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I had one question, though: what is the proportion of alcohol to shellac you used?en realidad soy mexicano pero de familia espanola.
From my 30 years of experience, here's a breakdown of the ten best air tools for automotive repair and restoration.
An air drill enables you to drill holes in metal without running out of power or getting the drill hot. Be careful though, air drills run so fast that you may have a hard time starting a pilot hole. This drill was particularly helpful while removing the riveted brake rotors on the 1966 Corvette. Good air grinders have more power than electric grinders, and have a smoother action that won't fatigue your hands as quickly.
An air saw is more compact than a Sawzall or Portaband, so it's handy for close quarters, such as cutting part of a floorboard out.
The many uses of a air blow-gun include cleaning fuel lines, blowing away filings and metal chips, cleaning spark plugs, etc. After you're done with your garage session, you can use the blow-gun attachment to clean up your shop area. Having an air compressor and air tools in your garage will save you time and allow you to work more effectively.
Like other shop equipment, they are an investment, so buy quality name brands when you can. Some of my air tools are over 20 years old, and work just as well today as when I bought them. How to Restore Your Rusted Old ToolsDeep in the drawer, everybody has old, worn tools that could live useful lives again. Most PopularA table saw that earns its keep in an unheated garage, shop, or barn will soon rust. Ben StechschulteCorrosion removal began in earnest when we submerged the heads in a bucket containing 1 gallon of white vinegar, an inexpensive supermarket item.
Ben StechschulteBegin restoring any precision tool with a careful disassembly, separating corroded parts from the clean ones.
Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowNext we sharpened the plane iron on a horizontal wet sharpening wheel and even honed its back surface so that it was flat several inches behind the cutting edge.
Most PopularRomanski has more than forty years of woodworking experience, so he did the final inspection of the plane iron.

Do you have some old or vintage equipment that you need bringing up to 21st century standards? Brighton PAT Testing can also service your theatre, broadcast or similar professional lighting equipment.
To save money on buying leather - look out for old leather chairs and sofas being chucked out - then take a craft or utility knife and go skin it!Very nice work! Dilluted shellac (if the dark kind) should look coffee with a lot of water, if you have more questions please ask.
While cutting sheet metal, slowly slice along a marked-off line with the cut-off wheel, letting the air tool do the work. Not only will it fit into places hand ratchets can't, it will deliver needed torque to remove that stubborn nut or bolt.
Condensation forms on its steel and cast-iron parts because they are cooler than the surrounding air (1). Finally, the tools were wiped clean with mineral spirits, primed with a rust-preventive metal primer (we used spray-on Rust-Oleum), and painted with a gloss alkyd enamel. In the case of the smooth plane pictured above, the body was not as badly corroded as it looked. This ensures that the chip breaker will tightly mount to it and not allow wood shavings to be trapped and torn off.After sharpening, we took the lever cap and the plane iron's chip breaker and buffed them out on a muslin buffing wheel with jewelers red rouge polishing compound. He followed the machine honing with a careful trip over his water stones, leaving the plane iron with a mirror finish. Pick it up and the next thing you know, you're scraping away rust with your thumbnail, trying to make out the manufacturer's name. The rust makes it difficult to slide a piece of plywood across the table, which should be smooth and nonabrasive.
We were pleased to find that the motor was a commercial-duty type with twin capacitors–one to start the motor turning and another to provide extra kick to the run winding.
Often their handles are rotted away and their steel is so rusty that you could get tetanus just by looking at them.To restore a pile of ball-peen-hammer heads and a couple of hatchets, we first removed what was left of their handles. Cutting edges on the hatchets were hand-honed on a series of water stones used for woodworking tools. He assembled and adjusted the plane and took it for a test drive on a piece of clear white pine. You vaguely recall how you came by it: a tag sale, or your father-in-law, or a neighbor who was moving away.

We sawed off the handle stubs using a handsaw, then clamped each head in a machinist's vise and used a punch to knock out the remainder of the handle.
Then we lapped the sole of the plane on a succession of abrasive papers, beginning with 60-grit and proceeding through 1,000-grit. The result was a tool that cuts perfectly, taking long, silky-smooth shavings with every pass.
We used compressed air to blow accumulated sawdust and cobwebs out of the saw's cavity.Next came removal of surface rust from the saw's table and wings.
We taped the paper to a workbench that has a dead-flat laminate surface and slid the plane body over the paper, swapping it end for end every six passes.
Its table was rusty, and its parts had been thrown out of alignment.The first step was to move the saw to a warm, dry workshop.
We wet down the surface with kerosene as a cutting lubricant and left it alone to penetrate while we ate lunch. We took it off its rolling stand and hoisted it into a Ford F-150, then drove it down the street to Romanski's studio. To buff the rust away, we chucked up a variable-speed electric drill with a 2.5-inch abrasive nylon cup brush embedded with 240-grit aluminum oxide. With the blade at 90 degrees, the pointer on the saw's tilt scale should read 0 degrees—if not, the pointer is moved to the zero mark. Next we adjusted the fence and its locking mechanism to make it snug, a fussy trial-and-error process. With the saw blade raised to its full height, we used a pair of steel rulers to check that the fence was parallel to the blade at the front and back.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowThe tuneup was completed when Romanski reinstalled the motor and used a long steel ruler to align its pulley with the pulley on the saw's arbor shaft. 1 wool, but you may need to go more or less coarse, depending on the amount of corrosion.) The rust came off.
We buffed on a coat of paste wax to provide rust protection and bolted the saw to its stand. We rinsed the tools thoroughly in clear water to remove any last trace of vinegar and wiped them dry.

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