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I still can't find a 2006 wiring map on the internet, so I have been using a 2003 diagram which is pretty close (and could be the exact same for all I know). It's not in the best shape but if you've ever seen the movie Christine, you'll understand how he feels about this car.
I agree the heel gaurds are nice, just the thought of foot slipping off the pegs doesnt seem fun.
I would imagine the plastic is all broke that holds the battery in, it was problably run with battery being loose and bouching around in there. After buying new battery cables,axle, hubs, reverse switch, carb kit,chain and sprockets,tail pipe ,clutch perch, electric controls for left side,clutch cable.I started to tear it down. I have done a sh!t load of research on plastics, I basically put a mach order together for every piece needed to redo all plastics, aside from the light, seat, and gas cap. I'm not sure which wires go to which terminal in the connector, but just follow the test below and check the wires as shown in the chart. Also while you have the side cover off no better time to rebuild the water pump they were known for leaking around the mechanical seal on the shaft. I watched a couple you tube videos about a guy pulling apart a Fourtrax 300 carb, and it was very helpful.
I tried using Simple Green which worked ok, but ended up using a regular carb cleaner to get the heavy stuff off. We gave each other a high-five and then as the Foreman idled in the garage we noticed a little, plastic white piece sitting on the white paper towel on the bench!
Got to remove the gas line, choke control, throttle and electric heater out the bottom one more time. From some additional reading on Forums last night, I'm guessing my starting solenoid (back by the battery) is not functioning properly.
Lastly, if the oil light is on and the machine is running hot, shouldn't the fan be kicking on? However, on our Yamaha Big Bear, I remember in the dead of summer (when moving cattle & driving slow) the fan would kick on all the time. What about a possible short in the wiring causing the oil light to stay on and the electric start to malfunction?

Hi: Jumper the 2 large studs on the start solenoid with a screw driver with the key on to see if it will start. I will probably never use a snorkel, but I don't know if I will remove the piping yet or not. I did replace the starter relay (free from a friend) as it showed external signs of where a spark jumped. Also every used starter I have taken apart had that much carbon in the endcap, some a lot more, you just blow it out with an air line. I don't mind rebuilding it, there is always a good time to learn, and for me that time is now. Its really a 450 Grizzly but Yamaha did a name change in 2007 same when they dropped the Bruin name. This project got pushed to the back of the shop last year and now it is time to pull it back out.
I still have the red wire not attached in the first post on the connector to the starter relay.
I know I will get a pipe when I get it running .the pipe that came with is banged up pretty bad. A 13t front was one of the best things I did to my DVX for the tighter trails and playing around. AMA sound testing this year requires our exhaust on our motocross quads to be under 94Db compared to the 99Db it was last year. The battery box is in , the timing chain is in and I got lucky and got it adjusted on the first try ,I'm well with in limits.When I post pics of my plastic you will know why I had to build a battery box, The previous owner didn't care about this bike at all.
The holes in the top of the sub frame is where the OE top hold-down clawmp for the battery was and that was centered on the battery, Probably makes no difference anyhow. I just bought this 04 dvx400 for 650$ Its in rough shape.I see that the previous owner welded the axel nuts on so I've got my work cut out.I'm also wondering what tires would be best for trail and mud and what is the biggest size I can put on the rear? My wife said it was too cold outside to work on yesterday afternoon, so she told me to bring it it the house,to my suprise she helped me do it.Now it sits in my kitchen haha . Tomorrow I start on the axle,the previous owner welded it in, It's hard to believe this bike is only 7 years old.

I'm looking at the CDI checklist Helmut sent and I'm wondering why none of those wires match my CDI.
May I ask why you opted for buying a new stock exaust when aftermarket ones work much better?
I ended up replacing my cracked plastic in favor of some new OEM ones, but it did work well to clean up the old ones & remove the lighter scratches. To check the fan remove the wire off the Thermo sensor and ground that wire to the frame -- the fan should start.
I normally can blow out or use a bottle brush to clean a petcock, but this one wasn't budging.
A freshly packed yoshi pipe with the quiet core will put you at that, give you good performance, and still sound mean. I found so many things that were hacked up, I swear I heard the bike say thank you, when I started restoring it. The CDI harness was plugged into the alarm unit and alarm harness was plugged into the CDI. Thanks for letting me know about the water pump, preventative maintainence is always best,saves in the long run, keeps you on the trails ,Instead of in the shop. The yoshi pipes are the easiest to tune and are the most compatible for the Suzuki motor in the DVX. I went from a 290 toa 260 on the in take side, now I can fit a .15mm feeler in so I hope I did it right. My new battery came in today and I'm building my own battery box, because I couldn't afford the new plastic yet, I figured the drive train was way more important than the looks. The snow storm that hit Indiana dropped 18 inches of snow in the last two days and it is still snowing now.
I think I'm going snowmobiling with the wife tonight, My parts have been delayed for a day or two, waiting on starter relay, timing chain , pure sport 20-10-10 Bandit xc 6-ply tires.Was thinking about getting heal guards, any thoughts?

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