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Mahindra Reva i Price In India: The company is known for making environment friendly cars which are designed to give superior performance in Indian Auto market.
Price of Mahindra Reva i in India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad. Electric cars are the future of the automobile world as the renewable resources are getting extinct from the face of world and at this point of time, world needs a good alternative which can keep the environment safe and provide the users good comfort. Price of Mahindra Reva NXR in India Ex Showroom Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad. Mahindra Reva - India's first electric car is a fine effort, given the limitations of battery power. Mahindra REVA will at present have access to Mahindra’s vehicle development technology and distribution network, considerably enhancing its ability to commence a state-of-the-art electric vehicle for global markets. Give second priority to Net Banking in which you will be redirected to bank website, which is safe.
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The Bangalore-based Reva Electric Car Co unveiled two new models, one of them designed by India's celebrated auto designer Dilip Chhabria, at the 63rd Frankfurt International Motor Show on Thursday. The Reva NXR (NeXt Reva) is a new lithium-ion powered electric car from Reva Electric Car Company.

If using the 90-minute fast charge (normal charging is eight hours), the Reva NXR offers an effective range of 320 km a day.
REVive is exclusive to Reva and acts like an invisible reserve fuel tank and addresses 'range anxiety'. Average prices in Europe, excluding batteries, will be around Euro 14,995 for the lithium-ion NXR Intercity version. Mahindra Reva i is a beautiful car which works on electric recharging engine and in simpler words it can be called as the environment friendly car.
Electric cars are gaining great popularity in market owing to its efficiency and satisfying performance and Reva NXR makes the best option one can go for. Not feasible as an alternative to a regular car, as it's too small, the range limited to 80km and takes seven hours to recharge. The li-ion battery powered car will look at changing the passenger EV landscape in the Indian market. If a customer runs out of charge, they can telephone or SMS Reva's customer support centre. Customers will be offered the option of purchasing the car and batteries separately, or at an all-inclusive price. The beautiful two door hatchback is packed with user friendly technologies which will make the drive easy and comfortable for the user.

The positive side is unbeatable running costs of 0.40 paise but that doesn't compensate for its very high sticker price.
We have provided you enough details about the car earlier, including some exclusive spy pictures, specs and other details.The 2013 Mahindra Reva E2O, which is essentially a two door car, comes with four seats and is more spacious than the Reva EV that is currently on sale.
Other than having more space, the new E2O would also have better performance figures when compared to its predecessor.
The car bears all good safety features like dent-proof ABS body which keeps the car safe from sudden jerk and minimizes the effect of accident on car.
The little hatchback is capable of reaching the peak speed of 104 kmph and an effective range of 160 Km.
Reva i comes with dual breaking system and a steel space frame which further ensures high safety quotient. That means one can drive 160 Km in one complete charge of its battery, which is the best figure offered in the Electric car segment.

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