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Section 1.3 The Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery, states that the SLA is designed with a low over-voltage potential to prevent water depletion.
Once the battery has lost capacity due to sulfation, regaining its performance is often difficult and time consuming. A subtle indication of whether an SLA battery can be recovered or not is reflected in the behavior of its discharge voltage. Reasonably good results in regaining lost capacity are achieved by applying a charge on top of a charge. Another method in reversing the effect of sulfation of a plastic SLA is by applying an over-voltage charge of up to 2.50 volts per cell for one to two hours. If the SLA does not take a charge current, the battery may be affected by sulfation, a condition that occurs if the SLA has been stored in a partially discharged state.
Caution: When charging an SLA with over-voltage, current limiting must be applied to protect the battery.
Important: In case of rupture, leaking electrolyte or any other cause of skin or eye exposure to the electrolyte, immediately flush with water. The new SLA-LVP module protects Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries from the "kiss of death" caused by deep discharge. The module interfaces between the battery terminals and the load, and functions as a load switch.

Once the battery is recharged to a point above the hysteresis setpoint, the SLA-LVP's internal load switch turns on, restoring power to the load.
A fully charged SLA battery which starts its discharge with a normal voltage and tapers off gradually has a better success rate of being reactivated than a battery that begins with a low terminal voltage and drops rapidly soon after a load is applied. This is done by fully charging an SLA battery, then removing it for a 24 to 48 hour rest period and applying a charge again. Early stages of sulfation can sometimes be reversed by applying a charge voltage that is twice that of the terminal voltage. If affected by sulfation, the cell voltage may initially be as high as 5 volts, forcing a small amount of current into the cell.
Always set the current limit to the lowest practical setting and observe the battery voltage and temperature during charge.
When the battery voltage being monitored by the SLA-LVP approaches a critical low value the SLA-LVP emits a selectable audio or visual early warning shutdown signal. A comparison can be made to a child in a famine-stricken country that can only digest a small amount of food but is able to increase the intake gradually. The procedure is repeated several times after which the capacity of the battery is checked.
Extreme caution is required not to allow the cell pressure to rise too high (most plastic SLA batteries vent at 5 psi).

Within about two hours, this small charging current converts the large sulfate crystals back into active material.
For practical reasons, most battery analyzers use a 5 hour discharge, a rate that produces typically only 80% to 90% of the rated capacity.
Unlike other battery chemistries, overcharge does not harm the SLA, provided the terminal voltage is properly according to the section on charging the SLA battery . Not only does cell venting cause damage to the battery, the escaping gases are highly flammable!
With the popularity of battery analyzers, some manufacturers have lowered their ratings to be more in line with reality. To prevent damage, caution must be exercised to limit the charge current once the cell starts to accept charge. The Hawker SLA cells are known to regain full performance with the voltage method, leaving little or no adverse effects.

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