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Yes, my wife knows that she can revive me and get a that little bit of extra staying power by giving me a quick rub every now and then. Since heat makes it better, how much more time will I get if I put the battery in the microwave? I suggest you try and stay as close as possible of the microwave during the experiment to give us a detailed report after! This is a redirect from a modification of the target's title; for example, its words are rearranged, or punctuation in the name is changed. Use this rcat instead of {{R from other capitalisation}} and {{R from plural}} in namespaces other than mainspace for those types of modification. When a water damage indicator is exposed to water or a high level of moisture (sweat) it will turn from white to red. Remove the back from the Galaxy S4 by using a pry tool or finger nail in the indention on the top left side.
Remove the other cover in the same way by starting from the corner and gently prying upwards. Set the logic board aside to dry then spray irevive inside the frame of the phone and clean the bottom charging port. Snap the back plastic frame back onto the phone by fitting the top edge in first then snapping the rest of it down. Levin, being the proud manufacturer of this ideal solar powered battery pack is quite confident about the performance and reliability of this product hence offering 1 year warrant on every purchase. The Levin Solstar solar panel charger is no doubt a great addition in the family of external battery chargers. This battery charger has integrated flashlight and LED indicators to show charging and discharging process.

The package includes; Levin Solstar Solar panel external battery charger, hook, micro USB cable and 12 months warranty by Levin. This solar panel captures the sunlight and converts it into 1.2 watt more effectively than conventional solar panels. This solar panel is equipped with Grade (A) premium Microchips to guarantee rapid charging and 1000+ Recharge cycles throughout its life. It is anti-explosion, lightweight, compact and reliable external battery charger ensures safe and environment friendly performance. The dual USB ports integrated in this solar power battery pack allows charging of your 2 devices simultaneously. The Levin Solstar solar panel Charger performs up to the mark when you are in need of this gadget, but it has few drawbacks, which need your attention.
It uses solar energy to charge itself so it will be of no use during night time and its power is minimized in cloudy weather. To sum up the discussion it may be concluded that Levin Solstar solar panel charger is unique, innovative and highly compatible gadget that performs well in all prevailing circumstances. This entry was posted in Cell Phone External Battery Pack, Solar Battery Chargers and tagged 5000mAh, Levin, Shockproof, solar by Pete. In cases of modification from distinctly longer or shorter names, please use {{R from long name}} or {{R from short name}}, respectively.
A red sensor indicates the warranty on your phone is void and will no longer be covered under manufacture warranty.
Start by the charging port and then once you have it slide around gently to loosen the frame from the screen. This removes all of the corrosion on the board and will  Its very important to clean on all sides of all the chips on the board.

Corrosion tends to form inside the flex cable connectors so be sure to give each one of them a few brushes. Snap down all of the flex cables, don't forget the antenna connector in the bottom right corner of the board. Work your way around the outer edge of the phone to snap the frame back into place all the way around.
While other external battery chargers for smart phones are still relying on AC- Adapters or wall chargers for their charging, Levin has come up with an evolutionary solution by using solar power for charging its external battery charger. Its most amazing feature is that it works completely on solar power and this technology is not common in most of its other counterparts. It serves the purpose when you are out for camping or on adventurous trip and there is no power source available to charge your smart phone. It is rain, shock and dirt proof and is ideal for fast and reliable charging of your smart phone and other USB charged devices.
Once the frame is snapped down securely, replace the 9 phillips screws around the perimeter of the phone. The Levin SolStar Solar panel charger has the ability to charge most of your smart phones and like devices. While the one to the right that is red on the backside will be visible through a small hole in the back frame.
By using this environment friendly technology, Levin has taken a step forward for a safe and clean future for next generations.

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