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So this was the first boat I bought with the sole intention of fully restoring it then selling it on, but after spending ages building it and adding lots of finer detail, I decided to keep it. After assessing the boat overall it was generally sound, but needed a fair bit of restoration to make it sea worthy. This is quite a tricky and time consuming job as narrow bits of tissue have to be placed firstly on all the edges, then large bits cut to fit on the main parts. Once done the hull is lightly sanded to get of any rough of loose strands of fibreglass, then a thin layer if filler is smeared over the entire hull to smooth out any imperfection in the tissue.
The design is good as the top cabin lifts off in one piece revealing the interior and working of the boat. I then cut struts to fit inside the back cabin to form the base for the roof and glued them together while they were clamped in place.

When the rear cabin roof frame had dried, it was removed, and a thin piece of ply was cut to shape and glued in place.
The first job was to mark out the areas to be masked off, and leave those that need painting. Then several light coats of automotive underbody stone chip is added, as this is thicker and also when on leaves a rough finish. Now what I class as the boring bits were done which is the restoring bits, I can set about adding the detail and finishing touches. When finished I wanted this to resemble a family owned cabin cruiser stroke holiday pleasure boat, perhaps something similar to what you see on the Norfolk Broads a few years ago.
Most of the sections are filled with either battery or radio gear and motor, but I kept the front cabin which can be seen from outside clear and filled it with items that would be kept in a proper steering cabin.

Power is supplied via a sealed lead acid battery as this offers the best all round speed and run time. I found a couple nearer the front and along the lower edge plus odd bits here and there round the bow and stern.

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