power to serve its functions.
The ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore External Battery Power Pack greatest asset is its ability to provide three ways of charging through a power wall outlet, USB or via the sun’s solar power. This entry was posted in Cell Phone External Battery Pack and tagged 1500mAh, external battery, ReVive, solar by Pete. Smartphones, tablets and Android are powerful gadgets that are used in various ways depending on an individual.

The Revive Series Solar Restore External Battery Power Pack is one exceptional product that offers three ways of charging up any wireless gadget. Equipped with a powerful 1500mAh battery that provides 1000 times more power from solar, USB or AC giving more charging options.
As one great power source, harnessing the sun’s ability to provide enough power for your devices is very possible with Revive Solar Restore. Environmentally friendly design comes in a handy size perfect when travelling, camping or at home charging use. With this in mind this could be something very ideal considering that it is a universal external battery power backup that can used for most popular devices available today. It is equipped with a universal USB charging port and a long lasting powerful Lithium battery that is capable of storing solar power for when you’re not able to access a power outlet, or just because you’d rather use the free energy the sun provides! If you are the type who are always on the go and rely so much on your wireless device then by chance you already considered or had bought a portable external battery power pack for convenient anywhere charging.
In most cases full charge is very possible for many phones, electronic readers, mp3’s, iPhone, Bluetooth enabled devices and most USB compatible gadgets. This can work and supply power for most Apple wireless devices, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and a lot more.

Very easy to use with reliable LED indicator that tells how much battery power is left for effective charging anytime and anywhere. Innovative solar power comes in handy when staying outdoors or in remote areas where usual power source is not available. Overall, if you are searching for options in charging your mobile devices the Revive Solar Restore offers a solution however; one must not expect a fully charged device through solar charging since it can only provide a maximum of 50% power depending on your gadget.
No worries, charge it up with the USB port or AC outlet before you leave on your overnight camping trip!
If you are searching for a back-up source for battery power this one is a practical choice especially when in the outdoors where no other power source is available. It’s perfect for saving your phone or flashlight battery while reading, camping, or when you need a little extra light at night!When you connect your device to the Solar Restore, the charge rate will increase to DOUBLE the normal charge time and enable it to charge 100% using only sunlight!

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